Урок Children like to go to school

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Конспект уроку для 3 класу по темі School subjects. Children like to go to schoolдо підручника А.Несвіт
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Theme : Children Like to go to school  (до підручника А.Несвіт 3 клас)


 Objectives :формувати ключові компетентності:

  • Предметну – закріпити вивчені ЛО по темі «School? Things and subjects», удосконалювати навички читання , аудіювання, діалогічного та монологічного мовлення;
  • Загально навчальну – уважно стежити за презентованою інформацією, ефективно співпрацювати під час групової та парної роботи, активно застосовувати англійську мову;
  • Соціокультурну – вибір та вживання форм привітання при складанні діалогів


Materials : PP presentation, Songs and Chants, HO


  1. Організаційний момент



        In the morning, In the morning

Greet your parents “Good morning”

When it’s noon, When it’s noon

You must say “Good afternoon”

In the evening, In the evening

Greet your parents “Good evening”

Silver moon in the sky

Hug your mum and say “Good night”


2. Aim

Today at the lesson we’ll speak about school subjects, school rooms, timetable, listen to the song , read the text, make up the dialogues and sentences and work in groups. Be attentive and try to get more scores for your group and get better mark.



The topic of the lesson is … oh, who has cleaned the letters from the blackboard? I can’t read our topic, help me, please, guess the letters and the words

C_i_d_en   l_k_   to   g_   to   s_ho_l

Well done! Do you like to go to school? Does he/she like to go to school?


4.Phonetic drill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNNMknj0PyE

Let’s sing “I like to eat” to train English sounds


  1. Основна частина


1.Warming up

Let’s play a guessing game “What lesson is it?”

  • The pupils sit at the desks, read poems and texts, answer the teacher’s questions
  • The students listen to the teacher, play games, use programmes, work with computers
  • The children don’t sit, use balls and skipping ropes, run, jump, do sports and play games
  • The pupils listen to the teacher, read and learn about animals, birds, flowers and the weather
  • The students sit at the desks, read poems, paint and draw

      Very good!



      Now tell me what you do at the lesson from your card –I group - English,

       II group -Ukrainian,

       III group -Music,

       I V group -Maths

      Make as many sentences as you can to  get more scores for your group

      Good for you!



       Let’s work in pairs and make up dialogues about  your favorite subjects and what you usually do at the    lessons.

4.Listening and watching

- pre- listening

   Now we are going to watch and listen to the song about school, but before name school things you use at different subjects, take the card with a subject  I use … at …



   Listen to the song and do the task

   I group -  what can they do at school

   II group - what can they do after school

   III group – what lessons do they have

   I V group – what do you use at school



   Make up your own timetable – take the card behind the subject

   Write your favourite subjects on the paper



Are you tired? Let’s sing “Rich high”




Where do you have your lessons? Name some rooms at school


-while-reading Ex.1 p.34

Read the text, pay attention to there is/ are



Describe your classroom  using there is/ are – game “One sentence- one step”



Make up sentences about your school life , but at first find your task

   I group -  under the teacher’s table

   II group – on the door

   III group –  at the window

   I V group – in the bookcase


  1. Заключна частина


  1. Hometask

WB page 34


  1. Summarizing

Excellent work! Let’s count your scores …

Your marks are …


Do you like today’s lesson?

What task was the most interesting?

What task was the most difficult?

What task was the easiest?


         The lesson is over!  See you on Friday! Good bye!










What lessons do they have?

They have …

They don’t have …





Nature Study

Computer Studies





What do they use at school?

They use …

They don’t use …


A daybook

A bag

A  computer

A textbook

A pencil

A pen

A rubber

A ruler

A pencil case

A desk

An exercise book


What can they do at school?

They … at school.

They don’t … at school.



Do sports



Do the sums



Play music




What can they do after school?

They … after school.

They don’t … after school.


Play games

Read a book


Ride a bike

Ask and answer

Have a party

Have a picnic

Write words

Watch TV

Do sports








Tom   has   got   5   lessons   every   day.

We   run   and   jump   at   the   PE   lesson.

There   is   a   lamp   on   the   teacher’s   table.

I   go   to   school   5   days   a   week.

There   are   10   boys   in   my   class.

Ann   reads   poems   and   texts   at   the   Reading   lessons.

There   are   15   computers   in   the   computer   room.

Bill   does   not   like   to   do   sums   at   Maths.

My   favourite   lesson   is   Ukrainian.

There   is   a   blackboard   on   the   wall.

Sam   listens   to   music   and   sings   songs   at   Music.

I  like   to   play   games   after   school.