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Семестрова контрольна робота з англійської мови з аудіювання у 11 класі

Про матеріал

Дана контрольна робота містить текст Sue Bailey, який відповідає рівню B2. До тексту розроблені завдання двох видів: Multiple choice and "True/False". Також корисними для вчителя будуть переклад невідомих слів та ключі до завдань.

Перегляд файлу



Sue Bailey is a 17-year-old school girl. Last summer she worked as a "postie". This is how she described her job.

I can't remember who or what inspired me to apply for a summer job at the Post Office. Fresh air, interest in local geography, love of dogs? No, I was just desperately short of money. "Well done, young lady, you get the good-looking one," was how my supervisor jokingly introduced me to Clive, who was to give me a brief training course. But Clive did his best to ignore me.

He was a fitness fanatic. He cycled impatiently through the streets of Cambridge, his back in the air, turning corners by putting his leg out and scraping his boots along the road. For me, just getting on the post bike was a nightmare. The bikes were enormous and besides there was a post sack on the front, riding the thing felt like walking slowly in concrete shoes.

If being Clive's pupil was bad, it was nothing compared with the horrors of going solo. Clive did an entire delivery round without getting off his bike. On my first solo round, I destroyed a miniature stone wall, scratched a parked Mercedes and ran over the paw of a deaf dog. I decided that in future I would leave my bike on the pavement and walk to the house. This meant that I became the victim of gangs of kids half my size that nicked the bike and rode it up and down the street.

Then there was the incident: gangs of builders who whistled and shouted as soon as they saw me coming. And, of course, there were dogs. What is it that makes sweet puppies try hard to imitate Rottweilers when they hear a postie coming? Dogs appeared as soon as they heard me open the gate. Once I almost fainted when my path to the door was suddenly cut off by a gigantic Dobermann. Sometimes I stood in the road shouting and waving till the dogs' owners came to the fence.

It wasn't just dogs whose natures changed fast at the sight of a postie. The friendliest people showed the dark sides of their personalities when I delivered The Sun's bingo cards. If I forgot to deliver one, someone could lose the chance to win a Mediterranean cruise. And sometimes there were old women waiting for me on the staircases of their flats trying to bribe me for a second "free" bingo card.

I learned that people expect a lot from their posties. Although they don't believe it, the average postie doesn't know your exam results a week in advance. They also don't know where to deliver your letters unless you have a number on the door. And as far as the bingo cards go – hope the Dobermann choked on them!

Task1. Point out if the statement is true (T) or false (F).

  1. Sue studied at school.
  2. Sue studied at the University.
  3. Sue loved being in fresh air, that's why she applied for this job.
  4. Clive led brief training courses for the girl.
  5. Sue liked going along the streets with Clive.
  6. Sue liked going along the streets alone.
  7. On her first delivering Sue ran into a big expensive car.
  8. That summer Sue was 18 years old.
  9. Sometimes young men tried to bribe the girl for a second "free" card.
  10. The postie should always know the results of the exams.

Task2. Point out the right answer.

  1. What inspired Sue to look for a summer job?
    1. fresh air
    2. interest in local geography
    3. lack of money
    4. love of dogs
  2. Who was Clive?
    1. her teacher
    2. her friend
    3. her fellow-worker
    4. her supervisor
  3.           What was Clive's attitude to Sue?
    1. he liked her
    2. he took no notice of her
    3. he fell in love with her'
    4. he liked her way of riding
  4. What was Clive fond of?
    1. he liked sport
    2. he liked his job
    3. he liked reading newspapers and magazines
    4.  he liked Sue
  5. Why was  Sue afraid of riding a bicycle?
    1. because of hard traffic
    2. because of the size of the bicycle
    3. because of dogs
    4. because she was afraid of high speed
  6.  In what way did Clive deliver the post?
    1. he threw it out from the bicycle
    2. he brought it to the door
    3. he passed it with the gangs of kids
    4. he left it on the pavement
  7. In what way did Sue deliver the post?
    1. she threw it out from the bicycle
    2. she brought it to the door
    3. she passed it with the gangs of kids
    4. she left it on the pavement
  8. Why was she standing at the gates sometimes?
    1. she was afraid of dogs
    2. she was afraid that her bicycle would be stolen
    3. she was afraid of the gang of builders
    4. she was afraid of the gang of kids
  9. What do "Sun's bingo cards" mean in this text?
    1. a local newspaper
    2. a popular magazine
    3. a poster
    4. a lottery
  10. Why did people show the darkest sides of their nature?
    1. they didn't like the girl
    2. they wanted one more journal
    3. they wanted one more card
    4. they didn't like the way the girl serves


postie – листоноша

supervisor – керівник

scraping – дряпання

concrete – бетон

delivery – доставка

victim – жертва

gang – банда

nick – вкрасти

whistle – свистіти


bribeпропонувати хабар

in advance – заздалегідь

choke – душити


Task 1

  1. T
  2. F
  3. F
  4. T
  5. F
  6. F
  7. F
  8. F
  9. F
  10. F

Task 2

  1. C
  2. C
  3. B
  4. A
  5. B
  6. A
  7. B
  8. A
  9. D
  10. C





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