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Текст для контролю читанння " Unity is Strength "

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Представлений текст можно використовувати для семестрового контролю читання з англiйськоi мови у 6-7 класах.
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Unity is Strength

A flock of parrots was flying in the sky, looking for food. After some time they saw many grains under a tree. The parrots were very glad. They began to fly down towards the grain. But an old parrot said, “Let us not go down. A hunter could put a net there.” But the parrots did not listen to the old one. They all went down to eat the grains and only the old parrot sat on the tree. And the old parrot was right. A hunter put a net under the tree and the parrots’ feet were trapped in the net. They were terribly frightened.

The old parrot said, “You did not listen to me before. You are young and stupid. But I want to help you. Now, if you want to be free, do as I say. You are a flock – not one bird. When I give the signal, you all fly together in the sky. The net will also go with you. Then you will fly to a tiny friendly mouse. It will help us. I see the hunter coming to you. One, two, three… Fly!” As soon as the old parrot gave the signal, the whole flock flew as one bird. “My net! My net!” shouted the hunter. But he could not catch the flock with his net as it was high up in the sky.

The parrots followed the old parrot and flew to the place where the tiny friendly mouse lived. The kind mouse cut the threads of the net with its sharp little teeth and soon all the parrots were free. They could fly happily back to their nests. They thanked the mouse. And the old parrot said, “Remember that unity is strength”.


Task 1: Choose one correct answer:

  1. Why did the parrots fly down?
  1. They saw the hunter
  2. They saw grains under the tree
  3. The old parrot told them to do it
  1. How did the parrots feel under the tree?
  1. Glad
  2. Scared
  3. Happy
  1. What did the parrots do when the old parrot gave a signal?
  1. They flew all together
  2. They flew one by one
  3. Only one parrot flew
  1. Where did the parrots fly?
  1. To the big friendly mouse
  2. To the small friendly mouse
  3. To the old parrot
  1. Who helped the parrots to become free?
  1. A tiny mouse
  2. An old parrot
  3. Both (an old parrot and a tiny mouse)

Task 2: True or False?

  1. The flock of parrots was flying in the sky looking for food.
  2. Only the old parrot went down to eat the grains.
  3. Little children put a net under the tree.
  4. The old parrot wanted to help the young parrots.
  5.  As soon as the old parrot gave the signal, only one bird flew.
  6. The hunter caught the flock and the net.
  7. The parrots thanked the mouse.

Task 3. Finish the sentences

  1. A flock of parrots was looking for _____.
  2. The parrots feet were trapped in the ______.
  3. You will fly to a tiny friendly _________.
  4. His net was high up in the _______.
  5. Unity is _________.



Answer Key: 1 b; 2 b; 3 a; 4 b; 5 c; 6 T; 7 F; 8 F; 9 T; 10 F; 11 F; 12 T.



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