Task Olympiad "Intellectual"

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Speciality:English Language

Мета олімпіади: виявлення, відбір, та підтримка творчо обдарованої учнівської молоді.

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Task Olympiad "Intellectual"

Speciality:  English Language

Part 1(20 points)

Choose one correct answer

1. For formation Present Continuous it is necessary to put an auxiliary verb …. in the required form and with the end of the main verb ing

a) to be(am, is, are)


c)at the moment

2. There are a lot of ... in the basement.

a) mices

b) mouses

c) mice

3. I had three ..., but now I'm single.

a) wifes

b) wives

c) wifs

4. She has taught English ... five years.

a) by

b) at

c) for

5. We have been living here ... March.

a) for

b) since

c) about

6. I'll become a senior lieutenant ... next month.

a) in

b) -

c) for

7.I won't be out very long. I'll be back ... ten minutes.

a) since

b) at

c) in

8. Could you introduce ... to your friend?

a) me

b) I

c) it

9. ... visits his family every Sunday. His parents love ... very much.

a) he/his

b) he/he

c) he/him

10. ... am playing cards with ... .

a) he/them

b) I/they

c) I/them

11. Give ... a cup of white coffee, please.

a) I

b) me

c) it

12. Olivia has a big snake. ... is so disgusting!

a) she

b) it

c) he

13. I found Mary's gloves, but I couldn't find ... .

a) my

b) mine

c) me

14. Kate and John have a big house. ... house is the most beautiful on our street.

a) their

b) them

c) theirs

15. Sarah lost ... purse at the party.

a) his

b) her

c) hers

16. Your homework is done. Help me with ... .

a) me

b) my

c) mine

17. The dog is licking ... paw.

a) its

b) it's

c) it

18. Peter and Sam like fried ... very much.

a) potatos

b) potates

c) potatoes

19. We should be careful with our ... .

a) wishes

b) wishs

c) wishesses

20. His long ... drive me crazy.

a) soliloquies

b) soliloquy

c) soliloquyes

Part 2 (25 points)

2.1Expand brackets, transforming the adjective into an adverb(8 points)

Example: Linda is ... (amazing) clever. - Linda is amazingly clever.

1. She ... (easy) ended her training.

2. Kim always acts ... (strange).

3. This movie is ... (extreme) funny.

4. His eyes are ... (nervous) shifty.

2.2Indicate a grammatically correct sentence with the letter C and wrong - W (Wrong)(5 p)

1. Jim he is a good short story writer.

2. Kate meets her friend every day at school. He is a nice and kind girl.

3. The Smiths don't know they.

4. I hate cats. They scratches furniture.

5. Jake and Mia they work in the garden every Saturday.

2.3Put the words in the correct order(10 points)

 Example : does / he / train / how / often? – How often does he train?

1.summer / Paris / to / went / last/ who?


2.flowers / Mike’s / grow / in / what / garden?


3.now / where / they / walking / are?


4.charge / denied / why / has / a / Lola?


5.When / visit / grandmother / will / we / our?


2.4Translate into English(2 points)

1.На твоем месте я не стал бы покупать это платье.


2.Я дам тебе знать, как только он придет.



Part 3 (30 points)

3.1Of the two options, select one sure(8 points)

1.If it rains/will rain, I will stay at home.

2.If I had a lot of money, I buy/I would buy a big house.

3.Jim would have entered the university if he had passed/has passed the exams.

4.If I were/would be you, I would tell him everything.

3.2Make these sentences negative(10 points)

1. She was interested in history.


2. Dave found a new job.


3. They were engaged.


4. The boy learned the poem by heart.


5. We received a nice postcard.



3.3Connect parts of sentences(10 points)

1. I would buy the ring                                             A. if it snows.

2. If I had taken my mother’s advice                        B. I would study French.

3. If you give me a lift,                                                 C. I wouldn’t have left the university.

4. We will go skiing                                                  D. if it was cheaper.

5. If I had a lot of free time,                                      E. I won’t be late for work.

3.4Fill in the blanks with the words say and tell in the desired form(2 points)

1. I…………her that she was my only friend.

2. Did he…………he would stay in New York?


Part 4(10 points)

4.1Translate words from English into Ukrainian(5points)


2. Fund

3. Attentive

4. Cloud

5. Gym

4.2Translate words from Ukrainian into English(5points)






Part 5(15points)

5.1Arrange the adjectives in brackets in the correct order(15points)

1.It’s a(n) (Italian, big, red, new) car.

2.It’s a(n) (pink, small, birthday, rectangular, beautiful) card.

3.It’s a(n) (toy, large, wooden, old) box.

4.It’s a(n) (wonderful, stone, Greek, ancient) column.

5.It’s a(n) (silk, wedding, white, expensive) dress.

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