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Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to our today’s event called “Intellectual Battle” where you will have to show your intellect, wit and inventiveness. But, frankly, speaking, our main objective is to enlarge our knowledge of English and master it. That is why your tasks will be mostly based not on how intellectual, well-read and educated you are, but on simple logic and sense of humor. So, let the show begin.


First of all, let me introduce our participants. We have three teams today: the team of grade 10 (let’s call them “Intellectual Giants”), the team of grade 11 (we’ll call them “Intellectual Titans”) and the team of our English teachers (I’d call them our “Intellectual Beauties”). Dear teams, please, choose one person responsible for making signals to show that the team are ready to answer the question. But it happens only when the host gives his signal, saying “Time”.


Now, the second thing, we have to discuss, is, of course, our rules. Here they are on the board. Let us read them.

  1. Speak English. Answers in any other language are unacceptable.
  2. Each correct answer costs 2 points.
  3. If none of the teams know the correct answer, the host will give a prompt. In this case the correct answer will cost one point.


These are our rules. As for the battle itself, it consists of 5 sections:

  1. Warming up
  2. Riddles
  3. True / False questions
  4. Multiple choice questions
  5. Traditional What? Where? When? game


The last thing to point to is a list of useful words and expressions on the blackboard. I hope they will really help you as well as they will enlarge your vocabulary.


So, if you are ready, we can start. Good luck to all of you!







  1. We start with SECTION 1 “Warming Up”. These are 10 simple funny questions like:

“How many months have 28 days? (all of them)” or “Which month is the shortest? (May – it has 3 letters)”. You will have 30 seconds to find a correct answer.


  • Can an ostrich call itself a bird? (No, it cannot speak).
  • What is between “window” and “door”? (and).
  • What can travel around the world being in the same corner? (post stamp).
  • Where was the Declaration of Independence signed? (at the bottom of the page)
  • What is the main reason of divorce? (marriage)
  • What can’t you have for breakfast? (lunch and dinner)
  • What looks exactly like a half of an apple? (the other half of the apple)
  • How can you survive without sleeping for 8 days? (sleep at night)
  • You have 3 apples and 2 oranges in your right hand and 2 apples and 3 oranges in your left hand. What do you have as a result? (very big hands)
  • How can you throw an egg against concrete in order to break it? (you cannot break concrete with an egg)


  1. Well done! The score is … for now. But we’ve just started.  Let us move to SECTION 2 “Riddles”. They are also questions for fun. You will also have 30 seconds to find a correct answer.


  • A dog was tied to a 10-metre rope but it managed to run 300 meters. How? (The other side of the rope wasn’t tied to anything)
  • A man was driving a truck. He didn’t have the lights switched on and there was no moon in the sky. But he could easily see an old woman crossing the street and stopped right in front of her. (It was a bright day)
  • Two men played chess. Each of them played five games and won five times. Is that possible? (Yes. They didn’t play with each other)
  • 22 musicians are playing before the audience, but no one is listening to them. Why? (they are playing football; everyone is watching them)
  • How many fish could Noah catch floating on his ark? (2 – he had 2 worms)
  • A man used to buy apples for 5$ and sell them for 3$. He became a millionaire very soon. How did he do that? (he had been a billionaire before)
  • Picture question: Parking
  • Picture question: Picture of shoes in Bangkok
  • Picture question: Picture of a plug mug.
  • Picture question: Yellow-Blue Bus




  1. Good job! Look at the score. It is …. You see it’s very simple. And the next SECTION 3 “True / False questions” is the simplest one. Here you will have questions to each team. But if the team fail to answer their question, their contestants can do it instead of them. In this case they will have 1 point. This time you’ll have 10 seconds to think over.


