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St. Valentine's Day Party


-to improve students' speaking and listening skills;

-to develop students'creativity , imagination;

- to involve students in studying the culture , history and traditions of celebrating St. Valentine's Day.

Equipment and visual aids.

- a video-projector ;

- a tape-recorder,

- a computer, costumes, cards.

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Описание: E:\Документи\MOTHER\Позакласна робота\ВАЛЕНТИНА\SAM_1592.JPG               St. Valentine’s Day Party


  -to improve students’ speaking and listening skills;

  -to develop students’creativity , imagination;

  - to involve students in studying the culture ,   history and  traditions of celebrating St. Valentine’s Day.

Equipment and visual aids.

                      -   a video-projector ;

                      -  a tape-recorder,

                       - a computer, costumes, cards.



         I’m love and I just know right from the start

         How to bring joy to another heart.

         I really know how to love and to give it,

         And I do such things every day I live in.

 The boy presents flowers to the girl and recites a poem. 


Boy:      Here's a special valentine

With lots of love for you

And since you've very special

Here are hugs and kisses, too!

             A white rose means

 "You are so wonderful!" 

  A red rose says —

 "I love you!"

A pink rose —

"Please, believe me"

 A rose without thorns

 means love at first sight

Boy:      Good afternoon dear girls and boys, teachers and guests!

Girl:      It's lovely to meet you here, at Valentine's party!

Boy:       Love, love me do,

 You know I love you,

  I'll always be true,

               So please, love me do,

Girl :     Someone to love,

 Somebody new,

 Someone to love,

 Someone like you.

Boy:      I hope that Valentine's Day

Will bring you lots of fun!

He thinks you're extra-specially nice,

And so does everyone!

Girl: It's here again the day, when boys and girls, sweet­hearts and lovers, husbands and wives, friends and neighbours, and even the office staff will exchange greetings of affection undying love or satirical comments.


Boy: St Valentine's Day, February 14, has been a custom­ary day for choosing Sweethearts and exchanging valentines.


Girl: The method of choosing sweethearts of St. Valen­tine's Day varied in different times and places. It could be a serious matter leading to marriage, or it could be a kind of game. The generations of young people have acknowl­edged  St. Valentine as the friend and patron of lovers.


Воy: What kind of holiday is St. Valentine's Day?


Girl: St. Valentine's Day is a religious holiday, which is celebrated in Great Britain, in many European countries and in the USA.


Boy: One of the early symbols of love is Cupid, the Ro­man God of love, who is represented as a young boy with a bow and arrow. There are also some other important symbols of this holiday. Let's learn about them.

Video “Happy Valentine’ Day»

Compere 1 Different Colours of Roses have Different Meanings


Red Roses -        Love and passion

Yellow Roses -   Friendship

White Roses -    True love and purity of the  mind

Orange Roses -  Enthusiasm and desire

Pink Roses -       Friendship or Sweetheart

Black Roses -     Farewell

Symbols of the holiday

1st pupil


Emotions are feelings such as love, happiness, anger, or fear. A long time ago, people believed that all emotions were found in the heart. In later years, they thought only the emotion of love was connected with the heart. The heart is still a symbol of love, and because of this, it is also a symbol of Valentine’s Day.


2nd pupil

Red Rose

The rose was a favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Red is a color that stands for strong feelings. This is why the red rose is a flower of love.

3rd pupil


Ribbons go back to the days, when iadies gave ribbons to their favourite knights when they went to war.


4th pupil


Lace is a pretty fabric made by weaving together fine threads. Hundred of years ago, women carried lace handkerchiefs. If a woman dropped her handkerchief, a man nearby might pick it up and return it to her. Sometimes a woman might see a man she wanted to meet. She might drop her lace handkerchief on purpose to encourage romance. Soon people thought of romance when they thought of lace. They began using paper lace to decorate chocolate boxes and Valentine cards.


5th pupil


Son of Venus, goddess of love. He could cause people to fall in love by piercing them with one of his magic arrows.


6th pupil


Years ago, when a man proposed marriage to a woman, he asked “for her hand.” The hand became a symbol of marriage and love. Soon gloves also became a symbol of love.



7th pupil


In some countries, men and women exchange rings when they become engaged or married. Two or three hundred years ago, Valentine’s Day was a popular day for giving an engagement ring. An engagement ring usually had a stone or jewel set in it. Diamonds are common in today’s engagement rings.


8th pupil


 were thought to be favorite birds of Venus. They remain with the same mates all their lives. The males and females both care for their babies. These birds are symbols of loyalty and love. They are also symbols of Valentine’s Day.

