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Представлення України. 9 клас.

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Ознайомлення з Україною та представлення її основних культурних особливостей у команді. Матеріал чудово підходить до сценаріїв про Батьківщину, виховує почуття гордості за рідну землю.Висвітлені складові символи - гасло, мова, стяг, вишиванка та музика.

Перегляд файлу


I arise today

Through the strength of Heaven

Light of the Sun

Radiance of the Moon

Splendor of Fire

Speed of Lightning

Swiftness of the Wind

Depth of the Sea

Stability of the Earth

Firmness of the Rock

We love you Ukraine!

As the first rays of the sun touch the golden wheat fields and powerful sound of trembita penetrates the mist-filled air of mountain meadows, filled with the charming velvet song of the skylark – a new day in my Homeland begins.

Small towns and villages from eastern coast in Lugantsk and Donetsk’s regions – to western coast in Chop have already started their day. The air is nourished with the scent of warm milk and freshly sheared grass.

Immense, all-embracing melody of chiming bells of magnificent churches and cathedrals is heard from Kyiv and Lviv. Constellation of cities perplexed with masterpieces of architecture and art.

The hills of the picturesque Carpathians, where you can feel the spirit of ancestors in the whisper of the mountains. The eagle’s soaring aloft guarding the mighty Crimean Mountains. They are the symbol of majesty and omnipotence.

The waft of tender morning breeze is floating above the waters of fathomless depth of the Black Sea. The blue serpentine of Ukrainian rivers delve into the reminiscent dream.

How many events witnessed our ancient Dnipro! How many valiant warriors rowed along its shores conquering the victory for their Motherland.

Countless marvelous castles abiding the ancient spirit where every stone is filled with history.

All this beauty inspires me with feeling of freedom and strong confidence of what tomorrow will bring.

Even to the seasoned adventurer the mere mention of Ukraine – is enough to fire passion. The smiles, sincereness and hospitality of Ukrainian people, dressed in embroidery, carved by the culture and spirit of friendship.

To be born Ukrainian is to be born privileged. Not with a silver spoon in your mouth, but with music in your blood and poetry in your soul.

Charming Ukrainian tongue is so melodious and dear! Our spiritual and cultural heritage is worth being proud of by every Ukrainian.

Lord! Hold and strengthen us!

Grant Ukrainians the blessing of peace!

Send doves of peace to our promised land!

Make us an instrument of Your peace!

Where there is hatred – let us sow love!

Where there is doubt – faith!

Where there is despair – hope!

Where there is darkness – light!

And where there is sadness – joy!

The stars in the boundless skies of our world make the wish:

Long live our united Ukraine!

Тхорик Ганна
28 жовтня 2018
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