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Презентація "Sports And Games"

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Презентація стане у нагоді вчителям під час вивчення теми "Спорт".Діти можуть вивчити вірш про улюблений вид спорту, дізнатися більше про правила під час гри.
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Sports and Games


What is sport?



-free time


-hard job



Tennis balls racked and forth,

Racket  miss to pass a score.

Tennis players back and forth,

Until one player miss a score.







Big long stick and a tiny puck,

One swings, the other slides.

Among  fierce play, fights break out.

Men swing and slide on ice.


Horse Riding

Blam! The starting gun is shot,

Horses race around the track

Hired jockeys on the mounts,

Guide their horse around the track.




Wrestling shows the youthful skill,

Young men still in school,

Wrestling on the TV tube,

Stunt men on the screen.





From the mound baseball tossed,

The batter’s bat is swung.

Smack! Sky flies ,baseball high!

Fans cheer with yells, applause.




The ball is kicked around the field,

Or butted with ones head,

When in play the hands stay free,

Except for goalie in the cage.




Correct the statements:

1. Football match lasts 60 min.

2. We can play volley-ball with a stick and a ball.

3. The basketball team is 11 players.

4. We can play football with a basket.

5. There are 8 players in a volley-ball team.

6. There are 6 players in a football team.







Fill in the words:


Basketball is one of  the most popular 1….It’s played in more than 200 countries, in 2…,school gyms, and sports arenas. All you need is a 3… and a hoop. Basketball is played by two teams of five 4…. Players score points by throwing a ball through a hoop 10 feet (3.1 m) 5… the ground. The 6… that scores the most points wins.

1 .sports-coaches-participants-rugby

2. pools-playgrounds-rings-courts

3. net-racket-ball-football

4. coaches- players-captains-association

5. above-below-on-after

6. team-sportsman-patient-sport



Tennis is an action-filled game with a 1…and a ball by two or four 2…. It’s played outdoors or indoors, on a flat surface called a tennis 3…. The court is a large rectangle. It’s devided in half by a 4….three feet (0.9 m) high. During the game each player tries to hit the 5…with the racket so that it goes over the net. Tennis was invented in England. It was first called 6…tennis and played on grass. International championship matches are still played on grass tennis courts in Wimbledon, England.

1 .hoop-racket-gym-football

2. coaches-players-captains-associations

3. stadium-ground-court-arena

4. net-racket-spread cup

5.  coach-player-ball-balloon

6. cricket-table-grass-lawn 



  Olympic Games

      Citius! Altius! Fortius!


Pierre de Coubertin:” The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in the life is not the triumph but the struggle…’’














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