  • You must shout when you see a “green man”.     Walk
  • Frenchmen call bats “flying rats”.        Pigeons
  • Charlie Chaplin once took part in a contest of his doppelgangers and won the third prize there                                                                                                                                            True
  • Dmitrii Mendeleyev’s favourite card game was Poker.    Solitaire
  • They call this mountain Everest in English. But some Asian peoples call it “mother of the world”.                                                                                                                              True
  • A famous joke among bankers says that the core of longevity is to outlive your enemies.


  • Another famous joke says that life is divided into three periods: when you believe in Santa Claus, when you don’t believe in Santa Clause and when you want to believe in Santa Clause                                                                                                   … you are Santa
  • One more famous French joke says that women can easily make three things out of nothing: a hat, a salad and a holiday                                                                      scandal
  • Another famous joke about women says that there are lots of ways to make them speak and none to stop them.                                                                                                  True


  1. Outstanding! SECTION 4 “Multiple choice questions” is ahead. The rules are the same with the previous section. You will have team questions and 10 seconds to think over.


  • Where do people spend more money to buy Christmas presents for their pets than for their families?
    1. Britain  b)  Germany  c) The USA
  • People in this country have to drink recycled water from the sewage. They have a terrible situation with water in their country
    1. Britain  b)  Germany  c) The USA
  • Every year about 20 – 30 people in this country consult a doctor at hospital because of twisted hands and broken ribs as a result of too active greetings.
    1. Russia  b)  China   c) Japan
  • Every year about 120 people in this country die because of too active eating of traditional food at New Year.
    1. Russia  b)  China   c) Japan
  • Every 15th citizen of this country was rescued from a vending machine for trying to steal a bar of chocolate at least once in his/her life.
    1. Germany  b)  China  c) The USA
  • This is the country with the largest number of people who speak English.
    1. Britain  b)  The USA c) China
  • This country has more than 3 million lakes.
    1. The USA  b)  Canada  c) New Zealand
  • There is an official sports league of rock-paper-scissors in this country.
    1. The USA  b)  Canada  c) New Zealand
  • The hottest place on our planet (+56 Co in 1913) was registered in...
    1. The USA  b)  Australia c) Nigeria
  1. Superb! Let us consult the score again. It is …. But we have one more section.  SECTION 5 “Traditional What? Where? When? game”. There are 12 questions here and anything can happen with the score. So, be attentive and do your best. This time you will have 1 minute to think over the question.  We begin now.


  1. Who does a real knight give his heart to?     His lady
  2. Who does a real knight give his soul to?     God
  3. Who does a real knight give his honour to?     Nobody
  4. People of Iceland usually say that the coldest thing in their country is …                                                                                                                                 the name of the country
  5. What word do Italians call mothers who like making photos of their kids very much?                                                                                                                                                          Mamarazzi
  6.  “Nike” corporation built a plant to produce sport shoes in Africa. But they faced a great problem of theft. What did the company decide to do?

to build two plants

  1. A Greek philosopher Plato suggested keeping a certain category of women in parks with beautiful statues. For how long did he suggest keeping them there?                                                                                                                                                                                      9 months
  2. Confucius once said, “If they spit on your back it means …” 

… you are in front of them/you’ve left them behind

  1. What is the name of a person the letters to whom are daily received by the London Insurance Company, though the Company has absolutely nothing to do with this person?                                                                                                                              Sherlock Holmes
  2.                    A famous quotation says, “Nothing is more tiring than waiting for the train, especially …”                                                                                     when you are lying on the rails
  3.                    A famous quotation says, “The animals small in number are included into the Red Book and the animals large in number are included into the …”                                                                                                                                                                                                    cookbook
  4.                    A Chinese proverb says, “A respectful son upsets his parents only by his…”                                                                                                                                              sickness




Ladies and gentlemen, that is all. We’ve done lots hard intellectual work, though I hope we’ve had lots of fun and a good time together.

We can go to the score cards and announce the winners of the “Intellectual Battle”. I’ll be ready to do it in a minute.

The winners are …

Thank you for your participation. See you next time! Good bye!



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