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Презентація з англійської мови для 10 класу "Ukrainian National Cuisine" (до теми "Національна кухня")

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Матеріал націлений на розвиток уміння учнів ознайомити іноземних співрозмовників із вітчизняними гастрономічними традиціями.
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Підготувала: Дацюк Тетяна Андріївна,вчитель іноземної мови. Городищенської ЗОШ І-ІІІ ст. №2 UKRAINIAN NATIONAL CUISINE

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National cuisine is the same cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people as language, literature or art. Ukrainian cuisine has evolved over the centuries and has long been distinguished by a variety of dishes, high flavor and nutritional qualities.

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Chronicles and other written memorials, as well as archaeological excavations, indicate the richness and diversity of food consumed by the population of the Middle Dnieper in the period of Kiev Rus. The Tale of Bygone Years

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In addition to products of grain and various vegetables, the menu included meat of domestic animals (pigs, sheep, goats, cows, calves) and poultry (chickens, geese, ducks, pigeons, blackberries and grouse). Of wild beasts most often used to feed wild pigs (veins), hares.

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Among vegetables they used fresh and pickled cabbage, beet, radish, carrot, cucumber, pumpkin. This was the initial period for the formation of Ukrainian national cuisine.

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In the following periods the assortment was diversified. Some dishes (for example, borshch) became traditional. At that time Ukrainian cuisine was characterized by the use of animal blood and the production of blood sausages

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As it is known, the main method of heat processing of food depends on the design of the home hearth. In Ukraine it was a closed-fire center - a stove. Therefore, boiled, stewed and baked food was predominantly cooked here. Ukrainian stove

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Ukrainians used relatively simple food processing: cooking and steaming. However, most dishes of Ukrainian cuisine are characterized by a complex recipe and a combination of cooking methods.

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UKRAINIAN TRADITIONAL DISHES INCLUDE: Borshch. Varenyky. Cabbage rolls. Banosh. Uzvar. Paska

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This traditional soup, made out of beet root and up to 20 other ingredients, is a staple dish in every Ukrainian family. Borshch

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Traditionally borshch recipe is a basic stir-fry of grated beet root with tomatoes, added to a generous soup of vegetables – onions, carrots, fresh or pickled cabbage, peppers, and whatever else is available from the house garden. 

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Just like borshch, traditional dumplings spearheaded the voyage of Ukrainian cuisine across the globe.  Conveniently varenyky can be made out of the cheapest ingredients available. Varenyky

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Dough is a simple mix of flour, water and salt. And stuffing can be anything: from mashed potatoes with mushrooms and fried onions, pickled cabbage, minced meat and even cherries!Varenyky

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A cabbage roll is a dish consisting of cooked cabbage leaves wrapped around a variety of fillings. Cabbage rolls

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Meat fillings are traditional in Ukraine, often beef, lamb, or pork  with garlic, onion, and spices. Grains such as rice and barley, eggs, mushrooms, and vegetables are often included. Cabbage rolls

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This traditional food of highland shepherds is essentially corn flour, cooked in sour cream, with the tasty additions of brynza – local salty sheep cheese, wildwhite mushrooms and shkvarky (scrunchy bits of pork fat). Banosh

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The true banosh is cooked on fire, thousands of meters above the sea level in the midst of impressive Carpathian peaks and flourishing valleys, and always by men. Banosh

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Uzvar is traditional Ukrainian drink of choice! It’s typically served during Christmas Dinner, and is regularly cooked in the local households. Uzvar

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It is actually a compote, made out of dried fruits. Most popular ingredients are dried apples, pears and apricots, adding prunes and honey to sweeten the already savory drink. Uzvar

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Paska is the favorite staple of Ukrainian Easter breakfast tables. This sweet egg bread is the rightful companion of the grand meat sausage. Paska

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This mouth-watering bread is made of eggs, flour, sugar, butter and yeast. The best paskas are usually baked in wooden ovens. Paska

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Thank you for your attention!

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