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Test-reading 5 form I term

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             Reading  5 form  II term


Mrs. Jones was waiting for an important telephone call, but she had no bread in the house, so she left the baby at home and said to his five-year-old brother, “ I am going to the shop, Jimmy, I shall be back in a few minutes”.  While she was out, the phone rang , and Jimmy answered. “Hello”, said a man, “is your mother there?”

“No”, answered Jimmy. “Well , when she come back , tell her that Mr. Baker phoned”.

“What?’’    “ Mr. Baker. Write it down. B-A-K-E-R.” “ How do you make a B?”

“ How do I make…? Listen, little boy, is there anybody else with you? Any brother or sisters?”

“ My brother Billy”. “Good, I want to talk to him, please.” “ All right”, Jimmy took the phone to the baby’s bed and gave it to Billy.  When mother came back , she asked, “ Did anyone phone?’

“ Yes, a man. But he wanted to talk to Billy”.


A. Complete the sentences.

1. Mrs. Jones was waiting for…                      4. When she comes back , tell her…       

a)  an important phone call;                             a)  Mr. Baker phoned;

b)  a doctor;                                                      b)  Mrs. Baker phoned;

c)  an important visit.                                       c)  Mr. Black phoned.

2.  She left the baby at home…                        5.  Jimmy took … to the baby’s   bed.

a)  with his father;                                             a)  the toy;

b)  with her five-year-old son;                          b)  the phone;

c)  with her five- year-old sister.                      c)  the book.

3. While she was out…                                     6. When the mother came back , she…

a)  an interesting film began;                             a)  brought some bread;

b)  someone knocked at the door;                      b)  gave the boy a big apple;

c)  the phone rang.                                              c )  asked ”Did anyone telephone?”


B. Answer the questions.

1.  Why did Mrs. Jones leave                         4.  What did Jimmy ask the man on the

           her children alone?                                       phone?

a)  She went to the hospital.                             a)  What is your name?

b) She went shopping.                                      b)  What is speaking?

c) She went to work.                                        c)  How do you make a B?

2.  Why did she go to the shop?                     5. Why did the man want to talk to Jimmy’s brothers?

a)  There was no butter .                                 a) Because Jimmy was very little.

b)  She had no vegetables for supper.             b)  Because Jimmy was not at home.

c)  She had no bread in the house.                  c ) Because Jimmy couldn’t speak.

3.  What did she ask her elder son to do?       6.  How old was Jimmy’s  brother?

a)  To answer the phone call.                            a)  He was five.

b)  To open the door.                                         b) He was a baby.

c)  To look after his sister.                                 c) He was a teenager.