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The Tale of Peter Rabbit- казка Розробка вправ до уроків з позакласного читання з англійської мови

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Розробка вправ до уроків з позакласного читання з англійської мови для учнів 6 класів The Tale of Peter Rabbit- казка

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The Tale of Peter Rabbit

After Beatrix Potter

Once upon a time there were four little rabbits and their names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail and Peter. They lived with their mother under a very big tree.

“Now, my dears,” said old Mrs Rabbit one morning, “you may go into the forest but don’t go into Mr McGregor’s garden: your father was put1 in a pie by Mrs McGregor. Now run along. I am going out.”

Then old Mrs Rabbit took a basket and her umbrella, and went through the forest to the baker’s. She bought a loaf of brown bread and five buns.

Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail, who were good little bunnies, went to gather blackberries. But Peter, who was very naughty, ran to Mr McGregor’s garden. First he ate some lettuces and some beans, and then he ate some radishes. But suddenly whom should he meet but Mr McGregor! Mr McGregor was watering young cab­bages. He ran after Peter calling out, “Stop thief!” Peter was afraid; he ran all over the garden and couldn’t find the way back home. He lost one of his shoes among the cabbages, and the other shoe among the potatoes. He ran into the tool-shed and jumped into a can which had a lot of water in it. Then he jumped out of a window. The window was too small for Mr McGregor, and he was tired of run­ning after Peter. He went back to his work.

1 was put — был положен

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

I. Words.

  1.                once upon a time there... lived a king, was a boy, were an old man and…
  2.                pie... apple ~, big ~, tasty ~, to bake a ~, to make a -
  3.                to run along... the road, the street, staircase
  4.                go out... I need to ~. Don’t ~. Can you -
  5.                basket… mother's ~, take a ~, out of the ~, into the ,
  6.                trough... the forest, look-, see -
  • a loaf... of brown bread (white bread), 2 loaves of bread. She bought 1. loaf of brown bread
  • bun (scone)... I like buns with raisins. Buy 5 buns for breakfast. She had a cup of coffee and a bun for lunch
  1.                bunny-rabbit... I have a toe ~. There are many tales about bunnies.

Bunnies like carrots.

  1.            naughty... boy, girl, children. Don't be - He vas very ~.
  2.            to water... the flowers, trees, radishes, lettuces, young cabbages
  3.            thief... Stop -. You are a ~. It's very bad to be a -. A - is a person who takes smb's things without asking.
  4.            to find the way... We cannot find the way, help us. Who can help us to find the way?
  5.            lose (lost)... They lost the way back home. He lost his day-book (boot, hat, gloves).
  6.            among... the trees, flowers, books, tools, pupils.
  7.            tool-shed... The - is to the left. Grandpa is in the ~. Where is your ~? We have a new ~. It's behind the ~.
    1.            can... watering ~. The watering can is full of water. I want to buy a new watering can. We have 2

 watering cans.

  1.            to be tired... I'm very tired. Are you tired? When I'm tired I want to sleep. If you walk much you get


  1.                Check your facts,
  1. Four little rabbits lived a) in a field, b) in a garden, c) under a very big tree.
  2. Old Mrs Rabbit went a) to the baker’s, b) to the market, c) to the supermarket.
  1. Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail went a) to play football, b) to gather blackberries, c) to Mr McGregor’s garden.
  2. In Mr McGregor’s garden Peter ate a) some cheese, b) some lettuces, c) some cabbages and cucumbers, d) some beans and radishes.
  3. Peter ran into a) Mr McGregor’s house, b) a tool-shed.
  4. The naughty bunny jumped a) into a can, b) from the balcony, c) out of a window.
  1.                Answer the questions.
  1. Where did the four rabbits live?
  2. Where did Mrs Rabbit go?
  3. Where did the bunnies go?
  4. Which of the bunnies was naughty? Why do you think so?
  5. What did Peter do in Mr McGre­gor’s garden?
  6. Did he run away from Mr McGregor?
  7. What do you think his mother said to him at home?
  1.                You are Peter's brother. Tell Peter's story.
  2.                Complete:
  1.      This is a story of...
  2.      Bunnies lived with...
  3.      One day their mother...
  4.      Mother told her children not to...
  5.      The bunnie's father was...
  6.      Flopsy (Mopsy, Cotton tail) was...
  7.      Peter was...
  8.      Peter went to...
  9.      First he ate...
  10.   Then be...
  11. Suddenly he met...
  12. Mr. Gregor was...
  13. Mr. Gregor ran after Peter and...
  14.  When. Peter ran into the shed he…
  1. Peter jumped out of the window but Mr. Gregor....
  2. He was tired of running and.,.

VI. Give:

Synonyms.     Antonyms

; Once upon the time = There was a time   Naughty — well behaved

when       Go into - go out

Rabbit = bunny .   . A lot of - few; little

Naughty = bad behaved    Tired-untired

My dear = honey -      Why - because

Forest = wood

To eat = to have

VII. Give situations from this text; using Words; I.


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