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Тест " Food and drinks " 6 клас

Про матеріал
Тест з письма для 6 класу по темi " Iжа та напоi" , може бути використаний як поточна або семестрова контрольна робота.
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1 Read and circle.

1) We can buy bread at the…

a) butcher’s.                   b) grocer’s.                 c) baker’s.

2) We can buy sour cream at…

a) the chemist’s.            b) a confectionary.     c) a dairy store.

3) We can buy a teddy bear at a…

a) toy shop.                    b) sports shop.           c) clothes shop.

4) We can buy sugar at…

a) the greengrocer’s.     b) the grocer’s.           c) a department store.


2. Fill in much or many.

1) How_______________ oranges do we need?

2) There are not__________________ eggs in the fridge.

3) Don’t buy too_________________________ milk.

4) How ______________________sugar would you like in your tea?


3. Complete the sentences.

1) For breakfast I usually eat_______________________________________________________ .

2) People should eat fruits and vegetables because__________________________________________________________ .

3) My favourite Ukrainian dish is________________________________________________________ .


3. Read the text and write three special questions.

Ukrainian schoolchildren can have hot dinner at school. Some children also take a packed lunch from home. The lunch break is usually from 9.50 to 13.30 p.m. School lunches cost about 10UAH.

1) Who______________________________________________________________________ ?

2) When_____________________________________________________________________ ?

3) How much_________________________________________________________________ ?

4. Write about the cafes in your town/city (6—8 sentences) using the plan below.



— name of your town/city, types of cafes there are;

Main body

— names, locations of the cafes you recommend;

— dishes to order;

— when to visit;


— your opinion about visiting cafes in your town/city.



Hi! How are you?_______________________________________________________________



Best wishes,_______________


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