Урок англійської мови для 10 класу на тему "Охорона навколишнього середовища"

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Урок-узагальнення . Під час уроку учні повторюють лексику теми, удосконалюють навички говоріння, читання, письма, аудіювання, повторюють Conditional II , удосконалюють навички роботи в групах та парах, створюють міні-проекти
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Тема:  Nature Protection

Мета: - to revise pupils’ knowledge on the topic;

- to improve pupils’  speaking, reading, listening and writing skills;

- to develop pupils’ group work skills;

- to develop pupils’ skills in making projects;

-to encourage pupils’ desire to save our Planet and make it  better;

 - to develop pupils’ attention and reaction, memory, logical thinking, creative abilities and talents;


Обладнання: pictures, cards for group work, handouts, PPt presentations.

Хід уроку:

I. Greeting. Warming up.

- Good morning dear pupils. I’m very glad to see you again. How are you? Are you in a good mood?

- Pupils, I know you have a weather reporter in your class who prepared the weather forecast for today. Please, tell us about today’s weather.

-So the weather is nice today. You are in a good mood and we can start our lesson. Our today’s lesson is the last one of the unit ”Nature and Weather”. And our today’s topic is “Take Care of Your Land”. During our lesson we must solve such tasks:

- find out the importance of nature protection;

- find out the ways of solving  Planet problems:

- decide what we can do to give our Earth the chance to survive.


II. Main part of the lesson.

1. Brain-storming.

- How do you think what is the main word of our lesson? (відповіді учнів)

- What comes to your mind when you hear the word “environment”? (відповіді учнів)


2. Writing.

Thank you. I see you know the vocabulary on the topic very well. Now let’s make some sentences with these words and write them on the blackboard.

                    (учні складають речення та пишуть їх на дошці)

3. Speaking.

- Last years have been years of terrible disasters. What disasters do you know? Where did they happen? How did they influence the life of people?

(учні презентують підготовлені заздалегідь повідомлення або презентації)

4. Reading .

1) Pair work. (Додаток 1)

- People do not think about nature. People do not think about harmful effect of their activities. For a moment, let’s imagine what our rivers and forests would tell us if they could speak. You have two dialogues “A River and a Man” and “A Forest and a Man”. Your task is to put the phrases into the correct order to create  dialogues and to act out them.

                         (учні в парах складають та озвучують  діалоги)

2) Group work. (Додаток 2)

-Let see what are the most important environmental problems we have nowadays. You have cards with short texts . Your task is to read the texts, to name the problems, the causes and the results of them .

                         (учні читають текст та виконують завдання)

5. Grammar revision: Conditional II

-How do you think, what can we do to improve the situation on our Planet?

If I were a leader of my country I would ………

              (учні заповнюють речення, висловлюють своє думки)

6. Project work (group work).

- Thank you very much. But you are not leaders of our country, you are only pupils of our school. But what can you  do to improve the environmental situation of our region or our village?  Let’s make a list of rules for all pupils of our school .

                                 (кожна група пропонує свої правила)

- Thank you very much. I hope you will follow these rules and the situation in out village will become better.

III. Summing up. (підсумки та оцінювання)

- I’d like to sum up the results of the lesson. All of you take an active part in our discussion. I’m satisfied and proud of you and I hope you’ll do everything to protect the nature. But remember my friends: the most dangerous pollution is the pollution of the soul. Keep your souls clean. Don’t pollute them with anger, envy and the world will be the better place to live.

- Did you like our today’s lesson? What did you like most? (відповіді учнів)

 - I want to finish the lesson with a great song . It is a masterpiece of the famous singer M. Jackson “The Earth Song”














Додаток 1

A Forest and a Man

- Hello, dear Forest! Why are you so sad?

- I’m becoming smaller and smaller.

- Why?

- You, people, cut down my trees all the time.

- But you have a lot of them.

- You are mistaken. Factories and plants use lots of wood. And remember the great fires. My brother-forests disappear after them. But we are necessary for people. Where will we get oxygen from?

- It’s really a problem! Is there the way out? What should we do?

- The first step is to plant more trees. Then you should use paper economically. And, besides, don’t leave fires after picnics.



Додаток 1

A River  and a Man

- Hello, dear river. How are you today?

- I’m awful.

- Why ? What was happened?

- Oh! Don’t even ask about it! Look at me! Look at all the rubbish on my banks, And my water! It is green and moody. My poor fish is dying.

- Who did it?

- You, people!

- It can be so. I don’t believe you. We only swim in your water in summer and go fishing.

- Only swim in your water in summer and go fishing? And what about rubbish you throw into my waters, or industrial wastes your factories pour into me?

- Oh, dear! Forgive us. We are awfully sorry. How can we help you?

- It’s easy. Put filters, use my water economically and, please, use bins for rubbish. And I’ll be glad to meet you on my banks again.

- These steps are easy. I hope we’ll be able to help you.


Додаток 2

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