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Тест з теми "Вибір професії"

Про матеріал

Тест спрямований на закріплення лексичного матеріалу з теми "Вибір професії" в 9кл., може бути використаний як контрольний тест.

Перегляд файлу


The idea of a "job for life" has already become...

а) very modern.б) actual.

в) old-fashioned.г) strange.

2.          When people lose their jobs they become ...

а) employers.б) unemployed.

в) encouraged.г) employed.

3.          Your parents are good and successful doctors, so you want to be a doctor too. It means that you want ...

а) to be successful.б) to be influenced.

в) to be encouraged.г) to follow in their footsteps.

4.          Aptitudes are ...

а) your natural abilities or talents.б) your career plans.

в) your interests and hobbies.г) your skills and knowledge.

5.          The learnt capacity for doing something is a ...

а) talent.б) skill.

в) aptitude.г) hobby.

6.          If you are good at analyzing situations, making decisions, solving problems and finding out the reasons of some difficulties, it means that you have...

а) teamwork skills.б) leadership skills.

в) critical thinking skills.г) writing and reading skills.

7.          The most important skills today are ...

а) communication skills.б) computer skills.

в) language skills.г) leadership skills.

8.          The work that a person does regularly in order to earn money is ...

а) a career.б) a profession.

в) a job.г) an occupation.

9.          A professional growth a person does in his (or her) life, usually in one field, is ...

а) a career.б) a job.

в) a profession.г) an occupation.


What does the phrase "to take a good look at oneself" mean?

а) to follow smb's footstepsб) to consider your interests and aptitudes

в) to be influenced by some people or eventsг) to improve your skills

11.      What qualities do you need to become a producer / film-director?

а) computer skills, reading and writing skills,б) leadership skills, teamwork skills, creativity dancing skills

в) communication skills, good education,г) language skills, critical thinking skills,


working well with your hands

physical strength


What does an estate agent do?


а) helps people with the lawб) buys, sells or looks after houses / land for


в) deals with people arriving at a hotelг) looks after sick animals

Ключ до тесту

1. в (1 балів)

2. б (1 балів)

3. г (1 балів)

4. а (1 балів)

5. б (1 балів)

6. в (1 балів)

7. а (1 балів)

8. в (1 балів)

9. а (1 балів)

10. б (1 балів)

11. б (1 балів)

12. б (1 балів)


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