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Позакласний захід з англійської мови “Сompetition for the best English learner”

Про матеріал

Поданий позакласний захід - змагання між 2 командами. Рекомендовано для проведення між 8-9 класами , але завдання можна адаптувати для проведення між 5-7 класами. Завдання спрямовані для сприяння мотивації учнів до вивчення англійської, розвитку навичок роботи в команді, вміння співпрацювати

Перегляд файлу

Позакласний захід з англійської мови

Сompetition for the best English learner”


Grades: 8-9


Aim: stimulate studentslanguage skills, motivate pupils to study English; bring up students  to be cooperative, friendly , able to work in teams.


Competition for the best English learner

Two teams are participants of the competiton.

The Host: Dear viewers, you are  welcome  on the party “Competition for the best English learner”.  Today we’ll get know who is the smartest English team in our school.

So let’s welcome our teams, The Bells and The Leaders.

The hostess: And welcome our Jury. They are the 11th grade pupils and they are the best English learners . They are very fair and kind.  Meet them and congratulate them with applauds.

The Host: Dear views, you will not only watch  but  you’ ll  be involved into activities. So, get ready -  the most active person can get a prize!

The Host: Let’s begin our competiton and the first task for our team is called “ The presentation”. Teams, your task is to present your teams. Dear Jury, this task can be valued in 5 scores.

The Hostess: Teams, you are welcome to the next competition. We’ll see how smart and clever you are. The captains of the teams come up here. You get the magic hats. Use them to play according to the role you can read on the hat.

The host: Your homework was to make a play and roleplay it. The Bells, you are welcome to be the  first  on the stage.

The hostess:  The next task for our teams is to roleplay a commercial . Teams should persuade us  to buy  these usual and at the same time unusual things: the stick, the rope and  the wooden pen.

The host:  While our teams are preparing, we have a competition for our viewers.

We have prepared a very interesting quiz for you. (The viwers have to choose the correct answer. The person who gives the most correct answer is a winner and gets a prize.)

The hostess: Our teams are ready. Welcome on the stage!

Now we could see how inventive and smart and funny were our participants.

 Do you like a Fashion Show?  Participants , you have got these rolls of paper and you must make clothes from them, then demonstrate and comment .

D:\Новая папка (2)\презентація школи\фото\IMG_20171117_192535.jpg


There sounds merry melody of music. Participants demonstrate their clothes from paper, make comments.

The host : Now I ask the participants of every team taste these  juice with  blinded eyes and say what kind of juice  it is. Every correct answer is estimated as a score. D:\Новая папка (2)\презентація школи\фото\IMG_20171117_184326.jpg

The Hostess: Teams , you were awesome, and you have to overcome the following difficulty . Every team gets a quiz. Remember, every correct answer is a score. D:\Новая папка (2)\презентація школи\фото\IMG_20171117_185356.jpg

While our te

While our teams work , dear guests, we want you to demonstrate your language skills. 8 volunteers , you are welcome on the stage , make a circle  and play the following game: I’ll give you a word . The next player should name the following word beginning with the last letter of this word. The person who thinks more than 5 seconds is out of the game. The winner gets a prize.

The Host: Our teams are ready for the competition. Leaders, come up here. I’ll stick some words to your backs. Teams, you can see these words, and you can show them to your captains only with mimes and gestures. You will get a score only in case, your captain names the word correctly

The hostess: Today, our teams, you  were very incredible, inventive, smart and cooperative. In spite of any results, we love you both.

The floor is given to our jury.

The winning team gets a Diploma for the victory in the game. The other team gets a  Diploma for the participation.



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