Тест "My city-My Home"

Про матеріал
Даний тест є тематичною контрольною роботою по темі "My city -My home",який перевіряє засвоєння учнями лексичного та граматичного матеріалу теми.
Перегляд файлу
  1. It is a place where people can watch film.
  1. a theatre
  2. a cinema
  3. a circus
  1.  It is a place where people can get money.
  1. a bank
  2. a library
  3. a market
  1. It is a place where people can buy some bread.
  1. a theatre
  2. a library
  3. a bakery
  1. t is a place where people can see a show with clowns, acrobats and animals.
  1. a museum
  2. a post office
  3. a circus
  1. Look at the map ,read the sentences and guess the place.

It is behind the book shop.


  1. a police station
  2. an underground station
  3. a supermarket
  1. It is opposite the cinema.
  1. a hospital
  2. a theatre
  3. a police station
  1. It is next to the post office.
  1. a cinema
  2. a theatre
  3. a library
  1. It is between the underground station and Italian restaurant.
  1. a bus station
  2. a café
  3. a shop
  1. Read,look and find the place. Прочитай і знайди місце.

 Go along Bond Street,turn right,pass the museum.It is next to the museum.

  1. a café
  2. a shop
  3. a factory
  1. Go along Bond Street,cross Green Street,pass the shop and the underground station,turn right.It is opposite the bus stopand next to the cafe.
  1. a café
  2. Italian restaurant
  3. a bus station


  1. Go along Main Road,turn left into Middle Road,turn right.It is on the corner of the street and in front of the Central park

  1. Make up the sentences.                           

  are/ There/ Park/ a lot of/ Street/ cars/ in

  there /Are/shops/any/Toys/here?