Girl:   Do you know why we celebrate the day of love and lovers on the 14th of February?

Boy:    I've heard something about it. But don't remember exactly. It is connected with Valentine, isn't it?

Girl:   Right you are. But let's go to Rome, to the times of the Emperor Claudius.


.Girl:  'This is the legend of how St. Valentine's Day began”.


Claudius.    I`m Claudius - the Roman Emperor, order you my brave soldiers to find and to put to the prison the priest who has broken my order.

Soldier 1.   Which order, my emperor?

Claudius.   He blessed the marriage of soldiers. And I have forbidden this.

Soldier 2.   But why, my emperor?

Claudius.   A married soldier thinks about his life and wife, about the family. He doesn't think about the glory and he is afraid of death. This isn't a real sol­dier.


Lovely music .A boy and a girl appear on the stage

Boy 2

  Your hair is so fair,

  Your eyes are so blue,

  That's why I can't stop

   Loving you!


Girl 2

    Roses are red,

    Violets are blue,

    Honey is sweet and

     so are you!


Boy 2

    You are so precious to me, Dear.

    More than you could ever know.

     Life is some much happier for me.

     Just because I love you so.



Girl 2

        If apples were pears, and peaches were


        And the roses had different name.

        If tigers were bears, and fingers were


        I 'd love you just the same.


  Boy 2

                   I love you, I want to marry you! But if not the cruel order of the emperor! Who   can help us?!


A priest appears

Girl 1      Valentine was a Christian priest in the Roman Empire 300 years after the death of Jesus Christ.


Girl 2      My sweetheart, look! I can't believe it.   It is St. Valentine himself!


Boy 2     He is a patron of lovers. Please, help us! Will you marry us!


The priest:  All right! I see you love each other and your dream will come true!

 My daughter!  My son! I declare you — hus­band and wife!


The soldiers appear. The boy and the girl run away.

Soldier 1: Priest, you have been discovered and con­demned to death!


Soldier 2: To prison! To the Tower!


In prison.


The Priest:  What a beautiful girl!


A girl 3  Have some bread and wine.


The Priest  Who are you, my dear daughter?


A girl 3        I'm a daughter of the warder. What do you look like?


The Priest Why do you ask me about it?


A girl 3  I'm blind. And can see noth­ing.


The Priest  Believe in God. He will help you to see. If not with the eyes but with your kind heart. Love will help you.


A girl goes away.


Soldier 1  Time to go to the square.


The Priest  I'm ready. But be so kind to give my note to the warder's daughter.

S о 1 d і e r 2 But she is blind. She can't read.

The Priest   Don't worry. She will do it with the help of her heart.


Valentine is taken away.

Soldier 1 (to the girt). Here is a note for you.

A gіrl       Let me call you sweetheart,

I'm in love with you.

Let me hear with you.

That you love me too.

                  Your Valentine.

                   Qh, I can see.

                   Or, my dear... 


Soldier 1  A miracle. A blind can see. Oh, Saint Valentine.

He runs from the stage.


Girl:   Such a sad and wonderful story. Now I see why it is called Saint Valentine`s Day.

Boy:    But it is not the only Valentine who worried about lovers. Since ancient times people tried to express their feelings through the language of the dance as well. Let's see the love story in the dance.


The children dance


Girl:    The theme of love is vividly observed in the literary works as well. The authors of all centuries and countries devoted their creations to this immortal feeling. I hope everyone knows immortal names of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Let`s see the abstract from this drama.      Romeo and Juliet are on the stage


 Romeo   It's Juliet! Oh! It's my love!.. She's speaking. But she isn't speak­ing to me. She's   looking up   at the stars in heaven.


Juliet      Oh, Romeo, Romeo, why are you, Romeo? Change your name, or, if you can't, I will no longer be a Capulet. It's only your name that is my enemy. But what does a name matter? If a rose had any other name, it would smell as sweet.


Romeo  Call me "Love". Let that be my name, and from now I'll never be called Romeo. I hate my name because it is an enemy to you.


Juliet    How did you come here? The walls are high.


Romeo  Stone walls can't keep love out.


Juliet     If any of my family sees you here, they'll kill you.


Romeo  If their hatred ended my life, that would be better than for me to    go on living without your love.


Juliet   Do you love me? I know that you say "Yes", but even if you swear it, you may still be untrue.


Romeo   Lady, I swear by the moon that touches with silver the tops of

  those fruit trees.


Juliet  Oh! Don't swear by the moon. It changes every month. Your love might be so changeable.


Romeo What shall I swear by?


