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Сценарій позакласного заходу "Plant kindness and love will grow"

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1. Сценарій позакласного заходу "Plant kindness and love will grow" для учнів 5х класів

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Виховний захiд для учнiв 5-х класiв з теми:

Plant kindness and love will grow













Замерлова А.В.

учитель I категорii










Ліцей №22


Мета заходу:



  • Допомогти учням застосовувати набутi знання, вмiння та навички з предмету;
  • Розширити i поглибити знання учнiв з англiйськоi мови, удосконалювати iх мовленнєвi навички та умiння;
  • Aктивiзувати навички усноi мови;



  • розвивати навички аналiзу власних вчинкiв;
  • стимулювати iнтерес до вивчення англiйськоi мови;
  • розвивати акторськi та творчi здiбностi учнiв,  позитивнi емоцii;
  • прищеплювати любов до театру;



  • виховувати самоповагу та повагу до оточуючих;
  • сприяти вихованню етичних норм поведiнки та моральних якостей особистостi.




  • срiбна скринька, песик, книжки, гарбуз, годинник, намисто, глечик, стрiчка, трон, корони, костюми для короля i принца, список;
  • магнiтофон, музичний запис до сценки „Попелюшка”, музичний запис до сценки „Найбiльший гарбуз в свiтi”, музичний запис до пiснiSmile”;
  • екран, проектор, комп’ютерна презентацiя.





















Sl: Hello, dear boys, girls, teachers and parents. Today we came here to speak about good and bad manners. Let's remember and always follow the words:

"Plant kindness and love will grow"


S2: Hearts like doors will open with ease

 To very, very little keys.

And don't forget that they are these:

 "We thank you all" and "If you please"


S1: "Thank you" and "If you please" are really magic words. But do you know how polite words appeared? Let's listen to some stories.


"Please". Once there was a country. They didn't use money there. When people wanted to buy something they used vegetables, especially peas, to pay for things. When a shoemaker made a new pair of shoes and someone came to buy them, the shoemaker would say, "Peas, peas ..." asking for payment. If a little boy wanted a new toy he would ask, "Peas, peas ...", wondering how much the toy would cost. And then "peas" was changed into "please" which we have been using since then.



"Thank you".  Once upon a time there was a lovely little girl who lived in a faraway village. Her name was Tunn Coo. Nobody noticed her. She thought what she could do to be noticed. So one day she planted beautiful roses. When they grew, her mother asked: 'Who planted them?" And her brother said: "Tunn Coo". When the little girl gave her brother a beautiful yellow rose, he smiled and said, "Oh, its lovely, Tunn Coo". When the dishes were dirty, the little girl washed them for her mother. This pleased her mother very much and she said, "Tunn Coo, you're so helpful". Soon Tunn Coo was noticed not only by her family but also by other people. Any time something nice was done in the village, people said to each other with a smile, "Who did it?" and answered, "Tunn Coo", which later on became "Thank you".



S1: We want to bright up your mood with a marry song "Please and thank you".

Please and thank you


There are lots of things, we can do to be nice

Sometimes they're hard to remember

But there are two little things

You should never forget

From January through December


He's talking about 'Please and Thank you'

They're called the magic words

If you want nice things to happen

They're the words that should be heard


Remember ‘please’ and ‘thank you’

Because they're the magic words


Use them in the morning, at noon and night

Because it's a great way to be polite

'Please and thank you'

They're the magic words


We're talking about 'Please and Thank you'

They're called the magic words

If you want nice things to happen

They're the words that should be heard


Remember 'Please and Thank you'

Because they're the magic words

Use them in the morning, at noon and night

Because it's a great way to be polite


'Please and thank you'

They're the magic words



S1:  As an example of kindness, let's watch play "Cinderella".
















(Звучит музыка. Золушка подметает пол. Входит отец.)

Cinderella (обнимает отца): Good morning, Daddy! I love you!

Father (гладит Золушку по голове): Good morning, dear! How are you?

Cinderella (улыбается): Fine, Daddy, fine. And you?

(Звучит музыка. Входит мачеха с дочерью.)

Stepmother (надменно): We’ll go to the ball today. You, Basil, go away! Cinderella, clean this mess and I want a party dress.

Stepsister (прихорашивается перед зеркалом): And I want a dress.

Stepmother (бросает на пол вещи): Cinderella, clean this mess! You can’t go to the ball, until you do this all (дает ей длинный список домашних дел).

Stepsister (хихикая): No, you can’t go to the ball, until you do this all!

(Звучит музыка. Мачеха с дочерью уходят.)

Cinderella (читает вслух): Clean the house, wash the blouse, make food... Oh, its not good (плачет).



(Золушка плачет. Звучит музыка. Появляется фея.)

Fairy: Why are you crying, dear, why? Please, don’t cry!

