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COLOURS Red - symbolizes inseparable blood ties, love and everything, that helps to strengthen family ties and happy marital life, symbol of mother’s love Black - is a symbol of earth and sorrow. Blue - is a symbol of trust and infinity, like the endless high seas and sky.

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Match the words with the pictures decoration embroidery Bead pattern towel stitch Tablecloth sew knit needle Thread

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Unknown facts about VYSHYVANKA

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1. Scythians are the first people who used embroidery on their clothes.

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2. The strongest guard The first embroidery was not so much the function of clothing, as, according to beliefs, protected their owners from evil. That is why the shirts were decorated with patterns on their sleeves, collars, shoulders so that the picture touched the body. For each ritual was a special embroidery. Children at birth gave the embroidered shirt to protect them from evil spirits.

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3. The first school of embroidery. The first school of embroidery in Kievan Rus was created in the XI century. It was founded by Anna, the sister of Volodymyr Monomakh. She mastered the art of embroidering with gold and silver.

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4. The symbol of love Shirt (especially men’s) is a symbol of love and fidelity. Each girl should embroider a shirt to her future husband.

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5. The space for creativity. There are about hundreds of "embroidery techniques" in Ukraine!

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6. The embroidery of each region is unique. Each region of Ukraine has its own embroidery features. We can say that every region of Ukraine can boast of its unique vyshyvankas. They differ in styles, colour, embroidery, ornament and patterns.

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7. Ornaments - "written off" from nature. The ornament of embroidery is divided into three main groups: abstract, plant and animal.

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8. The most original embroidery. One of the most original embroidery – Borshchivska. This shirt is embroidered with black threads. There is a legend that when the Turks and Tatars destroyed practically all men in Borschev, women of this and neighboring settlements for several generations dressed exactly such black and white shirts as a sign of sorrow.

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9. Ukrainian designers offer. On the Ukrainian fashion podiums, the theme of embroidery is presented in a variety of variations. Many well-known Ukrainian designers are very successful in playing our traditional clothes, presenting both wonderful examples of their creativity at home and in the whole world.

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10. Ukrainian vyshyvanka is fashionable all over the world. The American fashion magazine Vogue called the Ukrainian vyshyvanka fashionable. The success of the publication explains the appearance of fashion designer Vita Kin, who began actively use traditional Ukrainian patterns in the design of her clothes.

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Vyshyvanka conquered the world and in recent years it has become real trendy. And these are not only words: many Hollywood celebrities, such as Holly Berry, Claudia Schiffer, Demi Moore, Salma Hayek and others, choose Ukrainian national clothes.

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