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Шкільне приладдя. Прийменники in, on, under

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Дану розробку можна використати для проведення уроку у 1 класі на тему: "Шкільне приладдя". Метою є розвиток комунікативних навичок, уяви, граматичних правил
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Theme: Шкільне приладдя. Прийменники in, on, under.

Objectives: to train and improve four types of pupils’ language skills;

to develop communicative skills on the theme “ School”;

to practice using  of the prepositions of place ( in, on, under);

to develop students’ imagination and knowledge of English;

to motivate and improve children in effective learning.

Materials: CD-player, picture-cards, grammar tables, a ball, toys.



  1. Introductory part:
  1. Greeting: Poem “Good morning”

Good morning, good morning, good morning to you,

Good morning, good morning, I’m glad to see you.

  1. Warming-up: Making mini-dialogues (T-P)

The teacher takes a toy and ask question, such as:

-What is your name?

-How are you?

-How old are you?

-Where do you live?

               3. Phonetic drills:  Pupils replay the words on the theme “School” after the teacher, who shows

                    picture-cards  and names them.

2. The main part of the lesson:

               1. Vocabulary work:

                - Game “Show me.” Teacher puts pictures on the desk and children show her the words.

                - Game “Guess what?” T: Is it a ruler?

                                                          P: Yes, it is/ No, it isn’t.

                -Game with a ball. Teacher throws the ball to the pupils. They name different objects.

             2. Speaking: -Children get pictures and make sentences with grammar structure I have a/

                                   I don’t have a…

                                   -Teacher asks questions:  Do you have a..? –Yes, I do/No, I don’t.

  3. Relaxation: Song “Listen to the numbers” and “Zoom, zoom my plane” (Children listen, sing and move)

 4. Introducing grammar :

    - Teacher shows children grammar cards with preposition of a place (in, on, under) and they  repeat.

    - Children look at the pictures, listen (Exercise 1, page15).

   - Children look at the pictures, listen and say (Exercise 1, page15).

   - Children look at the pictures and make sentences (Exercise 2, page15).

E.g.  The pen is on the desk.

        It is under the table.

  1. Summing up: What have you learnt at the lesson?

                         What new words have you learnt?

Song  “Good bye”.