Cinderella (плачет): I can’t go to the ball, because my dress is very old.

Fairy: I can help you. Look at me! Close your eyes. One-two-three! (взмахивает волшебной палочкой)

Cinderella (изумленно смотрит на свое новое красивое платье): I can’t believe this dress is mine! Thank you, fairy, you are so kind.

Fairy (грозит Золушке пальцем): But at twelve o’clock you must be here… or your dress will disappear.

Cinderella (радостно): Oh, yes, it’s clear.



(Звучит музыка. Начинается бал, выходят король, королева, принц, гости.)

King (обращается к гостям): The ball is on. Let’s dance and play.Let’s have a lot of fun today!

(Звучит музыка. Появляется Золушка в бальном платье. Все смотрят на нее с восхищением.)


King (обращается к принцу): Look at that girl! (восхищенно): She’s so nice and slim!

Prince (подходит к Золушке): Hello! Let’s dance! You are my dream!

(Звучит музыка. Принц и Золушка танцуют. Часы бьют 12.)

Cinderella (испуганно): It’s twelve o’clock and I must run. Bye-bye. I had a lot of fun (Убегает, теряя одну туфельку)!




(Утро. Звучит музыка. Приехали принц со стражей. Мачеха с дочерьми встречают гостей. Золушка накрывает на стол.)

Prince (обращается к мачехе и дочери): We know you were at the ball. Try on this shoe.

Stepsister (раздраженно): Oh, it’s very small!!!

Prince (заметив Золушку): But who is that girl? Come here, please! Try on this shoe, pretty Miss!

Stepmother (возмущенно): But she didn’t go to the ball!!!

Father (принцу): Give her the shoe! Her foot is small.

Prince (встает на одно колено перед Золушкой): I’m happy that I’ve found you

Cinderella (радостно): Oh, I’m happy too.

(Звучит музыка. Все персонажи сказки выходят на поклон.)



The End



Don't be afraid to be polite, 

To say: "Good morning" or "Good night!"

"I beg your pardon", "Excuse me, please!"

 And many more words just like these:

"I'll help you, madam, please, don't worry"; "you're so kind", "I'm so sorry";

 "How do you do?", "Do take my set";

 "Oh, let me help you cross the street".

 Use all these phrases, young and old,

In daily life a thousand fold.

S1:  Certainly, when you remember and follow good rules and are polite, people are kind to you. But sometimes it happens you occasionally hurt your friend. What will you say to him?



There are four little words,

That can help you a lot.

If you hurt your friend,

On purpose or not.

So say the four words,

Don't wait too long.

If you hurt your friend,

Say, "I'm sorry. I’m wrong".


S8:  It's good when people are serious and industrious, when they help each other, when they are polite and attentive, when they do what they promised. One more good rule says:

"If a task is once begun,

Never leave it till it's done;

Be the labour great or small,

Do it well, or not at all."



We live in deeds, not words,

In actions, not empty talk,

In doing, not saying words,

In noble work, not idle talk!



A man of words and not of deeds,

Is like a garden full of weeds;

And when the weeds begin to grow,

It's like a garden full of snow.


S11: Early to bed and early to rise

Makes the man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Work while you work,

Play while you play

This is the way to be healthy and gay.

All that you do

Do with all your might.

Things done by half

Are never done right.

S1: It's necessary to remember about manners everywhere whether you are invited to dinner or are at school or at home.


When company comes,

You are very polite

And we are proud of you, Son,

For your manners are right.

You say "Thank you", "Excuse me"

And "After you, please".

You shake hands all around

With such polish and ease.

When grown-ups are talking

You don't make a sound.

It's a joy and a pleasure

To have you around.

Your company manner

Are fine through and through…

But try, son, to use them

For everybody too!

S1: But very often fine words dress ill deeds. In our everyday life we are often inattentive, lazy and greedy. We may be rude and naughty. Our parents are often upset because of our bad manners.



It Was Too Dark


Mother: Johnny, I left tow pieces of cake in the cupboard this morning. I see there is only one piece there. Where is the other? Can you tell me?

Johnny: It was too dark, Mummy, I could not see the other piece.


SI:  Sometimes we get out of bed on the wrong side and then the following may happen.


Why must I wash behind my ears?

That's what I want to know.

Why can't I just wash hands and face,

Places that really show.

Who's going to look behind my ears?

It seems so silly to fuss.

Besides I think it*s waste of soap.

Oh, well, all right! If I must!



I know a child, and who she is

I’ll tell you by and by.

When Mummy says, "Do this", or "that",

She says, "What for?" and "Why?"

She'll be a better child by far

If she says, "I'll try".

Sl: Good manners have always been important in any country and at any time. Hope you'll enjoy watching the play: "The biggest pumpkin in the world".




