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Вправи на тему "DEGREES OF COMPARISSON OF ADJECTIVES " можна використовувати для закріплення матеріалу. Можна використовувати для контрольної роботи. Можна використовувати для індивідуальної роботи.

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degrees of comparisson of adjectives



Match the correct endings to the unfinished sentences.

1. The heavier the traffic,

2. The more difficult the job,

3. The bigger the shopping centre

4. Most of us think she's the better

5. Unfortunately the beach we normally go to

6. It's more nutritious to drink fruit juice

7. The DVD I'm watching

8. That new girl in class

9. I think that Tony is the younger

10. It's usually cheaper to download an album

a. is getting more and more exciting.

b. of the two brothers.

c. of the two DJs at the club.

d. seems prettier every time I look at her!

e. than buy the CD.

f. the more satisfaction you will get from it.

g. the more shops there are to choose from.

h. the longer it takes to drive into town.

i. is getting more and more crowded.

j. than eat a doughnut.


Choose the correct alternative.

  1. San Diego is further / far / furthest from New York than Seattle is.
  2. The world's the oldest / oldest / the most old tree was discovered in Sweden in 2008.
  3. Jermaine Jackson is Michael's the older / the oldest / older brother. Jackie is the oldest.
  4. Vivienne Westwood is one of the best / the better / well fashion designers.
  5. Abbey Road is the Beatles' the last / last / the latest studio album.
  6. Oh no! That must be less / least / the least fashionable haircut I've ever seen!
  7. It is gooder / better / best for us to hire a manager than just to wait economic recession.
  8. Sydney is the largest / most large / the most largest city in Australia.
  9. There is the highest / most high / the most highest mountain in our region.



Tick the correct sentence.


Writing a blog is much easier than making a podcast.

Writing a blog is much more easy than making a podcast.


These jeans are more tight than the pair I tried on first.

These jeans are tighter than the pair I tried on first.


This quiz is a bit trickier than the one I did last week.

This quiz is a bit tricky than the one I did last week.


They chose me for the role because I'm slightly more tall than her.

They chose me for the role because I'm slightly taller than her.


Complete the sentences with the and the superlative of the adjectives in brackets.

  1. Oh no, look at the traffic! We've chosen day of the year to drive down to London! (busy)
  2. Ian is person ever to win the X-Factor talent show on TV. (young)
  3. day of my life so far was when I passed my driving test! (happy)
  4. I've ruined the meal I was cooking - it wasn't recipe in the book! (easy)
  5. No wonder the garden looks so bad, we've had summer since records began. (dry)
  6. I train so often because I want to be player in the team. (fit)
  7. There are some strange creatures in parts of the ocean. (deep)
  8. For my birthday she secretly downloaded some of music I've ever heard onto my Mp3 player. (nice)
  9. Be careful, don't order that curry unless you really like spicy food - it's dish on the menu! (hot)
  10. What a boring lesson - that felt like afternoon of my life! (long)



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