Juliet   Don't swear at all. (Pause.) I hear a noise. Sweet love, good-bye. (Pause.) Dear Romeo. If you truly wish to marry me, send me a message tomor­row. I'll send someone who will bring me your message. Tell me where and at what time you will marry me. And I will lay all that I have at your feet, and follow you, my lord, through all the world. Romeo!


Romeo  My sweet!


Juliet  At what time tomorrow shall I send to you?


Romeo At nine o'clock.


Juliet   My messenger will be there. It's almost morning, I must let you  go. Good night! Good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow that I won't stop saying "Good night" until tomorrow.


Romeo Sleep rest on your eyes, peace in your breast. I wish that I were Sleep and Peace to rest in so sweet a place.


They leave the stage.


Boy        I like this Shakespeare’s play. And the performance was outstanding as well, was not it?


 Girl:     Yes, it was rather catching and emotional. But I prefer the love story , which was represented in the film “ The Titanic”. How do you find the sound-track from it .

 Boy     I find it very touching. And Seline Dion sings it magnificently.


Girl       So here is a great chance to enjoy this song right now.

 A song from the film “Titanic”


Girl :     This story is immortal. The men in the 19th century were really romantic.   


Boy         But what about our contemporaries? Do you find them less  romantic?


Girl       I think I do.


Boy       Let me change your mind. Here is a proof.








By Helen Steiner Rice 

Love is like magic

And it always will be,

For love still remains

Love’s sweet mystery.


Love works in ways

That are wondrous and strange

And there’s nothing in life

That Love cannot change!

Love is unselfish,

Understanding and kind,

For it sees with its heart

And not with its mind!


Love is the answer

That everyone seeks-

Love is the language

That every heart speaks.

Boy    As for me songs can express the feelings much more better than the poems.

Girl    I think I know what you mean.

Boy     Yes, the song which we were singing during the last lessons. Do you want to sing it  now?

Girl    Yes, with pleasure. You can sing with us too.

Video clip by Sarah Connor "Just One Last Dance"( all sing together)

Sarah Connor "Just One Last Dance":

Just one last dance...

Oh baby

Just one last dance


We meet in the night in the Spanish cafe

I look in your eyes just don't know what to say

It feels like I'm drowning in salty water

A few hours left 'til the sun's gonna rise

Tomorrow will come an it's time to realize

Our love has finished forever

How I wish to come with you (wish to come with you)

How I wish we make it through


Just one last dance

Before we say goodbye

When we sway and turn round and round and round

It's like the first time

Just one more chance

Hold me tight and keep me warm

Cause the night is getting cold

And I don't know where I belong

Just one last dance

The wine and the lights and the Spanish guitar

I'll never forget how romantic they are

But I know, tomorrow I'll lose the one I love

There's no way to come with you

It's the only thing to do


Just one last dance

Before we say goodbye

When we sway and turn round and round and round

It's like the first time

Just one more chance

Hold me tight and keep me warm

Cause the night is getting cold

And I don't know where I belong

Just one last dance

Oh Baby, Yeh


Just one last dance

Before we say goodbye

When we sway and turn round and round and round

It's like the first time

Just one more chance

Hold me tight and keep me warm

Cause the night is getting cold

And I don't know where I belong

Just one last dance

REPEAT REFRAIN (Back vocalist with Sarah)

Just one last dance,

Just one more chance,

Just one last dance



Boy  Of course not everyone can create such wonderful poems and sing so beautifully. But one way or another we are all able to impress our dear people with special personal valentine greeting cards.

 Girl   Have you already made the Valentine card for me?


Boy   It’s a secret till the 14th of February. But we are eager to present you our dear guests, with the tiny pieces of our hearts right now.


Girl   We hope we will be able to create the holiday atmosphere of love, hope and happiness on the Eve of the Valentine’s Day, presenting you our hand-made Valentine cards.

P1  The fruit of the spirit is love.

P2  True love never ends.

P3 Love is patient, love is kind.

P4  It does not envy, love never fails.

P5 Robert Frost said, ‘Earth is the right place for love. I don’t know where it’s likely to go better’. And I say, ‘Go out and love others and don’t forget to say ‘I love you’.

P6  When you are feeling pessimistic, or angry or bitter- say to yourself- ‘Only love is spoken here!’ And your life will be better.

Girl  Our party is over. But re­member — Love is one of the best feel­ings. It is unique and eternal as our life. It rules the world, it makes the world go round. It's beyond the age and time. So let's love and be loved by others and our earth will become more beautiful and kinder.

Boy     We wish your love will live forever. Let Saint Valentine take care, of you and save your love!

                      Happy St. Valentine's Day!


































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