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Текст з завданням на перевірку навичок читання учнів 10 класу

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Чудовий сучасний текст "Police Spell Out Graffiti Mania Fears"
для перевірки навичок читання англійською мовою з завданням (True/false).для учнів старшої школи.

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Read the text and mark the sentences true or false.


Police Spell Out Graffiti Mania Fears


A secret police report has built up a profile of the typical graffiti vandal.

It seems that the average vandal is usually a male, aged 15 to 19, from poor family.

 is “addictive habit” costs million of pounds every year, according to the report by British Transport Police anti – graffiti squad. They estimate that more than & 2 million is spent cleaning trains in London alone.

The report suggests that graffiti is the work of small groups. They are motivated by the need to get attention by making some form of statement. More than a third of the vandals who are caught do it again, which suggests that graffiti is addictive.

The survey of 150 graffiti vandals arrested last year showed that 40 per sent of offenders are university students or still at school – and 99 per sent are male. Just over 17 per sent are unemployed. The report says graffiti is dangerous – four youngsters have been killed while trying to paint trains in the Underground.

The police have been visiting schools and writing to parents to try and prevent young people becoming vandals. They are also using handwriting experts to identify the “tags” of graffiti artists. In London alone there were over 150 graffiti arrests last year, but police recognize the vandals will continue unless they are stopped, because graffiti writing is so addictive.


  1. Most graffiti vandals are men.___________
  2. The police do not use handwriting experts. _______________
  3. The majority of graffiti vandals are students. ______________
  4. It is easy for graffiti vandals to stop. _________________
  5. Graffiti writing can be dangerous._____________
  6. Graffiti writing is against the law._________________
  7. Graffiti artists act in big groups. _____________________
  8. Graffiti is a form of statement.____________
  9. There were 150 graffiti arrests last year. _______________
  10. 10.Forty per cent of 150 arrested vandals are unemployed.


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