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Позакласний захід на тему "Визначні місця Вінничини"

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матеріал містить опис найвідоміших місць Вінницької області.Може бути використаний як позакласний захід.
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Позакласний захід

Learn and love your native land

T: Our ancestors believed, this part of Ukraine was a Heaven on the Earth, thus, no wonder, the main river of Vinnychyna is the South Boug, which name derives from Bug, God in Slavonic. And we have no reason nowadays to doubt predecessor’s right to worship this land, endowed by God with richest in all Europe soils and cristal-clear rivers, with rivers, with velvet fields and open steppes protected by rough hills, as our homeland combines all the wealth and all the enchantment of Ukraine



P1: ROSHEN Fountain is the only one in Ukraine and the largest floating fountain in Europe, built in the river Southern Buh in Vinnitsa City near Festivalny Isle (Campa Isle).

On the 4th of September 2011 the grand opening of the ROSHEN Fountain, a unique light and music fountain, took place on the quay of the Southern Buh in Vinnitsa in the presence of tens of thousands of people.   

ROSHEN Fountain in Vinnitsa it is springs of water rising up in the sky accompanied with light and laser effects and video projection on a large water screen. Due to its characteristics ROSHEN Fountain is the largest fountain in Europe, and according to the expert’s conclusion it is in the top ten of the most spectacular fountains in the world. The height of the central spring reaches 65-70 metres, the projection screen dimension is around 16 metres height and 45 metres width, the frontal water dispersion constitutes 140 metres.





P2: In Voronovytsia there is the palace of the Grokholsky and Mozhaisky families (XVIII century). There is a park around the palace, but it's in bad condition                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The building hosts a museum of aviation and space exploration history. In 1869-1876 the palace was owned by Alexander Mozhaisky. He developed a model of a kite, which was pulled by three horses and could hold a human in the air. The design was the airframe prototype. This was made 30 years before the Wright brothers' flight. All tests were conducted here, on the banks of the Pivdenny Bug river..


P3: The greatness of the family of Pototskys should emphasize by the palace, built in Tulchyn in 80-90’s years of the XVIIIth century. The ensemble, which was built by the architect Lakrua, was a two-storied building with wings, which connected by the arch galleries. 
All complex was on a plateau, the park was around and the avenues was laid. The contemporaries of Stanislav-Shchensniy Pototskiy - the owner of Tulchyn that time – said that it was the royal court yard, not the court yard of the ordinary magnate. There was not such palace in Ukraine. 
The biographer Nemtsevich wrote about palace: “The furniture, pictures, crystal, bronze - the riches, which are brought from all parts of the world, - all this was magnificent. I never saw a richer interior”. 


P4: Werwolf (pronounced [ˈveːɐ̯vɔlf], German for "werewolf") was the name given to a Nazi plan, which began development in 1944, to create a resistance force which would operate behind enemy lines as the Allies advanced through Germany itself. However Werwolf's propaganda value far outweighed its actual achievements.



P5: Nemyriv is known to the public primarily because of the company producing alcohol drinks. We went there to see the Shcherbatov park and palace. The palace now hosts the "Avangard" sanatorium and it's possible to freely walk in the park.
A local resident said that in earlier times the park used to be an arboretum, with lots of exotic plants. But it's still nice to walk around the park among flowers and sculptures.


P6: Pechora is famous for its Pototsky mausoleum. It was built by the prominent architect Vladyslav Grokhovsky in 1904 in order of Konstiantyn and Yan Pototsky. The mouseleum was constructed in the form of Latin cross in roman modern style.


P7: There is a nice palace in the village of Stara Pryluka. In the early 20th century it was owned by ukrainian businessman, the minister of commerce and industry Serhiy Frydryhovych Mehring (1862-1920). Building collapses and waits for restoration, currently it houses a boarding school.
There is historical evidence that the palace kept family values, had underpass to the park and an underground wine cellar. Locals even tried to dig in many places, but found nothing. During repairs in one of the wall found a portrait of Mehring, expensive Persian carpets and gold royal coins, everything was transferred to the museum. Garbage after the repairment works was dumped in a landfill. Curiously, a few days later the local women saw shiny gold coins that appeared on the top of the trash after the rain. Later treasure hunters repeatedly checked this place, but without any success.


P8: Sutysky  the urban town in Tyvriv district of Vinnytsia region, 11 кm from Tyvriv, 27 кm from Vinnytsia. Sutysky is surrounded by forests which are rich in mushrooms and berries. The settlement is divided by the Pivdenny Bug river . There are a lot of ponds near the settlement. People come here to enjoy the beautiful view.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The life of many outstanding people is connected with this small town. A famous biologist Pavlo Golodryga was born here. Sutysky is a homeland of a hero of the II-nd World War, a pilot Volodymyr Oleksiyovych Yegorovych who killed 26 enemy planes and a German reactive plane ME-282/  Burko Demyd Hrygorovych who took part in a battle near Kruty was studied here.





T: And now let’s have a test to see how well you know some facts about Vinnychyna.

  1. When was opening ROSHEN Fountain?

A 2013

B 2012

C 2011

D 2010

  1. What does the building in Voronovytsia host?

A a museum of local lore

B a flower hot-house

C an art gallery

D a museum of aviation and space exploration history

  1. Who was the architect of Pototsky palace in Tulchyn?

A architect Grohovsky

B architect Rastrelli

C architect Lakrua

D architect Artynov

  1. Nazy plan began development in

A 1944

B 1945

C 1943

D 1942

  1. What does Shcherbatov palace host?

A the "Avangard" sanatorium 

B the museum of aviation and space exploration history

C the museum of local lore

D the picture gallery

  1. Pechora is famous for its …

A sanatorium

B mausoleum

C park

D fountain

  1.  Serhiy Frydryhovych Mehring was …

A a surgeon

B a biologist

C a businessman

D a mathematician

  1. Whose life is connected with Sutysky?

A Petro Chaikovsky

B Volodymyr Yegorovych

C Mykhailo Stelmah

D Oleksandr Mozhaisky






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