The Princess

The Prime Minister

Tom (a poor peasant)

John (Tom's brother, a rich peasant)

Lisbeth (John's wife)  

Four servants

Narrator: It happened many years ago in a kingdom where the young princess ruled. It was her birthday.


(The room in the palace. The bells ring merrily.)

Prime Minister (bowing): May I wish you many happy returns on the day, Your Majesty?

Princess (on the throne): Thank you, my lord!

Prime Minister: It will be a pleasant birthday! There are very many presents for Your Majesty! Shall I bring them?

Princess: Yes, bring them now. (The prime Minister goes out, bowing and walking backwards). Let us see what presents we have.

(The Prime Minister enters with four servants.)

1st servant: A present from Your Majesty's sister. (He bows and gives the silver box to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister passes it to the Princess.)

Princess (looks at the box): What a lovely silver box! (Gives it back to the Prime Minister. He takes it away.)

2nd servant (carrying a little dog): A present from Your Majesty's aunt! (gives the dog to the Prime Minister).

Princess (taking the dog in her hands): Just what I wanted! (She strikes the dog and gives it back to the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister gives it to the second servant.)

3rd servant: A present from Your Majesty's uncle (gives several books to the Prime Minister).

Princess: A most useful present! Put them in the library. What a happy birthday! I have so many presents!

Prime Minister: I am glad that Your Majesty likes them. And there will be a birthday cake with candles in the evening.

Princess: Oh, yes, I know. (There is a knock at the door.) What's that? More presents?

Prime Minister: I shall go and have a look, Your Majesty. (He goes out and then comes back again.) It is a poor man who has brought a present for Your Majesty.

Princess: What has he brought?

Prime Minister: A very strange present, Your Majesty.

Princess: Well, what is it? Tell me quickly!

Prime Minister: It is — it is — er it is a pumpkin.

Princess: A pumpkin?

Prime Minister: Yes, Your Majesty. But what a pumpkin!

Princess: But I hate pumpkins!

Prime Minister: This pumpkin is different from any other pumpkins in the world. It's so big!

Princess: Well, tell my servants to bring it in.

(The Prime Minister goes out and comes back with four servants carrying the pumpkin.)

Princess: Oh, what a giant! I have never seen such a pumpkin! Where is the man who brought it?

Prime Minister: He is outside.

Princess: Send him to me, I shall speak to him.

(The Prime Minister goes out The Princess gets up and walks round the pumpkin. She looks at it shaking her head. Tom enters the room.)

Tom (makes a bow): Your Majesty.

Princess: Ah! Thank you for the present. It's the most unusual one. Did you grow it yourself?

Tom: Yes, Your Majesty...

Princess: You are a very good gardener.

Tom: I am a poor peasant. In spring I sowed some pumpkin seeds. This pumpkin grew from one of them. It was just a piece of luck.

Princess: And you gave me your last pumpkin! Thank you very much. (To the Prime Minister) I’ll give this man a horse, a cow and a sheep and ten gold coins for his pumpkin.

Tom: Oh, thank you, thank you, Your Majesty!

Princess: What's your name?

Tom: Tom, Your Majesty!

Princess: Tell me about yourself!

Tom: I have a wife and two little children. I have a rich brother, John is his name, but he and his wife are very proud. They never come to see us. But now, I think, he will be glad to hear about my good luck.

Princess: Perhaps, he will. And now goodbye!

Tom: Thank you, Your Majesty! (Walks out backwards.)

Princess (to the servants): Carry the pumpkin away!

(The servants carry the pumpkin away.)

Princess: What a merry birthday! Now I must see if the birthday cake is ready (goes out).


(John, Tom's rich brother, and Lisbeth, his wife, are sitting at the table. There is a knock at the door.)

John: Who's there?

(Tom comes in.)

Tom: Good evening, John!

John: Good evening. What do you want, Tom?

Tom: Want? Nothing.

Lisbeth: Well, then why have you come?

Tom: I have come to tell you of my good luck, but if you don't want to hear about it, well, goodbye then!

John: Good luck? That's different. What's happened?

Tom: Well, I sowed some pumpkin seeds, and one pumpkin grew and grew and became the biggest pumpkin in the world.

Lisbeth: I don't believe you!

John: Well, go on. Tell us about your good luck,

Tom: Today our Princess has her birthday, you know. So I gave my great pumpkin to her as a present.

Lisbeth: But that was silly to do!

Tom: Not silly at all. The Princess was glad to have it. And she gave me a horse, a cow and a sheep and ten gold coins.

John and Lisbeth (together): What?

Tom: That's true.

John and Lisbeth (stand up and go to Tom): Congratulations, congratulations, we're very glad, indeed!

Lisbeth: Will you sit down?

Tom: No, thank you. I must go home. Goodbye!

John and Lisbeth: Goodbye! Come and see us again!

