Тест для учнів 9 класу з теми " Science"

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Дана розробка може бути використана вчителем для перевірки лексичного та граматичного ( Past Simple Passive Voice) матеріалу з теми " Science" (за підручником О.Карпюк для 9 класу).

Різноманітні завдання дозволять вчителеві перевірити сформовані в учнів навички з цієї теми

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Test         Science           9 FORM

I Listening ex.4 p.169 ( Карпюк О. 2017)

II Name a person who is an expert in the studies

1 physics, 2 botany, 3 politics, 4 geology, 5 chemistry, 6 music, 7 linguistics, 8 psychology, 9 mathematics


III What science is it?

1 It is the science of life. It deals with a great diversity of life forms.

2 It is the study of things that occur naturally such as heat, light, sound, electricity, magnetism.

3 It is the study of the Earth through its rocks, soils( грунт).

4 It is the study of the planets, stars, the Sun, space.

5 It is the science about the structure of plants.

6 It is the science about the structure of substances and how they react when they are combined.


IV Complete the sentences using “ discover” , “ discovery” or “invent” , “ invention” in the right form

1 When did they … oil in the North Sea?

2 Who … the computer?

3 Australia was …. for Europeans by James Cook.

4 In what country was money first  …?

5 Writing was probably the most revolutionary of all human …

 6 The … of the atom meant the beginning of a new era in physics.


V Complete the sentences with past simple passive voice of the verbs in brackets

1 In 1996 a sheep called “ Dolly” … (clone) by British scientists from a single cell that … (take) from a six-year- old female sheep.

2 Clothes …(hand-wash) by rubbing the clothing with rocks in a river, or by using a wash board before the invention of the washing machine. 

3 The first affordable cars … (produce) by Henry Ford.

4 Text messages …(use) in Asia and Europe before they became popular in the USA in the mid 2000s.

5The Internet began in 1969 as The Arpanet data network, which … (establish) by the US Department of Defense.


До підручника
Англійська мова (9-й рік навчання) 9 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
30 жовтня 2018
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