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Зміст слайдів
Номер слайду 1

Shops and shopping

Номер слайду 2

Try to learn this poem step by step Making shopping makes me good, Buying things and buying food, Spending money every day, Shopping is the best you may.

Номер слайду 3

Answer the questions.1. Do you often go shopping?2. What do you like to buy?3. What shops do you know?4. Who works at a shop?5. Do you like to buy presents?6. What kind of shops are there near your house?

Номер слайду 4

Shops baker’s; haberdashery confectionery supermarket; electric appliance shop market;dairy; furniture shop newsagent’s; grocer’s; household items men’s wear greengrocer’s; ironmonger’s; flower’s butcher’s; hardware store optician’s; fishmonger’s; jewelry store; department store bookstore; footwear; stationer’s; chemist’s; sport goods; toy storecosmetic shop; boutique

Номер слайду 5


Номер слайду 6

Baker’s shop

Номер слайду 7

Butcher’s shop

Номер слайду 8

Dairy shop

Номер слайду 9

Sport goods

Номер слайду 10


Номер слайду 11

Toy’s shop

Номер слайду 12

Newsagent’s shop

Номер слайду 13

What is the word “Shopping” associated with? You should divide these words into three columns “Noun”, “Adjective” and “Verb”.1) buy; 2) polite; 3) cash; 4) sell; 5) try on; 6) seller; 7) food; 8) discounts; 9) exciting; 10) convenient; 11) pay; 12) offer; 13) cheap; 14) customer; 15) expensive; 16) various; 17) shop assistant; 18) baker; 19) wrap; 20) suit; 21) choose; 22) look around pharmacy; 23) shopping mall; 24) credit card.

Номер слайду 14

Listen and agree or disagree with me using your signal cards:agree — green, disagree — red. Department stores are large stores which are popular both with the local residents and tourists. 2. The fishmonger’s is the place where you can buy fish and seafood.3. The newsagent’s is the place where you can buy milk, cottage cheese and butter.4. The hairdresser’s is the place where we buy vegetables and fruit.5. I can buy a loaf of bread and rolls at the bakery.6. We can buy medicine at the chemist’s.7. In Great Britain people use dollars and cents doing shopping.8. In Ukraine people use pounds and pence doing shopping.9. That person who buys things is a customer.10. Those people who sell things are shop-assistants.

Номер слайду 15

Group work We buy … at the …To buy … we go to the …

Номер слайду 16

Answer the question usingflash cards on your desks and the structure: Group 1 — apples, tomatoes, melons; smoked meat, ham, sausage; a sofa, a table, a chair; trousers, a shirt; a pen, a ruler, a note book; tea, coffee. Group 2 — milk, butter, sour cream; fish, crabs; a newspaper, a magazine; a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine, a microwave oven, a refrigerator; bread, rolls; ice cream, a bar of chocolate, sweets. Group 3 — a football, a fishing-rod; a skirt, tights, a dress; cream, shampoo, lipstick; shoes, boots; a rose, a tulip, a pink; a toy-bear, a doll, a machine-toy.

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