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Урок "Подорож та туризм. Корисні поради."

Про матеріал
Одне з найцікавіших занять у житті людини це подорож. Куди поїхати, який відпочинок обрати, яким транспортом подорожувати, де зупинитись, які місця відвідати, до якої турагенції звернутись, як здолати проблеми, які можуть трапитись...Про все це учні 10 класу розкажуть у презентаціях своїх проектів, а також залучать учнів до інтерактивної діяльності на уроці з використанням смат телефонів, як джерело доступу до інтернету, у пошуку інформації для розвитку мовленнєвої діяльності на завершальному етапі вивчення теми.
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Одне з найцікавіших занять у житті людини це подорож. Куди поїхати, який відпочинок обрати, яким транспортом подорожувати, де зупинитись, які місця відвідати, до якої турагенції звернутись, як здолати проблеми, які можуть трапитись...Про все це учні 10 класу розкажуть у презентаціях своїх проектів, а також залучать учнів до інтерактивної діяльності на уроці з використанням смат телефонів, як джерело доступу до інтернету, у пошуку інформації для розвитку мовленнєвої діяльності на завершальному етапі вивчення теми.

I Objectives:

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to

  1.               Define types of holidays
  2.               Differentiate and compare advantages and disadvantages of using transport
  3.               Classify different kinds of accommodation
  4.               Discuss different aspects of problems while travelling
  5.               Analyze reliability of travel agency sites

II Subject Matter

  1.            Topic: Travelling and Tourism. Useful tips.
  2.             References: Power Point presentations
  3.             Teaching strategies: collaborative learning, group work discussion
  4.            Materials: power point presentations, handouts, smart board, Internet connection

III Procedure

Teacher: Hello everyone! Welcome to our lesson which topic is Travelling and Tourism. Useful tips.

 At this lesson, we will focus on interactive methods of students’ project work as well as demonstration of using digital and computer based technologies in developing their speaking skills.

 The lesson will be held in the format of group work discussion.

At the beginning of the lesson, the students have been divided into three groups. They have time to distribute the roles of a timekeeper, recorder, reporter, material manager and they will be allowed to use their mobile phones which have the Internet connection in order to do some of their tasks.

We are going to discuss the following aspects: Types of Holidays, Means of Transport, Accommodation, Festivals and Festivities, Problems people can face.

My role at the lesson will be facilitating students’ activity at the lesson.

I give the floor to the first students who are going to present the topic Types of Holidays.

Sometimes it’s easier to find the right holiday by choosing the type of trip you are looking for, rather than going for a destination first. Perhaps an amazing family holiday or a short break is right for you, maybe you want a group trip or an idea for a luxury beach holiday

Relaxing holidays

Sometimes you just want to escape and do nothing. Then head for the beach. How about Mauritius, Turkey or Kenya Coast.

To feel relaxed people, buy cruise holiday and spend their vacation on board a luxurious liner

Active holidays

Can sound the same as adventurous holiday. People, who choose this type of holiday would like to experience, something connected with dealing with challenges, taking extreme activities

These include:

City break

It’s a Holiday for people who are keen on going sightseeing, going on excursions, visiting museums and galleries or just walking around streets and squares of the city



Presentation 1. Macintosh HD:Users:igorcherepynskyi:Desktop:presentation 1.gif


You will get hands out with reasons of choosing different type of holiday.  Discuss them in groups and now look at the pictures and within 10 second give the answer. You are to associate the picture with one of the statements.

Reasons you should take city break:

  1.               You can choose a special city for everyone’s taste
  2.               Two days in the city can get you more for your money than two weeks on the beach
  3.               City breaks can suit any weather  
  4.               Cities are great for culture injection
  5.               City break can work for any budget

Reasons (active holiday)

  1.               Outdoor activities can prevent a wide range  of health problems
  2.               There are no age limits on adventure
  3.               Adventure travels lets you “turn on” alternative lives
  4.               Going on active holidays raises your tolerance for uncertainty
  5.               Active holidays build your confidence

Reasons (relax holiday)

  1.               Time to relax
  2.               Doing pleasant activities like …………..
  3.               Have a chance to wear your smart clothes and visit expensive restaurant
  4.               Don’t need to think about being on time, dealing with different problems
  5.               Enjoy time indulging yourself


The next student will present the aspect of selecting a right Means of Transport

Presentation 2  

 Macintosh HD:Users:igorcherepynskyi:Desktop:presentation 2.gif

While travelling the choice of means of transport is vitally important and may depend on the distance, destination, fanatical opportunities etc. all means of transport are divided into three category: land transport (which includes rail trains, coaches, cars, hitch-hiking), air transport (planes and helicopters), and water transport (ferries, ships, yachts etc.)

