Розробка уроку з англійської мови для 5 класу на тему "Weicome to Ukraine"

Про матеріал

У розробці уроку багато цікавого матеріалу: кросворди, загадки та ребуси.

Objectives: - to teach pupils to work in pairs, groups;

-to teach pupils to find additional information on the topic;

-to practice speaking; vocabulary;

-to develop pupils language skills;

-to practice listening, speaking, reading on the topic;

-to deepen pupils' knowledge about Ukraine;

-to develop pupils attention, memory and initiative;

-to sum up the material about Ukraine

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Objectives:     -    to teach pupils to work in pairs, groups;

  • to teach pupils to find additional information on the topic;
  • to practice speaking; vocabulary;
  • to develop pupils language skills;
  • to practice listening, speaking, reading on the topic;
  • to deepen pupils’ knowledge about Ukraine;
  • to develop pupils attention, memory and initiative;
  • to sum up the material about Ukraine


Equipment:    -   a screen;

  • a computer;
  • presentation;
  • handouts with the tasks
  •  map of Ukraine.




















  1. Greetings.

T: Good morning, children! I am glad to see you.

How are you today?

P: (We are fine, thank you.)

T: Sit down, please.

            T:  - Who is on duty today?

            P:  - I am.

            T:  - Who is absent today?

             P:  - … is absent today.

            T: - Why is he/she absent today?

            P: - I do not know exactly but I think he/she is ill.

T: The motto of our today’s lesson is (slide 2)

II. Introduction.

      T: Today  we  have  an  unusual  lesson. Pupils, today at the lesson we’ll have to do a lot of activities.  We  are  going  to  prepare  for  our travelling about …. But what country we’ll travel you must tell me. You must open the word at the blackboard. I’ll help you. (slide 3)









U – we use it when it rains (umbrella)

K – the capital of our country (Kyiv)

R – the colour of double-decker busses in London (red)

A – it is the 1st letter of the English alphabet (a)

I – part of the land (island)

N – it is a negative word (no)

E – it is the biggest animal (elephant)

So, what country is it?

  - It’s Ukraine.

T: Yes, it’s Ukraine. (slide 4)

At our lesson we’ll speak about Ukraine. Try to do your best! We’ll  go  by  bus. But  first  of  all  we  need  tickets. You  shouldn’t  pay  money  for  these  tickets. You  should  answer  my  question  to  get  a  ticket. Lets  start.

  1. Warming- up

T: What is Ukraine associated with? (slide 5)


  (slide 6)

  1. Vocabulary

       Т:  You  have  got  the  tickets.


So, we need suitcases with necessary things. (slide 7) Look  at  these  words:  a  camera, a  passport, a  ticket, a  towel, a  book, a  radio, a  suitcase, warm  clothes, an  umbrella, a  basket, a  tent, a  map, money, a  telephone, a  cup, a  pet, a  ball, a  table, a  pen, a  chair, a  box, a  lamp, a  carpet, a  toy, a  rabbit.

     Some  of  them  are  necessary. Some  of  them  are  sometimes  necessary. And  some  of  them  are  not  necessary.

       Work  in  groups

1) Find  and  choose  necessary  things.

2) Find  and  choose  sometimes  necessary  things.

3) Find  and  choose  not  necessary  things.

T:  Don’t  forget  about  necessary  things, when  you  prepare  your  suitcase  for  the  journey.

V.  Speaking

        T:  Let’s  remember  some  information  about  Ukraine. (slides 8-15)

             (Pupils speak about Ukraine in turn)

      Ukraine  is  a  sovereign  state. It  has  it’s  own  territory, government, national  emblem, anthem  and  state  flag.   The National Flag of Ukraine is blue and yellow. The blue colour stands for the clear blue sky and the yellow colour stands for the golden wheat field. The Ukrainian Anthem is the song by Pavlo Chubynsky and Mykhailo Verbytsky. (Гімн)

     Ukraine  is  situated  in  the  centre  of  Europe. The  population  is  more  than  39  million. The territory of Ukraine is 603,628 km2. The  main  river  is  the Dnipro.

Ukraine was a part of Kyiv Rus, an ancient state.

     Kyiv is  the  capital  of  Ukraine. It is very beautiful. The  main  street  of  the  capital  is  Khreshchatyk. The national language is Ukrainian, the people are Ukrainians. They are talented, friendly and hardworking. The Ukrainians live in small towns and big cities, in the villages. They are proud of their country.

