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На цьому уроці діти повторюють назви днів тижня та лексику по темі «Мій день» за допомогою ігрових елементів та пісень активізовуються навички аудіювання та сприймання прослуханого розвивається уява та творчість учнів за допомогою рольової гри та наочного матеріалу на уроці учні працюють в парах та в малих групах
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 ( 2 - B form)







Prepared by:


The teacher of English

Natalia Yasiuchenia















Theme: What do we do every day? A TV show.  Активізація навичок говоріння та читання.

Objectives: розвивати навички читання про себе та вголос

 активізувати навички вживання простого теперішнього часу в усному мовлені

 повторити назви днів тижня та лексику по темі «Мій день» за допомогою ігрових елементів та пісень

 активізувати навички аудіювання та сприймання прослуханого

 розвивати уяву та творчість учнів за допомогою рольової гри та наочного матеріалу на уроці

 виховувати повагу та увагу до співрозмовника

 навчити учнів працювати в парах та в малих групах

Recourses used (materials): pictures, a poster, flashcards, stickers, a CD, a clock, vocabulary cards for the game “Moving stones”, a laptop with DVD tasks, a cut text for reading task, a microphone.


I Організаційна частина

  1. Greetings. Presentation.

Good morning my boys and girls. Hello, everyone! How are you? And how are your friends? Let’s say hello to them! And check our preparation:

(revision of general questions)

Are the lights on? – yes, they are

Are the pupils in the class? – yes, they are

Is your teacher here? – yes, she is

Is the board clean? – yes, it is

Do you have your books? – yes, we do

Are you ready to start English? – yes, we are

A song “ Hello, how are you?”

Hello, hello, how are you?

I’m fine, thank you!

 And how are you?

  1. Warming –up.

Good for you! By the way do you know what day is it today? Let’s revise names of the week, then you tell me:

A song “Days of the week”

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. It is Wednesday!

 II Основна частина.

  1. Vocabulary work. Writing.

Right you are it’s Wednesday  and every Wednesday we have a TV show “Meet your Star” at ten o’clock! But our clock has broken it shows different time – please help me to correct it. (pupils choose and write in the board the correct time)

  1. Chorus Work

At first let’s look and repeat the pictures: lunch, breakfast, work, dinner, TV show.

There are pictures and sentences with gaps on the board. Look at my clock and fill in:

It’s …………o’clock, it’s time for ………..!

(e.g. it’s one o’clock, it’s time for lunch!)

It’s seven o’clock, it’s time breakfast!........

  1. Listening – Watching

So, welcome  to our TV Show  “Meet Your Star”! today’s topic is every day activities and our first guest is Jack Michaels, a sportsman. Unfortunate he couldn’t come but he sent his DVD story – pay attention to his routines.

Rita: Hello, boys! It’s one o’clock, it’s time for lunch!

Do you want some spaghetti?

Eddy: oh, yes, please!

Oscar: Eddy, look, Jack Michael’s on TV!

Eddy: he’s a great basketball player!

Jack: I get up at six o’clock every morning. I swim in my pool. Then I have breakfast.

Bob: Do you work in the morning?

J: no, I don’t. I go to the gym or visit my friends.

Eddy: Look! I’m Jack Michaels!

Rita: Well done, Mr. Michaels! You get three points!

2.1   Checking understanding.

Good for you, I hope you like him, because I’m going to say several words about him and if I’m right – you clap me (as in real show must be) but if I’m wrong – stamp your feet

  1. J.M. is a great basketball player. (T)
  2. He gets up at 7 o’clock. (F)
  3. Then he swims in the sea! (F)
  4. He doesn’t work. (T)
  5. He visits his friends. (T)


  1. Speaking.

Nice of you! Now clap and meet our real stars – they are going to tell us a few words about their everyday activities:

Hello! I’m ………….,a sportsman. I get up at 7 o’clock every morning. I have breakfast and go to gym at 9 o’clock. I visit my friends in the evening. I go to bed at 10 o’clock.

Hello! I’m …………., a football player. I like football, I play football every day. I get up at 6 o’clock. I have lunch at 10 o’clock and in the afternoon I go to play football. I go to bed at 11 o’clock.

Hello! I’m ……………, a model. I get up at 8 o’clock. I have breakfast at 9 o’clock and at 10 o’clock I go to work. Sometimes I go to bed at 12 o’clock in the evening.

Hello! I’m …………., a singer. I like to sing. I sing every Sunday and Saturday. I get up at 7 o’clock. I go to music school at 8 o’clock. I have lunch at 11 o’clock. In the evening I have a concert at 6 o’clock.

Hello! I’m ……………,a dancer. I get up at 7 o’clock. I go to swim in my pool. Then I have breakfast at  8 o’clock. In the afternoon I visit dance club and at 12 o’clock I have lunch. I go to bed at 9 o’clock.

3.1 Pair Work. Interviewing

Thanks. There are some reporters in our show – they are going to put you several questions – don’t you mind? ( Pupil’s book p. 65, ex 8)

What time do you ….?

  • get up?
  • have breakfast?
  • go to work?
  • have lunch?
  • go to bed?

(e.g. Reporter: what time do you get up?

        Star: I get up at 7 o’clock.)

  1. Relaxing time. A game “Moving Stones”

Super! Now I propose you to rest a little and move around. There are words in the jar, they are related to three topics ( Days of the week, food, have fun). Your task is to move around the class and find group with your topic. Then sit together and read them.

Days of the week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Food: breakfast, dinner, lunch, coffee.

Have fun: visit friends, swim in the pool, watch TV, listen to music.

  1. Reading. Group work.

While you were moving around I’ve got a letter from our fun about Helen Sanders, a singer. But someone have cut it – please help me to read the letter! ( the children are already divided into three groups, they put the pieces of the letter together) ( Pupil’s Book p66, ex1)

  1. Helen Sanders is my favourite singer
  2. She gets up at eight o’clock every morning. She has breakfast at nine o’clock.
  3. In the afternoon she plays the piano and she sings.
  4. In the evening she visits friends or she goes to the theatre. She goes to bed at twelve o’clock
  5. I like Helen Sanders! She is a great singer!

5.1 After-reading task .

So we are interested in such questions about Helen Sanders. You have to look through the letter, find the answer and draw the time on the clock.

What time does Helen get up? ( the task for the 1st team)

What time does she have breakfast? (the task for the 2nd team)

What time does Helen go to bed? ( the task for the 3rd team)

III. Заключна частина.

  1. Підсумки уроку.

It’s a pity but we must finish our show. Thank you. Today we’ve watched and met your famous and favourite people. We spoke about your daily routines. We played and learnt at the same time.

Evaluation. You were brilliant! And deserve stickers from me and one more song as a present!

  1. Homework.

Write a project about Masid’s Day

A song “ This is the time I go to school!”

This is the time I go to school, 

 Go to school,  go to school,

 This is the time I go to school,

It’s eight o’clock in the morning!


This is the time I eat my lunch,

Eat my lunch, eat my lunch,

This is the time I eat my lunch,

It’s twelve o’clock, noon!


This is the time I watch TV,

Watch TV, watch TV,

This is the time I watch TV,

It’s six o’clock in the evening!


This is the time I go to bed,

Go to bed, go to bed,

This is the time I go to bed,

It’s nine o’clock at night!



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