Самостійна робота з теми Great Britain

Про матеріал

1 level (3 scores )

Match the words with their translation

Ворони abbey

Монастир , абацтво to be famous for

В'язниця ravens

Бути чимось відомим capital

Фондова Біржа prison

Скарб area

Площа district

Столиця population

Район, округа Stock Exchange

Населення treasure

Перегляд файлу


1 level (3 scores )

Match the words  with their translation

Ворони                                                 abbey

Монастир , абацтво                            to be famous for

В’язниця                                              ravens

Бути чимось відомим                         capital

Фондова Біржа                                    prison

Скарб                                                    area

Площа                                                  district

Столиця                                                population

Район, округа                                       Stock Exchange

Населення                                             treasure


2 level (3 scores )

Answer to the questions about GB:

  1. What is the official name of GB?
  2. Where  is it situated ?
  3. What parts do the UK consist of ?
  4. What parts do the GB consist of ?
  5. What city is the capital of GB?


  1. What is the climate of GB?
  2. Are there any big rivers?
  3. What is the highest mountain in Great  Britain?
  4. What is GB washed by?
  5. What is city?

3 level(3 scores )

Write down the negative sentences

  1. 2

1.Steve enjoys his work in a service group       1.They were working at their project from  2.Pete and Tim have already  received letter.   January till May last year.

                                                                          2.We shall learn new school subjects next year.





4 level(3 scores )

Match the 1st and second parts of the sentences and translate them.

1.Famous building             a)much about        1.What parts of the country         a)do you go to?

                                           our capital;            2.Two small islands        b)west of England

2.Why do you learn           b)again;                  3.My city is on the       c)are too far;

3.I ride down                     c)looked terrible;   4.Guide told us           d)my trip

4.What countries would she    d)holidays       5.I enjoyed                 e)about this ancient castle.

5.Do they spend there        e)like to visit?








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