Тести від «На Урок»: Організація дистанційної роботи під час карантину

Урок англійської мови у 8 класі "Здоров'я і хвороби . Як бути здоровим"

Про матеріал

Конспект уроку з роздатковим матеріалом, який орієнтований на розвиток вмінь монологічного та діалогічного мовлення з даної теми , збагачення словникового запасу учнів . Крім того , на уроці учні оволодіватимуть навичками використання лінгвістичної та контекстуальної здогадки, плшуку необхідної інформації в тексті.

Перегляд файлу

        Health and illnesses. How to keep fit

Form – 8


           Practical: to develop communicative skills, using active lexis on the topic, to train in                listening comprehension

Educative: to teach students to work in groups and pairs (interactive form); to motivate them in expressing their own opinions and views on the topic.

Social: to develop in students the culture of healthy way of life and taking care of their health.



T. Hi, how are you?

 Ps. Fine, thank you.

T. I am glad to hear that you are well. To be happy means to be healthy. It's the most important thing in the world, but unfortunately "Health is not valued till illness comes". I think we should be more careful to our health. Am I right?

Teacher: Today we're going to speak about diseases and health. I think you agree the problem of health is topical. It's getting especially grave nowadays when people are overloaded with work, have little time for rest, don't pay enough attention to sport, but drink a lot, smoke, take drugs.

II. Warming - up

Teacher: I think it's not a secret that sometimes you don't want to go to school and you pretend to be ill. Let's read a poem. The boy says he's ill. While reading, try to notice all his illnesses and complaints (symptoms).

POEM "I AM SICK"  (HO1)- роздатковий матеріал

"I cannot go to school today,"

Said little boy whose name is .Ray.

"I have the measles and the mumps,

And very many little bumps.

My mouth is wet, my throat is dry.

I'm going to blind in my right eye.

My leg is cut, my eyes are blue.

I think I have a terrible flu.

I have a cough and a splitting headache

I can't even eat a good sweet cake.

I think my hair is falling out,

I know I cannot speak aloud.

My temperature is 38,

I think I must go to bed straight.

I am sure I have a cold in the head

It's better to stay in bed.

I have constipation and stomach upset

               I think I'll not bear all that.

               I have a sore throat or, maybe, a quinsy.

               Do you think to live with it is easy?

                 I have insomnia, and I can'


What's that? What's that you say?

 You say today is Saturday

Good bye, I'm going out to play."

( Then some pupils read the words they've put down.. Others add.)(measles and the mumps, very many little bumps, mouth is wet, my throat is dry., going to blind in my right eye. leg is cut, my eyes are blue, a terrible flu. a cough and a splitting headache, my hair is falling out, I cannot speak aloud., temperature is 38,

have a cold in the head , have constipation and stomach upset, a sore throat,

a quinsy., have insomnia)


III. Speaking

Teacher: My task has shown that you have good knowledge about the common illnesses. Moreover I am sure you can always help yourselves. As a rule people visit a doctor when they feel ill.                  

Role - play : At the doctor's ( H02 )

  1. Doctor. Would you like to come in?
  2.  Patient. Thank you. (He coughs.)

Doctor. That cough sounds really very bad. How long have you had it?

Patient. For about 2 weeks. But it's all right.

Doctor. I think I should listen to your chest and to your lungs. Take off your shirt. Breathe in deeply, that's right... and again, please, and once more, please. Sit down. I'm going to take your blood pressure.

 Patient. Can I put my shirt on? It's rather cold in here.

 Doctor. Oh, certainly you can. Sorry about the cold. The central heating is broken. Well,... Do you ever take any exercise?

Patient. Not regularly. Sometimes I do. But I hardly ever do morning exercise.

Doctor. You should take more exercise. All right. Now I want to take your ! pulse. Stand up, please, and touch your toes. Do you smoke?

 Patient. Oh,yes, I do, Doctor. About ten cigarettes a day.

