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Ознайомити дітей з назвами відомих англійських свят та традиціями святкування.
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HOLIDAYS IN THE USA On the 4th of July,1776 the United States declared its independence. This day is celebrated all over the country with parades, sports and games, picnics and barbecues, and in the evening, there are big fireworks displays everywhere.

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Thanksgiving Day started in 1621 when the first settlers in America gathered a great harvest and decided to celebrate it with a feast. Americans still celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday in November.

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They gather to give thanks for all good things in their lives. Turkey is still the main dish.

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Americans celebrate Christmas on December,25. They prepare for it weeks before: they buy gifts, choose a tree, decorate it and the house with ornaments and lights.

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Some houses look like a real display.

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Halloween is one of the best holidays. Children and adults wear masks and colourful costumes. They decorate houses in traditional orange and black colours. Children walk door to door and shout ’trick or treat’.

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One of favourite holidays is Valentine’s Day. It is a day of friendship and love. People send greeting cards and give red roses and chocolate to their sweethearts and friends.

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