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Позакласний захід з англійської мови "Чайна церемонія"

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Позакласний захід з англійської мови "Чайна церемонія", який має на меті познайоми учнів із традиціями англійського чаювання, висвітлити історію цієї традиції.
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- Good afternoon. We are glad to see everybody.


- We are living in a quickly changing world with numerous problems now, people often feel left and lonely. But it shouldn’t be so.


- There should be such a place, where a person can feel comfortable, cozy and such comfort is usually established with the help of family, its customs and traditions.


- There is a “five-o-clock” tea tradition in England. I hope it will be interesting for you to learn some facts about it.      (СЛАЙД 1)


- What is tea? Different people can answer in different ways. The doctor says that the tea is a cure for many diseases. An ordinary man says that tea is his daily morning drink. Englishman - that it is a custom, Indian - it's a tradition, Chinese - that is the culture. (СЛАЙД 2)


- Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world.

Traditional tea time in England is late afternoon, when world-famous 5 o’clock tea is served.


- Five o’clock tea is a ceremony, a work of art. It is not only about a perfect combination of the tablecloth, the napkins, the flowers, the vases and the tea set; it means a certain way of behaving and talking too.


- I am sure it will be interesting for you to know when the British started drinking tea.


- The British were actually one of the last countries in Europe to try tea.

Tea was brought to England in the 17th century by a Portuguese princess, who married king Charles II of England, Catherine b0ught tea chests to England as part of her wedding dowry and soon popularized this drink. (СЛАЙД 3)

When the first tea was brought to England from China and India, it was very expensive. So it was a drink for the elite, for the rich, the aristocracy. From the 18th century tea began to be used by the common people too. (СЛАЙД 4)


- The whole world knows how the British love tea. It seems that the British drank tea at all times. But it was no.

The British drink tea at any time as well as in Ukraine and young people generally prefer coffee. However, we’d like to present the traditional time of tea drinking in England


- The English drink tea six times a day, and each time of day has its own variety of tea and tea traditions:

- Morning, the earliest tea, drink about six o'clock in the morning, sometimes straight in bed. The habit of "early morning cup" - the early cup of tea before washing and dressing - arose from the damp climate of England, famous for its morning mists. English wake up early, at 6-7 o'clock in the morning, and a cup of strong tea is just a need to wake up; (СЛАЙД 5)


- Then the tea is served about eight, at the first light breakfast. The British prefer to drink tea which is called «English Breakfast».  (СЛАЙД 6)


- Later, at eleven or twelve, it is time to "lunch”. The British cannot have it without tea.  (СЛАЙД 7)


- The fourth time the English drink tea is in the middle of the working day, making a short break, which is called «tea break». This tradition exists in our days.


- At five o'clock in the evening is the famous «five-o'clock tea». Millions of people, from a humble servant to the Queen, drink tea flavored generously with milk or cream.  (СЛАЙД 8)

- Evening after work is time of «high tea».  (СЛАЙД 9)


- Very interesting fact:  British workers have the right in law to a minimum of a 20-minute break in a shift of six hours; government guidelines describe this as " a tea or lunch break"More informally, this is known as elevenses,. a couple of hours before the mid-day meal, traditionally served at 1pm.

And now Lets find out how to make perfect English tea.


(учень підходить до сервірованого столу)  (СЛАЙД 10-22)

Make sure you have all the necessary items: napkins, a tea pot, cups, saucers, dessert plates, a jug with milk, a tea strainer with a saucer for it, a sugar bowl, a small vase with flowers and a serving tray with at least two levels on which to display the sweet and savory snacks.


(учень демонструє процес заварювання чаю)   (СЛАЙД 23-30)

- Select a good quality brand tea.

- Boil the water.

- Warm the teapot with hot water first (fill it, and then drunk it out).

- Add one teaspoon for tea per cup plus one extra teaspoon for the pot.

- Pour boiling water and stir briefly. It is essential that the water is boiling, in order to release all the flavor of the tea.

- Wait! The tea needs time to develop its flavor, 3 or 5 minutes. (VIDEO)

- Place the tea strainer over the top of the cup and pour the tea in.

- Add milk and sugar to taste.

Enjoy your tea!


- And one more: during drinking tea Englishmen speak only about pleasant things.

Р5 & Р6:

(Учні, які сидять за столом, починають свій діалог) (СЛАЙД 31)

- The weather is great, isn’t it?

- Yes. It’s absolutely beautiful today.

- I wish it was like this more frequently.

- Me too.

- So what are you going to do this Saturday?

- I’m going to meet a friend of mine at the department store.

- Going to do a little shopping?

- Yes, I have to buy some presents for my parents.

- What’s the occasion?

- It’s their anniversary.

- That’s great. Do you need any help?

- Sure. Good idea!



To sum up, I’m sure such long lasting traditions unite people, make their life bright, happy and positive. People can overcome their difficulties easily. They join different generations together. In short, the more good traditions people have the more friendly they can be.


And now we invite everybody to Tea drinking. You are welcome! (СЛАЙД 32)

(учні пригощають усіх присутніх чашечкою чаю)









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