Doctor. You shouldn't smoke at all. You should stop immediately. Now, I want to take your temperature. OK. That's all right. Well, there you are then. Take this medicine 3 times a day after meals.

Patient. But, Doctor, I didn't come here because of my cough.

 Doctor. You didn't?

Patient. No, it's my feet, Doctor. My feet hurt every time I walk.

Doctor. Take your shoes off! Let me see. Do they hurt now?

 Patient. Oh, yes, they hurt. It awfully hurts here. I've had this pain for about 2 weeks.

Doctor. I see... And these shoes... How long have you had them?

Patient. The shoes? Oh, for about 2 weeks, doctor. Oh, yes. I see, Doctor. It's silly of

me. Thank you, Doctor. Good-bye.

2. "At the Dentist's"

Visitor. I have a very bad toothache. I can't eat and I can't sleep at night.

 Dentist. Sit down in the arm-chair here and open your mouth. (He examines his visitor's teeth). Which tooth is it that hurts you?

Visitor. It's a big tooth at the back on the left. Ugh! That hurts very badly.


Dentist. Yes, that tooth has a big cavity, but I think I can stop it for you. Why did you not come earlier?

Visitor. Well, you know it is not quite | a pleasure to go to the dentist's. And every time I decided to come. I got better.

Dentist. I will put a filling in this one, but there is another tooth near it which is too bad to be.filled. I will have to extract it. But don't be afraid. It will not hurt you. I will give you an injection before I extract it.



3. A visit to the doctor

Doctor. Well, what is the trouble? You are looking rather unwell, I must say.

Mr. Brown. You had better ask me what is not trouble with me, Doctor. It seems to me that I am suffering all the illnesses imaginable: headaches, earache, insomnia, indigestion, pains in the stomach, muscle pains, appetite loss. To make things worse I've caught a cold, I've got a sore throat, so I'm sneezing and coughing all the time I feel hot and feverish. I get short of breath. Actually, I feel more dead than alive.

Doctor. I'm sorry to hear that. Anyway, I don't think things are as bad as you can imagine. Let me have a look at you. I'd like to listen to your chest. Your heart, chest and lungs are not too bad. Now let me see your throat. Yes, it looks a bit sore. Show me your tongue. Have you taken your temperature?

Mr. Brown. Not yet, but I guess I should.

Doctor. Well, I don't find anything radically wrong with you. But it is clear that you're run down, and if you don't take care of yourself, you may have a nervous breakdown. So first of all I advise you to stop worrying. Take some rest, have regular meals, keep off alcohol. If possible, give up smoking, at least for a time. Have this tonic made up and take 1 tablespoonful three times a day before meals.

Mr. Brown. What about diet, doctor?

Doctor. Well, keep to a diet of salads and fruit, and a bit of meat. If you do this I can promise you a full recovery.

Mr.Brown. But if I don't?

Doctor. You have to decode what is the lesser evil — to follow my advice or prepare for a better world!


Teacher :Now I want you to make a dialogue.  Matching sentences. Match the first part of the conversation with the other part below. Then act it out.( HO 3)

l) Good morning. What do you complain of?

2) Well, here's the thermometer to take your temperature. I see that you don't look well.

3) What is your temperature?

4) Open your mouth and show me your throat. Oh, yes, your throat is red. Now, let me listen to your heart and lungs. Breathe.

5) You have a bad cold, Maggy. You must stay in bed for two days, until your temperature is normal and you stop coughing.

6)  But if you are not careful, you may fall ill with the flu or pneumonia. I'll

prescribe you some medicine.

    7) A table spoonful three times a day.

        8) I'll give you the pills for headache. If you don't feel better, call me in. Goodbye.


a) How do I take the medicine?

b) How I hate being ill and staying in bed!

c) Thirty-eight.

d) Thank you, doctor. Goodbye.

e) And what should I take for headache?

 f) I feel bad. I have a headache, and I'm afraid I'm running a temperature.      

 g) What's the matter with me, doctor?

  h)Besides, I have a cold in the head and my throat is sore.



