Тест для учнів 9 класу з теми " Nature and Environment"

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Дана розробка може бути використана вчителем для перевірки лексичного матеріалу з теми " Nature and Environment"( за підручником О.Карпюк для 9 класу).

Різноманітні завдання дозволять вчителеві перевірити сформовані в учнів навички з цієї теми

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Test   Nature And Environment   9 Form

I Match the words and their explanations(  nuclear testing, garbage, rainforest, ecology, animals in danger, pollution)

1 It is rubbish, waste or other things we throw away.

2 it is a very big problem of our time. If we don’t protect them, they will disappear forever.

3 they are experiments with nuclear weapons.

4 it is a thick forest in tropical parts of the world, like in Amazon area.

5 it is the process of making our environment dirty and unhealthy for living.

6 it is the science that studies the relations of plants, animals and people to each other and to their environment.

II Put the rubbish to recycling bins:  plastic/ aluminium /cloth/rubber

Toys, tires, blankets, carpets, garbage bags, window frames, packaging, auto hoses, foil, suit, rubber shoes, cans

III Put the verbs in brackets into Conditionals I

1 If people …(to stop) throwing rubbish into the seas and rivers, clean water… ( not/to be) a problem.

2 If we … recycle old magazines and books, we …(to save) trees.

3 If you …(to turn) off the lights when you leave a room, we …(to reduce)  the use of energy.

4 You ...(to have) to wear a mask, if the air …(not/to be) clean.

5 More species …(to survive), if we …(to protect) nature.

6 We …(to be thirsty),if we …(not/to have) enough water.

IV Answer the questions

1 What do the three Rs stand for?

2 Why do we need water?

3 why do we produce so much rubbish?

4 What is the best way to protect endangered animals and pants?

5 Is population growing in all parts of the world?

6 Write 4 recommendations to protect our environment.



До підручника
Англійська мова (9-й рік навчання) 9 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
30 жовтня 2018
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