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Тест "Verbs +Prepositions"

Про матеріал
Тест містить завдання на відпрацювання граматичного матеріалу з теми "Prepositions" для відпрацювання вживання прийменників з дієсловами.
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  1. Match the verb with the preposition and its meaning. Then use the phrasal verbs to

complete the sentences.

1) GET

                            over                     have good relationship with somebody

                            up                        recover from

                            on/along              affect, influence somebody or something

                            off                        escape a punishment

                            into                      rise

1) I hate getting …early.

2) His illness was really serious — it took him two months to get …it.

3) They seem to get ….pretty well.

4) She got …lightly.

5) I don’t know what’s got …him.


                      asleep            loose one’s balance

                      down              go to sleep         

1) She fell …at a Physical Training lesson at school today.

2) I was so tired that I fell …immediately.

3) RUN

                    into          be used up

                    away       meet by chance

                    out          overflow

                    over        leave or escape from a place, person or situation of danger

1) Our food is about to run …..

2) I ran …Samantha and Kathy on the way home.

3) The bath is running .

4) Children who run …from homes normally go to big cities.


                    in         resemble (a parent)

                    after     become very popular

                    off        visit a place or event on the way to another

1) We maybe take …..a cafe on the way to the cinema.

2) Both my sister and I took …our mother.

3) The newly launched electronic newspaper has really taken ….


                        around                   switch off

                        out                         switch on

                        on                          move so as to face in the opposite direction

                        off                          prove to be the case

1) Alice turned …and walked down the corridor.

2) Turn …the TV and start studying!

3) Can I turn … the TV, please? There’s my favourite quiz show on!

4) The job of a copywriter turned …to be tough and boring.

6) PUT

                         on                    cancel or postpone the meeting with someone

                         off                    place clothes, glasses or jewellery on part of one’s body

                         up                   show some skills in a competitive situation

1) He was very busy, so he had to put …the meeting with Martin till 9 o’clock.

2) It’s cold outside. Put …..your coat!

3) He put ……..a brave fight.


                            for                  take care of

                            forward          await eagerly

                            after              search

1) We look ….to seeing you at our place next week.

2) Maria stayed at home to look …her small children.

3) What are you doing under the table? — I’m looking ….my earring.

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