 V. Speaking

Teacher :Look through the dialogues once more and say what advice doctors usually give us.

( You should take more exercise , You shouldn't smoke at all, take care of yourself, to stop worrying, Take some rest, have regular meals, keep off alcohol. I f possible, give up smoking, at least for a time ,keep to a diet of salads and fruit, and a bit of meat,)

Teacher : What can we add ?What should we do to stay healthy ?

 (НО 4)



get up early and go to




bed early




take regular exercises




take a cool shower




eat healthy food




never smoke




clean our teeth every




morning and every








wash our hands be-




fore we eat




go in for sport















Teacher: So, I hope now you know what the steps to perfect health are.

Agree or disagree with the following statements:

1. You can eat whatever you like and as much as you like.

2.  Meat, fish, eggs, nuts contain a lot of Calcium.

3.  Milk, yogurt and cheese are rich in Calcium.

4. Fruit and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals.

5. Bread, cheese, rice are good energy products.

6.  Sugar rots your teeth but doesn't make you overweight.

7. Fiber is good for your digestive system.

8.  Food dyes are good for your health.

9. If you want to be healthy, keep clean,

10. Germs may cause stomach upsets.



Teacher: Compare information in the text with that conveyed in the statements. Did you give correct answers before reading?



There are several things you can do to help you stay healthy. Here are some of them. Eating well

Different foods do different jobs in your body, so you need to eat a good balance of all the different types. Eating the right amount is important too: neither too much nor too little.

Protein foods make you grow and help repair your body. Meat, fish, eggs and nuts contain protein.

Milk, cheese and yogurt contain calcium, which makes your bones and teeth strong. They also contain protein.

Carbohydrates give you energy. Bread, cereals, rice, pasta and potatoes are good energy foods.

Fruit and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals. You need these to keep your body working efficiently.

Fiber is a carbohydrate that your body cannot digest. It is good for your digestive system, though. It prevents constipation and may protect against some serious illnesses. Fiber is found in whole meal bread and pasta, wholegrain cereals, brown rice, fruit and vegetables.

Foods to cut down on

Sugar gives you energy but has no other benefits; it rots your teeth and too much of it makes you overweight.

Too much fat can make you overweight. Animal fat, which is found in foods such as meat and butter, contains a substance called cholesterol. Over time, this can cause your arteries to get blocked and lead to heart disease. Some foods, for example milk shakes, ice cream and cookies are mostly fat and sugary. Some people are allergic to additives, such as food dyes and preservatives, which are put into many foods.

Keeping clean

You need to wash every day to get rid of dirt, dead skin, oil and sweat. This helps to prevent germs from growing and spreading on your skin. Your hair needs to be washed regularly for the same reasons. Brushing your hair helps to keep head lice away.

Always wash your hands after going to the bathroom, and before eating

or handling food. This helps to stop many germs from spreading,

especially those that cause stomach upsets. Your mouth contains bacteria

which feed on any tiny pieces of food and drink left on your teeth. As they

feed, they produce acids which make holes in your teeth. Cutting down on

sugary foods and drinks, and brushing your teeth regularly help to

prevent tooth decay.



Too little food makes you thin

Too much food makes you fat

The wrong food makes you ill

The right food keeps you well

Too many sweets are bad for you

Especially for your teeth.


VII. Summing - up

Teacher: We've talked much today about illnesses  and steps to perfect health. I hope you'll take everything into account. And I'd like to finish our talk with the joke: "A famous American doctor came to England to study the latest methods. When he looked at the Charts he found some abbreviation he did not know: GOK.He decided to consult a British colleague about it. "Oh, we use this when we don't know the diagnosis. It means God Only Knows." If you don't want to fall ill with GOK, follow today's advice and stay healthy.


Project work "An ideal holiday centre for perfect health".



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