(Lisbeth and John sit down.)

John: My dear, I think we should give a present to the Princess, too.

 Lisbeth: And she will give us a better present in return.

John: Oh, yes, my clever wife! But what shall we give her?

Lisbeth: Your gold watch-chain, perhaps? (Points to it)

John: No, no, I can't give that! Perhaps your necklace? (Points to it)

Lisbeth: No, no, I can't give that! Perhaps a horse? You have so many horses!

John: No, no, I need all my horses! Perhaps your silver teapot?

Lisbeth: Why? I don't want to give my things away!

John: So what shall we give her?

Lisbeth: Let us think. Ah, I know! We have a blue jug. It is old, but I think the Princess likes strange things. Let us take that to her.

(They leave the room and come back with the old blue jug.)

John: Hmm! It is dusty!

Lisbeth: Well, I’ll polish it! (Polishes it with her apron.)

John: There is a spot here.

Lisbeth: Never mind I’ll put a ribbon round it (Ties a pink ribbon round the jug and wraps it in a large handkerchief.) Now it's ready. Let us go at once.

(They put on their hats.)

John: What will she give us for this jug?

Lisbeth: Something good, I’m sure. A jug is better than a pumpkin.

(They go out.)


(The room in the palace.)

Prime Minister: Have you had a nice birthday, Your Majesty?

Princess: Oh, very nice! And the cake was better than last year.

Prime Minister: Yes, it was, Your Majesty,

Princess: And everybody gave me such nice presents.

(There is a knock at the door.)

Princess: Somebody is at the door. Perhaps it is another present.

Prime Minister: I’ll go and see. (Goes out, then comes back.) Yes, there is another present, Your Majesty.

Princess: Who has brought it?

Prime Minister: A man and his wife, rich people, I think, Your Majesty.

Princess: Then it must be a rich present. Let them in.

Prime Minister: Yes, Your Majesty. (Bows and goes out.)

(The Prime Minister enters with John and Lisbeth carrying the jug. They stop in front of the Princess and bow very low.)

John: Many happy returns on the day, Your Majesty!

Lisbeth: Many happy returns on the day, Your Majesty!

Princess: Thank you, both.

John: We have a present here for Your Majesty, a small present, I'm afraid.

Lisbeth: A very small one.

John: If Your Majesty wishes to accept it, we shall be very happy.

Lisbeth: "Very happy, indeed, Your Majesty.

John: My dear brother Tom has already brought you his present.

Lisbeth: But our present is not like his. Will Your Majesty look at it? (Unwraps the jug.) This is a very, very old jug. Look at its color and its form. There are no jugs like this one today. It was my great-grandmother's jug, And she liked it so much! She never used it for water or for milk. She kept it on the shelf and each time she looked at it she said, "What a fine jug 1 have!"

Princess: Yes, yes, very nice. A bit old, but very nice. Well, thank you very much. Now I want to give you a present.

John: (rubs his hands): Your Majesty is very kind!

Lisbeth: (presses John's hand): Too kind, indeed!

Princess: Not at all. Let me think.

(She touches her forehead and thinks. Silence.)

Princess: Yes, I know what I’ll give you for this rare jug: a rare thing for a rare thing.

John: You are so kind, Your Majesty!

Lisbeth: Oh, thank you, Your Majesty!

(The Princess whispers something to the Prime Minister. He goes out and comes back with four servants carrying the pumpkin.)

Princess: Have you ever seen such a thing? The biggest pumpkin in the world! And  I’m  giving it to you!

John: Er...er... thank you very much, Your Majesty!

Princess: Don't mention it!

Lisbeth: Very, very kind of you, Your Majesty!

Princess: I'm glad that you're pleased. Now roll it away!

John: Thank you, Your Majesty!

Lisbeth: A very kind of you, I'm sure!

Princess: Don't mention it. Goodbye. (John and Lisbeth roll the pumpkin angrily away.) Ha-ha-ha! This is the best birthday I've ever had!

1st servant: Oh, I see it's not so easy to rule the country.

2nd servant: But our princess is so fair. A rare thing for a rare thing.

3rd servant: And she's very friendly. Let's be friendly with all people around us.




Just one smile makes a dull day bright,

Just one smile makes a rainbow appear.

If you give your smile outside,

It will certainly return to you, my dear.



After seeing this, at once

Clouds may begin to dance,

And the sorrow disappears for a while…

Any river, any sea

Is beginning with a stream,

And the friendship is beginning with a smile.

Just one smile of the yellow sun

Stops the crying of the saddest autumn drizzle.

It can bring to sleepy wood some fun,

It can cheer up a gloomy sullen grizzle.



Just one smile makes a heart so warm

It gives light to both a lion and a snail

Let’s begin to turn the smiles on

For the planet it will be a great avail!


Chorus: (2 times)









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