Let us look at the table that shows how different can transport be according to speed, cost and environmental friendliness.




Environmental unfriendliness













Your task is to compare them taking in account different criteria. Group 1- speed, group two- price and group 3- environmental friendliness. Your information should be authentic so you can search for the datum in the Internet. You have 5 minutes. You are to calculate the expenses of travelling from Kyiv to London.



Activity two is to fill in the gaps in the dialogue

A: I’d like a ticket to Paddington, please.


A: Single,please.


A: I’ll take whatever is cheapest, please.


A: What time does it arrive at Paddington Station?


A: Thanks. And which platform does it leave from, please?


A: Thank you. How much is it?


A: Here you are.


Choose form the following variants:

A It gets into Paddington at 10:20

B £14.30

C Is that a single or return ticket?

D No, thank you.

E And will that be a first class or a standard fare ticket?

F What day did you want to travel?

G OK. Here’s a standard ticket.

H Platform 5.






And the last activity is to make up a dialogue using the following information:












Tickets: Single – Standard £ 14.30, 1t class £ 23.50

Return – Standard £  25.00, 1st class £  47.00


The next student will present the aspect of selecting a right accommodation.

The choice of appropriate accommodation really matters when you plan your holiday. Finding the ideal one can make your rest absolutely unforgettable. 

There are different types of accommodation and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. They provide various facilities and different experience.

Camping is do it yourself accommodation. You carry your roof and bedding in your backpack or car. It is often the only choice of accommodation you have when you are travelling off the beaten track.

Car camping /Caravanning involves carrying your equipment in your motor vehicle that you drive right to your campsite.


Rooms usually open out to a parking a lot. They cater mostly motorists.

Guest Houses are found both inside and outside of major centers. They may provide homely environment, cooking facilities and Wi-Fi access.


They are often referred as “youth hostels” or “back packers” and are loosely defined form of guest house. They are generally low-budget. They normally offer shared rooms with bunk bed.


They are especially great for longer stays or in case you want to have your own space for cooking. Many apartments come with great furnishings and facilities, allowing you to settle down for as long as you need.

Bed and Breakfasts provide hotel style rooms. However, they are typically smaller residences. Here you can have a meal a day. It is usually British or Continental breakfast.


They provide private served rooms for guests. They range from basic budget style to extremely luxurious accommodation.

Capsule hotels

If you travel in Japan, you can try a kind of new experience of staying in a Capsule hotel. It is the cheapest form of accommodation there. The “rooms” are so little there. Some of them are segregated by gender.

Presentation 3 Macintosh HD:Users:igorcherepynskyi:Desktop:presentation 3.gif


Now I offer you some activities. The first task is to define the right accommodation in the picture

The second one is to select the correct definition

And the third one-is to give a definition to a place with your own words looking at the picture.

The next two students present the topic Festival and Festivities

People travel around the world not only to relax on an ocean beach or go sightseeing about a famous capital. They want to witness different festivities, be involved in celebration in order to try new cultures.


While listening to our presentation you are to fill in fact file table on each piece of information.

Mind the name, country, time and activities. You can do it in your group.

Name of the Festival

































I would like to tell you about some of the festivals that are popular among tourist all over the world

Presentation 4.Macintosh HD:Users:igorcherepynskyi:Desktop:presentation 4.gif

  1.               The first one is The Rio Carnival in Brazil
  2.               One of the most visited festival in Europe is Oktoberfest
  3.               If you are a Spain fan it would be a good idea to visit The Fellas Festival
  4.               Asia is also a popular place where different celebrations take place. One of the best-known is the Tibetan Butter Lamp Festival
  5.               One of the most exotic celebration is held China and it called the Dragon Boat Festival
  6.               If you find time to visit Ukraine in the end of summer, I would highly recommend you to go to Poltava and participate in Sorochinsky Fair.
  7.               The most colorful festival in the world takes place in India. It is a festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil , Holi is a celebration of the arrival of spring and harvests to come. Holi is a festival of colors, emotions, and happiness. Brightly colored powders are the mainstay of the Holi festival, during which men, women, and children carry powders and liquid colors to throw and smear on the clothes and faces of neighbors and relatives. It’s a day to celebrate and let go — loud music, local brews, and fun-filled chatter are all essential elements of the celebrations.

