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Урок "Ecology. Help our planet. Save the environment. "

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In this lesson, you can find some interesting questions about how to protect our planet and some advice how to keep our ecology clean
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Theme: Ecology. Help our planet.

Teacher: Hello! How are you? Today we will talk about our environment and about how we can help to our planet individually.


Teacher:  today we must answer on some important questions:

  1. How do you think what is influence on our ecology?
  2. Why do we have an ecological crisis?
  3. What can do you do individually to save our planet?




Teacher: Everybody knows that people caused many changes on our planet at the beginning of 21 century. Mane animals and plants in danger because people destroy place where we live. People always something change and often had irreversible effects on the environment. Let’s think, what did people do to influence on ecology of our Earth?

 Pupil 1: We know that people use a lot of cars, plants, plastic. That’s caused air pollution and water pollution. Also we know about acid raining.

Pupil 2: To my mind, some factors such as climate change, global warming, peak oil lead to ecological crisis.

Pupil 3: By the way I can say that ocean ecosystems, soil, environmental refugees can also influence on ecology of our planet.

Teacher : So, what is environmental refugees?

 People who are forced to leave their home because it can be some climate changes in their motherland. It can be hurricane, flood, sea level rise, and drought. They may migrate in other countries and start life over again.

So, according to our thoughts we have ecological crisis because people use plastic, cars, factories and other different things which can destroy our ecology and caused irreversible damage to our planet.


Close your eyes. You are in the forest now. Look around. What is it? What can you see? It is calm around and you have relax. Please imagine our word without cars, plastic and factories. How do you think will our world be better and can you live in such world?


So, make mind map: what is influenced on ecology?

Spidergram (Mind map)















Group work

Now make 3 groups and every group will think how we can save planet individually.  Make lists of 5 or more items.

The first group will think about how we can save the air.

 The second group will save the ocean.

The third group will make a table how to save the nature.

For example:

The first group:

∙ Use public transport or go by bicycle.( Eco – friendly transport)

∙ Plant more trees.

∙ Do not smoke.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

 The second group:

∙Try to use fewer plastic products.

∙ Conserve water.

∙ Educate yourself about Oceans.

∙ Fish responsibly.

The third group:

Do not kill animals.

∙ Do not cut trees.

∙ Recycle wastes.

∙ Use the refillable water bottle and reusable cups for coffee.

∙ Reusable shopping bags (Plastic bags are a huge threat to marine life).


If one group do not agree with other group or want to add something to their task, the leader of this group can:

  1. Raise a hand or finger when you wish to contribute to the discussion.
  2. Make a T- shape with hands to make some proposal of the discussion.
  3. Hand clapping which means that it is perfect report and they agree.

Ending of the lesson

Teacher: Thank you for your attention and thank you that you was active today.  I believe if we fight tooth and nail we will stop pollution of our Home. Your homework: write 10 sentences how we can protect the environment.

So, our lesson I would like to finish with words by Nobel Laureate Ben Okri, for Ken Saro- Wiwa, 1995

And we live in unnatural times.

And we must make them

Natural again

With our singing

And our intelligent rage.

The lesson is over. Good bye!