Reading I term, form 3

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Контрольна з читання І семестр, англійська мова, 3 клас. Підручник: С.Губарєва, О.Павліченко
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Name: ___________________________________ 3 form    Date: _______

Reading (I term)

  1. Read and divide words into two groups.

Granny, mechanic, teacher, cousin, vet, mum, aunt, journalist, engineer, son, doctor, sister
















  1. Read and choose.
  1.  We run and jump at …              a) IT           b) PE          c) Music
  2.  We learn new words at …         a) Maths     b) Crafts     c) English
  3.  We count at …                           a) Maths     b) Art         c) Ukrainian
  4.  We use computer at …              a) Maths      b) IT          c) Crafts


  1. Read, guess and write.

       St. Nicolas Day         Christmas          Easter          Halloween

  1. On this day children cut out a nose, a mouth and eyes in a pumpkin and put a candle into it. __________________
  2. In Ukraine we have this holiday in December. Children like it very much because they get presents in the morning. _______________
  3. People make special cakes, paint eggs and go to church. ________


  1. Read and draw the robot.

This is my robot. It has got one big head. It has got five eyes, a big mouth and four teeth. It has got three arms and six fingers. It has got four legs and four feet.



Granny  mechanic teacher    cousin mum  aunt  doctor journalist    uncle engineer    Dad sister    Grandpa pilot   designer farmer    driver brother   vet    son

sing songs  Music run and jump   PE use computer    IT learn new words English    count Maths  Art  Crafts paint pictures make a robot

St. Nicolas Day December get presents in the morning  January Christmas  Easter Christmas tree paint eggs go to church Halloween October pumpkin

one   two   three four   five   six seven  eight  head leg   finger    feet arm   teeth   eyes mouth

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