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Проект на тему: "The linguistic and pragmatic features of texts’ headlines in newspaper discourse"

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The linguistic and pragmatic features of texts’ headlines in newspaper discourse

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Plan Introduction Chapter І. Theoretical precondition of the research of texts’ headlines in newspaper discourse Discourse as a process of communication. Peculiarities of newspaper discourse General characteristics of newspaper style The construction of media style Functions of headlines in newspapers Specific usage and construction of English headlines Pragmatic features of texts’ headlines in newspaper discourse Chapter ІІ. Peculiarities of usage of texts’ headlines in newspaper discourse Grammatical features of texts’ headlines in newspaper discourse Lexical characteristics of texts’ headlines Pragmatic features of texts’ headlines Conclusions

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Actuality of the work newspaper discourse activates cognitive activity of personality; serves to resolve social and political issues; encourages the reader to the creative activity; propagandizes progressive ideas, healthy lifestyles

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The aim of the research is finding out linguopragmatic features of texts’ headlines in newspaper discourse. Find out the value of such concepts as "discourse", "newspaper style", "pragmatic", "headlines". dentify the basic features of headlines and their functions through the critical analysis of literature. Analyze linguistic (lexical, grammatical) features of headlines based on the selected empirical material. Find out pragmatic features of headlines in today's periodicals. Tasks of the research:

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The hypothesis of the work is supposition that English newspaper headlines have a specific linguistic (lexical, grammatical) construction, which induces the reader to become interested by the article and provides a compression. Theoretical significance of the work is deepening on scientific understanding of the linguistic features of texts’ headlines in newspaper discourse. Also information helps to understand all pragmatic features of headlines in different kinds of English newspaper. The practical significance - materials of the work can be used for classes in linguistics, stylistics, on the courses of training future journalists at studying the peculiarities of texts’ headlines in newspaper discourse.

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was the last of all the styles of written literary English to be recognized as a specific form of writing standing apart from other forms. consists the following basic features: 1) brief news items, 2) advertisements and announcements, 3) the headline, 4) the editorial. Newspaper style

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The first of any regular series of English newspapers was the Weekly News which first appeared on May 23, 1622. The first English daily newspaper—the Daily Courant— was brought out on March 11, 1702. The first of English newspapers

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The headline (the title given to a news item or an article) is a dependent form of newspaper writing. It is in fact a part of a larger whole. The main function of the headline is to inform the reader briefly what the text that follows is about. English headlines are short and catching.

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A skilfully turned out headline tells a story, or enough of it, to arouse or satisfy the reader's curiosity." In many papers there is, as a rule, but one headline to a news item, whereas such papers as The Times, The Guardian, The New York Times often carry a news item or an article with two or three headlines, and sometimes as many as four, e.g. English headlines in newspaper discourse BRITAIN ALMOST "CUT IN HALF" Many Vehicles Marooned in Blizzard (The Guardian) STATE AUDIT FINDS NEW CITY DEFICITS IN LAST 2 BUDGETS Asserts Bookkeeping Errors Led Controller to Overstate Anticipated Revenues $ 292-MILLION INVOLVED Report Asserts Both Beame And Goldin Issued Notes Without Proper Backing (The New York Times) FIRE FORCES AIRLINER TO TURN BACK Cabin Filled With Smoke Safe Landing For 97 Passengers Atlantic Drama In Super VC 10 (The Times)

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headline writers often resort to a deliberate breaking-up of set expressions, in particular fused set expressions, and deformation of special terms, a stylistic device capable of producing a strong emotional effect To attract the reader's attention

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Syntactically headlines are very short sentences or phrases of a variety of patterns Full declarative sentences, e.g. 'They Threw Bombs on Gipsy Sites' (Morning Star), 'Allies Now Look to London' (The Times) Interrogative sentences, e. g. 'Do-you love war?' (Daily World), 'Will Celtic confound pundits?' (Morning Star) Nominative sentences, e.g. 'Gloomy Sunday' (The Guardian), Atlantic Sea Traffic' (The Times), 'Union peace plan for Girling stew­ards' (Morning Star) Elliptical sentences: with an auxiliary verb omitted, e.g. 'Initial report not expected until June!' (The Guardian), 'Yachtsman spotted" (Morning Star)] with the subject omitted, e.g. 'Will win' (Morning Star), lWill give Mrs. Onassis $ 250,00(Xa year'.(77iЈ New York Times); with the subject and part;of-the predicate omitted, e.g. 'Off to the sun' (Morning Star), 'Still in danger' (The Guardian) Sentences with articles omitted, e. g. 'Step to Overall Settlement Cited in Text of Agreement' (International Herald Tribune), 'Blaze kills 15 at Party" (Morning Star)

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Phrases with verbals — infinitive, participial and gerundial, e.g. To visit Faisal' (Morning Star), Keeping Prices Down' (The Times), 'Preparing reply on cold war' (Morning Star), 'Speaking parts' (The Sunday Times) Questions in the form of statements, e.g. 'The worse the better?' (Daily World), 'Growl now, smile, later?' (The Observer) Complex sentences, e. g. 'Senate Panel Hears Board of Military Experts Who Favoured Losing Bidder' '(The New York Times), 'Army Says It Gave LSD to Unknown GIs' (International Herald Tribune) Headlines including direct speech: a. introduced by a full sentence, e.g.', 'Prince Richard says: "I was not in trouble" (The Guardian), 'What Oils the Wheels of Industry? Asks James Lowery-Olearch of the Shell-Мех and B. P. Group' (The Times); b. introduced elliptically, e.g. 'The Queen: "My deep distress'" (The Guardian), 'Observe Mid-East Ceasefire—UThant' (MorningStar) Syntactically headlines are very short sentences or phrases of a variety of patterns

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Results of the research: Newspaper discourse is a special kind of social communication with their own linguistic, pragmatic and structural features which performs the function of public consciousness through the selection of specific information. English headlines perform a pragmatic function: to attract attention, prompting the reader to read articles by a specific grammatical structure, special graphics and its lexical content which should cover a large per cent of proper names, abbreviations and abstract words that contain a significant amount of political, social and economic terms, international words and numerals. An important aspect of language pragmatics is a great strategy of influence to the addressee, such as strategy of conviction, criticism of negative phenomena. Variation of organization and selection of lexico-grammatical and stylistic language of texts’ headlines in newspaper discourse are driven by pragmatic goals of the speaker, his communicative competence, features of individual style. Also it should be taken into consideration the factor of the audience, the degree of predictability of their reaction, background knowledge of communicants, a common field of communicative situation.

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In the process of the research: Were used print and electronic sources in English. Were processed different sources of illustrative material. Were got consultations of teachers. Were found out that the theme of the research is really actual and it needed more attention in school English training.

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