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Shopping in the UK

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[ᵑ]Making shopping makes me good,Buying things and buying food,Spending money every day,Shopping is the best you may.

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Newsagent’s. Chemist’s. Clothes. Baker’s. Buns. Biscuits. Cakes. Pies. Bread. Rolls. Magazines. Newspapers. Postcards. Pens. Copybooks. Badges. Medicine. Shampoo. Toothpaste. Soap. Jeans. Dresses. Coats. Trousers. Hats

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A penny saved ... Take care of the pence …Time is …In for a penny …… is a penny earned.… in for a pound.… and the pounds will take care of themselves.… money. Find the proper endings to the proverbs

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If you don’t know something about doing shopping, you may ask a shop assistant to help you. Do not put any item in your bag or pocket until you have paid for it. Use basket or trolley if they are provided. Always keep the receipt after shopping. Mind that size system in Britain is different from European one. Remember that security staff works in most of shops in the UK. Don’t break the laws!

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Shopping List. M _ _ _B _ _ _ _V_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _F_ _ _ _F_ _ _ _C _ _ _ _ _ _C _ _ _ I _ _ -C _ _ _ _F_ _ _ _ _ P _ _ _Y _ _ _ _ _C _ _ _ _ _O_ _R _ _ _N _ _ _ _ _ _F _ _ _M _ _ _C_ _ _ _ _ _ i l kr e a de g e t a b l e sr u i tl o u ro o k i e sa k ec e r e a mr o z e n e a s o g u r t h e e s e i l i c e o o d l e s i s h e a th i c k e n

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Make up the dialogue as in the example. Good morning! Good morning! What can I do for you?I want a box of sweets. Here you are. Anything else?Yes. Three lollypops and a pound of toffees. Would you like any chocolate?Not today. How much is that all?Three pounds fifty pence. Here’s the money. That’s your change. Thank you very much. Good bye!Good bye! Have a nice day!

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Sainsbury’s. British Home Stores (BHS)Tesco. Marcs&Spenser

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Make up sentences using these words is / London / place / shopping / a / for / great.the biggest / store / is / department / in Europe / Harrods.in 1834 / started / Charles Henry Harrod / store / this / department.are / in / There / 330 / Harrods / departments.people / them / About / visit /35 000 / every day.90,000 m2 / space / selling / is / The.

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Check up yourselves London is a great place for shopping. Harrods is the biggest department store in Europe . Charles Henry Harrod started this department store in 1834 . There are 330 departments in Harrods. About 35 000 people visit them every day. The selling space is 90,000 m2.

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Where can we use these phrases?1) I am looking for new magazine.2) Do you have brown bread?3) Can I try this jacket on?4) Do you have a smaller size of trainers?5) I’ll take a kilo of oranges.6) What is the price of that toothpaste?7) What is the size of these sandals?

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I would like…What would you like to buy if you had one million pounds?

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