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Позакласний захід для дітей середньої школи про те, що вивчення англійської мови є цікавим та необхідним у сучасному житті
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“English Party”

звучить гімн Британії, чуть приглушається, входить Глашатий:

English party, happy day.

We are all glad and very gay.

We all dance, and sing and say:

Welcome! Welcome! Party’s Day!

(входять ведучі)

S1: Good afternoon, dear boys and girls!

S2: Good afternoon, dear ledies and gentlemen!

S1: Good afternoon, dear teachers!

S2: Good afternoon, our dear guests!

S1: We are very glad to see you on our party!

S1 and S2 : “ English Party”

S2: My name is ……..and this is …….. Today we have honor to begin this English Party.

( “Good morning “ song 2-3 forms)


S1: It’s not a secret, that we can’t imagine our modern life without English.

S2: The man who doesn’t know foreign languages is ignorant of his own.

S1: English is an international language and people all of the world learn and know English.

S2: If you want….. to have a good future….

S1: to get a good education….

S2: a good job….

S1: to travel around the world….

S2: and have many friends in different countries…

S1: English is your choice!!!

(Svitske Zhyttia)

S2: In our school we study English…

S1: ….and we love English and our English lessons….and our English teachers…They are the best!!!

S2: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you, that you are always help us to improve our English skills

S1: Students of 5 –B class like English too and they prepare  a song “ If you travel with your friends”

“ If you travel with your friends”

S2: As for me, I agree that songs and friends help us to learn English…. and what about you, Vika?

S1: Bogdan, I also agree ! And now you’ ll see how English and fairy- tale make a great friendship between the pupils of 7-A, 7-B and 7-V forms. A fairy – tale” Cinderella”

A fairy – tale” Cinderella”

S2: Are you tired? Of course tired! But it’s not a problem, because little teddy-bears can help for us.

S1: Welcome, the pupils of 2 and 3 forms.

“Teddy-bear” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpCeMySBE_c

S2: Now let’s hear poetry. You know that Britain is famous for such poets as Byron and Shakespeare.

S1: Now we are going to listening to  students from 8-th  form

All the Worlds a Stage by William  Shakespeare

S2: We have already spoken about fairy-tales, poems and dance a little. Now lets speak about British music.

S1: You know, in 60th years a new musical group appeared in Britain. It consists of 4 people, hwo are still popular in Britain.

S2: You are quite right. It’s Beatles. One of their songs, today we’ll listen «Yesterday»



S1:  In conclusion of our party we’d like to devote to all people to have peace and to be kind to each other.

S2: Remember that foreign languages can help us in any situation to have communication and to make friends.

S2: If we are together and help each other, we’ll save our world and this song of  M  Jackson “Heal the world” will finish our party. Sing with us.


S1: Thank you for your coming. We hope you’re liked it.






















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