Урок " English is the Language of Communication "

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Розробка уроку " English is the Language of Communication " допоможе вчителю розвивати навички монологічного та діалогічного мовлення, зокрема за допомогою драматизації діалогів, учні матимуть можливість тренуватись будувати запитання з опорою на роздатковий матеріал, розширять запас скоромовок та прислів'їв.
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Практичні цілі:


      1. розвивати навички монологічного та діалогічного мовлення, письма;

2. драматизація діалогів ( робота в парах);

3. ввести прислів'я;


Освітня, розвиваюча, виховна цілі:


      1.виховати почуття товариськості;

      2. розвивати швидкість мовленнєвої реакції;

      3. розвивати увагу, уяву, пам'ять.







































І. Привітання. Оргмомент.

You’re in a good mood today, aren’t you?

Do you feel like a million dollars?

Did you enjoy your weekend?

Did you cope with a lot of work during your weekend?

Did you visit your friends/grandparents?
II.Введення скоромовки.
You see, your weekend is over and it’s high time to work hard at your English.

At this lesson we’ll speak about the importance of learning English.

I wonder if you know anyone who is a sailor.

 Have you got any ideas what he did on Saturday?

So, to find out what the sailor did at the weekend you have to fill in the gaps with only to words that have the same pronunciation but different meaning. Can you guess them?


A sailor went to ______,

To ________ what he could _______,

But all what he could __________,

Was _________ and__________ and __________.

That’s a good job! Let’s read  this tongue-twister as fast as we can.

III. «Мозковий штурм», аудіювання.

You said you had done much at the weekend but I wonder if you had trained your memory?

As you remember it’s very important to have good memory in order to learn English.          

What’s English for you?

What do you associate with it?







What is the hardest word to say in English?

“SORRY’’is the hardest word to say in any language.

I think singing a song in English isn’t a difficult task. So, let’s sing.

IV. Введення прислів’їв.  

Do you have enough knowledge of English to travel abroad/to find a well-paid job/to translate something? Do you know any proverbs that say it’s important to study as much as it’s possible.

Join these sheets of paper to read a proverb.




V. Драматизація діалогів (перевірка домашнього завдання).

Do you know any pieces of advice that can make the process of  learning foreign languages easier?

What do you know about learning by heart?

An actor has to learn so much by heart, hasn’t he?

Let’s estimate your artistic talents by dramatizing your micro-dialogues.

Be ready to listen to the dialogues and decide whose acting will get a coverage in a newspaper and whose will keep a low profile.


Tell me please, what will you say if you meet a person who doesn’t speak Ukrainian?

Will it be easy to establish an immediate report with such a person?

And if it so happens that you find yourself saying ‘But I can’t speak English’, try adding the word ______. What word is missing there? (YET)

It’s never late to learn.  That’s so terrific you learn foreign languages.

What is easier to ask or answer the questions?

Now you are to put all the words in the correct order to get a question ( cards ). Be ready to ask and answer the questions in turn.( group work)


Now we’ll read the short abstract about the importance of learning foreign languages. But before doing that, please, work in pairs and complete the text with the given phrases.


English language isn’t difficult for those students who1_________ _________and in time. We must do our best in order to 2___________________and cope with everything:3______________________. If you want to have profound knowledge in English, you 4______________________at the English lessons.

 A) improve our knowledge

 B) are in habit of doing everything properly

 C) must be attentive

 D) pronunciation, grammar, spelling, reading and writing


Is there anything you disagree with? Can you add any important pieces of advice for those who are crazy about learning languages? What should be done by them?

Share your experience.

VIII.Домашнє завдання

For the next lesson your home task will be to write about the importance of  learning foreign languages. Describe how to make this process easier.

IX.Підсумок уроку.

Summing up.








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