Then the groups swap the results and check each other’s answer.

The next student will point out the problems you may come across while travelling.

Presentation 5.   Macintosh HD:Users:igorcherepynskyi:Desktop:presentation 5.gif

I believe that the world would end up if one morning everyone on Earth woke up problem-free. People just would not know what to do with their boring perfect lives. Even if you are one of those people who sees problems as opportunities, you should be prepared how to deal with travel problems you may come across/

  1.               Delay of your flight

Sometimes we have to spend the whole day at the airport waiting for your flight which can be delayed on various reasons. They are: bad weather conditions, medical or mechanical issues, and problems of safety. Then you can claim monetary compensation from the airline. The amount is prescribed by EU261 Regulation and is determined by the distance between the departure and arrival airports.

  1.               Bad weather

You are going on a city break to London but the weather is wet and windy. This can really spoil a good impression of your holiday.

  1.               Lost luggage

You arrive to Egypt from Greenland in winter and have to wear your thick sweater at the temperature of 25 degrees C because all your clothes are in your suitcase which has been lost by the airline. You will not forget this holiday.

  1.               No transfer

You are supposed to be met by representatives of the tour agency and delivered to the hotel. However, nobody comes. You have to take a taxi, which may cost you a fortune to get to the place you need.

  1.               Bad accommodation

A list of common issues that hotel guests encounter when staying at a hotel can actually be very long. They may include unclean rooms, absence of hot water, unfit conditioners and even rude stuff. When it comes to hospitality industry the problems people experience in the hotels can be familiar to everyone. In addition, there is nothing more frustrating than when a staff member cannot handle a situation - whatever the situation may be.

  1.               Food poisoning

It is not pleasant and it is not certainly making the photo album anytime soon, but most of us will have a holiday memory that includes food poisoning.

  1.               Losing your telephone

Indeed, we've become so reliant on our phones for travel, we don't often stop to think about how to survive without them. But things happen. Phones get stolen all the time. They get left behind in buses and Ubers (and good luck contacting your Uber driver without your phone!). They get dropped into toilets and, if the universe is feeling playful, sewers.

  1.               Your hotel is far from the beach

Imagine a situation when you arrive at your hotel and find out that the beach is a car journey away from the hotel. It is not recommended to walk, as there are no pavements for pedestrians. In addition, it is not a flat walk if one was to attempt it.

  1.               Jet lag

Travel jet lag is very real when anyone spends hours on a plane. It feels like magic, it plays havoc with your sleeping and eating patterns.

  1.          Losing your passport

There must be such a sinking feeling as you pat your pocket, rummage around in your bag, check the floor around you and realise that your passport just is not there.

Activity: your task is to match the problems with appropriate solution


  •                  Check your flight in 24 hours ahead of time
  •                  Pack a few jumpers so you can layer up
  •                  Report Missing Luggage Immediately
  •                  Write a negative feedback and take pictures
  •                  Go to the nearest embassy or consulate to obtain your new passport
  •                  Avoid food that can potentially upset your stomach
  •                  Go to the local Police Station and report your goods stolen
  •                  Take 2-3 days to get used to a timetable of a different time zone.


  •                  Delay of the flight
  •                  Nasty weather
  •                  The airline lost your luggage
  •                  Bad accommodation
  •                  Losing your passport
  •                  The food is terrible
  •                  Somebody stole something
  •                  Jet lag for long distance

The last task will be to make a survey of Zaporizhzhia travel agencies and check how reliable they are according to the following criteria

  •                 Electronic address
  •                 Accessible and appropriate information
  •                 Licenses and certificates availability
  •                 Photo gallery
  •                 Active links
  •                 Tourists” feedbacks, comments
  •                 Absence of advertisement

There are more than 100 travel agencies in our town which are popular among our residents

Presentation 6.  Macintosh HD:Users:igorcherepynskyi:Desktop:presentation 6.gif

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