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Урок покликаний вдосконалити лексичні навички по темі “Одяг”, граматичні навички, розвивати інтерактивні і творчі здібності, продуктивні мовленнєві дії, прищеплювати повагу та інтерес до іншомовної культури, виховувати культуру спілкування.
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Lesson  Plan on the topic “Clothes”

1.    to  teach the students communicative skills on the topic, logical speech with the help of textbooks and patterns;
2.    to  acquaint students with different vocabulary on clothes;
3.    to practice  dealing with cultural references in texts;
4.    to make a project-survey on the topic.
Equipment: handout, projector, slides with tasks, computers, Internet
Greeting and warm-up.   

 P1:  What day is it today?
         Today is ………….
P.:     How are you today? 
         I feel on the top of the world.
         I’m walking on air.
         I’m thrilled to bits.
         Things are looking bright today.
         My face lights up.

         I have been in a black mood all morning.
         I am in depth of despair.
         I am felling quote down actually.
         I am sick and tired of studying. 

         I have mixed feelings.

Aim: to broaden children’s vocabulary and develop listening skills.   from  http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/kids-news/dressing-myself-2

T: Well, students, last time we had a great amount o new words on clothes. Now, I’d like you to recollect them with our quiz.




T: Ok, I can see your results. But who can complete the word search on   http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/word-games/balloon-burst/clothes


Aim: to develop reading and comprehensive skills.   

T: Perfect. Now I see that you have no problems with the vocabulary. That means we pass to listening and reading a story of a boy. Please go on http://www.britishcouncil.org/kids-stories-clothes.htm to listen and read the story.
T: After listening and reading, please complete the exercise.


Aim: comprehension check.   

T: Read the text once more and be ready to complete the cross word after the exercise. Give me your answers, please

Aim: to relax and have break.    T: Well, guys would you like to stand up and sing a funny  song we learnt last time. Go to http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/songs/dont-put-your-trousers-your-headAim: comprehension check.    T: No relax is possible without some exercise. Complete the exercise on the song.   Please, give me your answers. 



Aim: to train usage the Present Simple and Continuous   

       T: We are going to say what you usually wear and what you are wearing now. That’s why we need to put our attention on some grammar rules. Here they are.

  What are your favourite clothes?

 Write about where your favourite clothes are from, or why you like them, for example: "My favourite thing to wear is a T-shirt. It's  light blue, and it's got a picture of a whale on it. I like it because we got it on holiday last year when we went on a boat trip to see some whales. We saw a whale while I was wearing it!"

Aim: to reinforce the new words and new grammar structures.     T: Well, we did a great job. The last challenge is to tell me about your preference in clothes using this pattern.


Summing up, home work.   

 T: Perfect, I see that you deserve only the highest grades. And not to be bored at home – here’s your home task. 

T: Good bye, children. See you next time! 




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Англійська мова (5-й рік навчання) 5 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
18 червня 2019
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