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Розробка уроку на тему"Спорт і дозвілля"для 10класу

Про матеріал

Дана розробка передбачає використання навчальної телепрограми "Word on the Street", створеної Британською Радою та підручника А. Несвіт. Метою є удосконалення мовних та мовленнєвих умінь, розвиток культури спілкування, вміння працювати в парах та групах. До розробки додані зразки тестових завдань.

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Розробка уроку

англійської мови у 10 класі на тему

«Спорт  і дозвілля»

З використанням добірки матеріалів для вчителів «Teacher’s Pack»

(за підручником А.Несвіт)















Theme:                                Sport and leisure

Theme of the lesson:           Sport in a society



to practice speaking and giving opinions about sport; to revise and enrich   students’ vocabulary on the topic “Sport”; to organize work in groups and in pairs;   to improve students’ skills of reading, speaking listening and writing; to provide a healthy way of life, desire to go in for sport.

Type of the lesson:  combined lesson

 Materials and  equipment:

  A. Nesvit “English 10 form”. Lesson 1-2, page50-55; Teacher’s Pack “Word on the street” 1-5, Episode 2, Scene 4: Extreme sports (time: 09.50-10.12 (4 min)); notebook, screen, cards, blackboard








                              Structure of the lesson





Subsidiary aims


Interaction pattern


Warm up

Getting ready for the lesson





Improving speaking skills

A. Nesvit “English 10”, Ex. 1 p.50





Improving reading skills

A. Nesvit “English 10”, Ex.2 p.50




Improving writing skills

A. Nesvit “English 10”, Ex.3 p.51


12 min

Watching a film, listening and speaking.

Improving listening and speaking skills

Teacher’s Pack, netbook


T-Sts,St1, St2, St3.

3 min


Having rest



5 min

Vocabulary Practice

Enlarging and practicing vocabulary on the topic

A. Nesvit “English 10”, Ex.6 p.53


3 min

Summing up

Making conclusions, grading, giving  hometask.





                                   Plan of the lesson

I. Beginning  of the lesson

1. Greeting

2. Warm-up . Work in small groups

Discussing  the quotation of  Heywood Brown: “Sports do not build character. They reveal it”

1) Before discussing

Teacher : “Students, I want you to look at the blackboard and read the quotation. What did Heywood Brown want to say? Please, think it over in your groups

2) Discussing.

3) After discussing

(One pupil from each group persists is his opinion)

3. Setting aims

T: We can make a conclusion that sport helps us to be not only healthy but also it reveals our characters. So, can you tell me the theme of our lesson? Today we’ll speak about going in for sports and sport in a society.             

II The  main part of the lesson

  1. Speaking. (Ex 1 p.50)
  1.  Before speaking

T: Read the names of sports.  Which of them are popular in our school? Are you a participant or a spectator? Which sports from the list are not popular in Ukraine? Use expressions from the card to answer the questions . Remember you have to use each expression only once. If you’ ll make a sentence, please, put up the hand , call the expression and cross it .(card 1)

  1. Speaking


  1. Reading (Ex 2 p.50)
  1. Before reading

Match the words in the box to the correct definitions

  1. Writing.(Ex 3 p 51). A role-play Sport interview
  1. Before writing

T: Now let’s work in pairs. Please, copy the table and do a survey

2)  Writing

3)  Post-writing

     T: What have you found out about your classmate?

       (The students tell about their classmates)

    4 Watching a film listening and speaking(Teachers Pack Epizode 2 Scene4)

  1. Before watching

T: Your friends told you about their favorite kinds of sports. As you see some students of our form like dangerous, extreme sports and does anybody  know what extreme sports do British students  go in for? Let’s see a film. While watching try to choose the best option to complete the statements (card2)

2) Watching a  film

3) After watching

T: Now let’s check up your sentences Please read them and translate

(The students read and translate the sentences)

T:Did you like the film?What was the film about?Do you know the meaning of the words» thrill \non-thrill»?(the students answer the teachers questions)

  1. Relaxation

T: I see you are tired. Let s have a short rest and move a little. Each of you has got a short card with one word. Your task is to find a pair. Who will be the first?(the students are walking in the class finding a pair)(card 3)


  1. Practice the new vocabulary
  1. Before  practice

T:  I see all the students have done this task very well and quickly  Next lesson we’ll read the interview with Christine Ohuruogu , The UK Olympic  gold medalist. There will be some unknown words. Let’s read them all together and try to guess their meanings

2. Reading the words after the teacher

3. Practice( Ex 7 p54)

T: Now let’s try to know their meanings. Open your books on page 54 and find exercise 7. Match the words to their synonyms and translate.

III. End of the lesson

  1. Summing up

T: What was the theme of our lesson?  What part of the lesson did you like best of all?( The students answer)

2. Explaining the hometask: Ex 8 p 54 (in written form), to prepare an oral report about favorite kind of sports.

3. Analyzing the answers of the students during the lesson





the lesson


Card 1


                      Use the expressions to talk about sports:



   In particular;

  In my opinion;

  Generally speaking

Some teenagers of my class;

Its great that;

It is something I cant do without;

I am dead sure that;


It goes without saying.








                                                  Card 2


Watch Scene 4 and choose the best opinion to complete the following:


1.   People who enjoy fast and dangerous sports are called__________

( thrill|non-thrill ) seekers

2 .  The white water course helps to develop thе skill of staying afloat in-------------

( still\rough ) water

3 .  Paz Blackwell enjoys being------------------( indoors|outdoors ) and on water

4 .  Parkour started in ( England|France )

5 .  Parkour needs-------------------( no\some ) special equipment

6 .  If you are not scared you-------------------( can\can not ) do Parkour










                                        Card 3


                                 Find the pair to the word



                    Motor racing------------------------------helmet



                    Horse Racing----------------------------saddle

                    Ice Hockey-------------------------------stick












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Англійська мова (9-й рік навчання, профільний рівень) 10 клас (Несвіт А.М.)
2 березня 2018
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