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Table of Contents Definition History of Advertising Kinds of Advertising The Purpose of Advertising What makes a good advertising?

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Definition Advertising - is the act of making a product, a service, a job vacancy, an event publicly known. It may be spread by: mass media, radio and television; outside exposition (posters, signs, city lights); direct mail, souvenirs (notebooks, calendars); in transport; in catalogues.

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History of Advertising

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The word “advertising” comes from Latin “to speak in a loud voice”. Probably the oldest advertisement was found in the excavations of the ancient Egyptian town of Memphis. It says: "I, Rhinos from Cyprus, live here. Gods gave me the gift of the true telling of dreams." This advertisement is 2,500 years old. The first newspaper in the world that put in an advertisement was a hand-written Roman newspaper "Daily Happenings". It contained announcements of meetings, births, and marriages in the noble families of Rome. In Middle Ages outdoor advertising was street signs. For example, under the entrance to bakery one could see a picture of bread.

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the first neon sign 1925 the first advertisement in buses (England) 1910 the first advertisement of tea 1658 the first advertisement of chocolate 1657 the first advertisement of coffee 1652 the oldest advertising 2,500 years ago A short chronology

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Kinds of Advertising

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 The aim is to sell a product or service to a customer and to make a profit. Commercial (economic) advertising

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Social advertising  The aim is an achievement of charitable and other generally useful goals. For example, healthy lifestyle, environmental pollution, help sick children and poor people.

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 The aim is to persuade voters and to win elections. Political advertising

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The Purpose of Advertising client solicitation, to convince customers that the company products are the best, to enhance the image of the company, to point out and create a need for products or services, to demonstrate new uses for established products, to announce new products, to draw customers to the business, and to hold existing customers.

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What makes a good advertising?  Attractive headline.  The first few lines are interesting and engaging.  The advertisement should have an eye-catching graphic that is related to what is being sold.  Sentences are short, simple and to the point.  No words that are difficult to understand.  Points are made using as few words as possible.

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Questions 1) What is advertising? 2) How it be may spread? 3) Where was the oldest advertisement found? How old is it? 4) Which products were advertised the first? 5) What kind of advertising do you know? 6) What are the purposes of advertising? 7) What makes a good advertising?

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