VI.  Work in pairs (slides 16, 17)

     Т:   You  can  see  the  scrambled  questions. Put  the  words  in  the  logical  order  to  make  up  the  questions  and  answer  them. (Дано  5  речень  з  розкиданих  слів. Потрібно  правильно  побудувати  питання  та  дати  на  нього  відповідь.)

  1.  Is/main/what/the/national/holiday/Ukraine/in? 

  -  What  is  the  main  national  holiday  in  Ukraine?    (Independence  Day)

  1.   The/what/official/is/in/country/our/state/language? 

  -  What  is  the  official  state  language  in  our  country?    (Ukrainian)

  1. Population/Ukraine/of/the/is/what?  

 -  What  is  the  population  of  Ukraine?    (more  than  38  million.)

  1.   Ukraine/river/is/the/main/what/in? 

  -  What  is  the  main  river  in  Ukraine?    (the Dnipro)

  1. Situated/where/Ukraine/is? 

  -  Where  is  Ukraine  situated?    (in  the  centre  of  Europe)

Game «Microphone»

(One pupil asks questions. The other pupils answer and correct the mistakes)

VII.   Rest

VIII.   Speaking (slides 18-27)

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Т:    -  What  is  the  capital  of  Ukraine?

  •  Is  Kyiv  your  native  town?
  • Have  you  ever  been  to  Kyiv?
  • Where  is  Kyiv  situated?
  • Is  it  a  new  or  an  old  city?
  • Is  it  beautiful?
  • Who  was  the  founder  of  Kyiv?
  • What  places  of  interest  in  Kyiv  do  you  know?
  • What  places  of  interest  can  you  see  in  these  pictures?

2)  Work  in  groups.

     T:  What  do  you  know  about  the  sights  of  Kyiv?  Read  the  descriptions  and  name  the  sights.

  1.    It  is  the  main  and  the  most  beautiful  street  in  the  city. A lot  of  chestnut  trees  grow  along  this  street. These  trees  are  the  symbol  of  the  city. (slide 28)

  1. It’s  a  big  monastery  with  many  ancient  churches  and  museums. It  is  famous  for  its  underground  caves. Thousands  of  Christians  from  different  countries  of  the  world  come  to  visit  it  every  year. (slide 29)



  1. It  is  one  of  the  oldest  universities  in  Kyiv. (slide 30)

3)    Work  in  pairs:

       T:  Put  the  phrases  of  the  dialogue  in  the  logical  order. Make  up  the  dialogue  and  act  it  out.

  •  What  country  are  you  from?
  • What  is  the  capital  of  your  country?
  • Is  Ukraine  an  independent  country?
  • Are  there  any  national  symbols  in  our  country?
  • Do  you  live  in  Kyiv?
  1.        Yes, it  became  independent  in  1991.
  2.        I’m  from  Ukraine.
  3. Our  national  symbols  are the  state  flag, the  state  emblem  and  the  state  anthem.
  4.        No, I  live  in  Shostka.
  5.         The  capital  of  our  country  is  Kyiv, an  ancient  and  beautiful  city.

IX.  Writing

    Т:  True/False (slide 31)

         Listen  to  my  statements  and  put  true  or  false. If  the  sentence  is  false, correct  it.

  • Kyiv  is  situated  on  the    banks  of  the  river  Dniprо.  (T)
  • Ukraine is situated in the centre of Asia. (F)
  • The  symbol of  Kyiv  is Chestnut  tree.  (T)
  • The  population  of  Ukraine  is  52  million.  (F)
  • The  people  of  Ukraine  are  proud  of  their  capital.  (T)
  • The  main  river  of  Ukraine  is  the  Dniester.  (F)
  • Ukraine  is  washed  by  the  Irish  Sea.  (F)
  • Khreshchatyk  is  the  main  street in Kyiv.  (T)
  • Our  country  is  a  nice  place  to  live  and  to  travel  in.  (T)

X.  Hometask. (slide 32)

       Project  work.  Make  a  poster  about  Ukraine.

XI.  Summary

      Т:  We’ve  done  lots  of  work  today. 

  • Was  it  interesting  for  you  to  talk  about  Ukraine?
  • What  part  of  the  lesson  did  you  like  more?
  • How  do  you  think, are  you  ready  for  your  travelling?
  • Why  do  you  think  so?

T:  And now let’s  do  this  crossword. (slide 33)


      The  key  word:    UKRAINE

T:  And  now  your  marks  ….

T:  Thank you, everybody.  Good-bye! (slide 34)

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