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Уельс - це країна в Об'єднаному Королівстві. Сноудон - найвища точка в Уельсі. Знаходиться на північному сході. Найвища гора в Англії та Уельсі. Висота 1085,39 метрів.
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It is the country that is the part of UK. It’s bordered by the England to the east, the Irish sea to the north and west and the Bristol channel to the south. It had a population in 2011 of 3,063,456 and has a total area of 20,779 km2 (8,023 sq mi). Wales has over 1,680 miles (2,700 km) of coastline and is largely mountainous. Changeable, maritime climate

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Snowdon Snowdon is the highest point of Wales and is situated on the north-east. The highest mountain in England and Wales - Snowdon itself. Its height is 1085.39 meters.

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The largest urban areas in Wales are Cardiff, Swansea, and Newport, all located on the southern coast.

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Conwy Castle Construction began in 1283 was completed in 1289. It was built for King Edward I of architect James St. Dzhordzha .Castle Conwy is located at the entrance to the city of the same name Karnarvonshir County on the north coast of Wales.

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Caerphilly Castle Caerphilly - a medieval castle in the center of Caerphilly in South Wales - the largest in Wales and the second largest in England. The facility was built in the four years from 1268 to 1271, and is the earliest example of concentric defense architecture with extensive water moat.

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The genus includes 20 species, distributed in Europe, mainly in the Mediterranean countries, especially Western, one species grows in Asia to Japan and China. Daffodil - a symbol of Wales. In the 18th century, the day of St. David was recognized as an official national holiday. It was celebrated on 1 March. According to legend it was 1 March Saint David died. On this day the people of Wales will organize festivals, street celebrations, dress up in costumes and stick to clothes leeks and narcissus (daffodil), which became a national symbol in the 19th century. The fact that the word "cenhinen" - has two meanings: the leek and daffodil. And in Wales grows a lot of daffodils. Therefore yellow daffodil is the second official symbol of Wales.

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Flag of Wales He is represented by a red dragon on a green and white background. It is the only flag which is not included in the flag of the United Kingdom.

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Flag of Saint David - yellow cross on a black background.

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Cardiff is the capital and largest city in Wales and the tenth largest city in the United Kingdom. The city is the country's chief commercial centre, the base for most national cultural and sporting institutions, the Welsh national media, and the seat of the National Assembly for Wales. The unitary authority area's mid 2011 population was estimated to be 346,100, while the population of the Larger Urban Zone was estimated at 861,400 in 2009. Cardiff is a significant tourist centre and the most popular visitor destination in Wales with 18.3 million visitors in 2010. In 2011, Cardiff was ranked sixth in the world in National Geographic's alternative tourist destinations.

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Cardiff is the capital, largest city and most populous county of Wales. The city is Wales' chief commercial centre, the base for most national cultural and sporting institutions, the Welsh national media, and the seat of the National Assembly for Wales.

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The city of Cardiff is the county town of the historic county of Glamorgan (and later South Glamorgan). Cardiff is part of the Eurocities network of the largest European cities.[ The Cardiff Urban Area covers a slightly larger area outside of the county boundary, and includes the towns of Dinas Powys, Penarth and Radyr. A small town until the early 19th century, its prominence as a major port for the transport of coal following the arrival of industry in the region contributed to its rise as a major city.

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Cardiff University

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Welsh National War Memorial National Museum of Wales, Cardiff Redevelopment in the city's historic Cardiff Bay area.

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Cathedral Cardiff University's main building

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Cardiff Bay is the area created by the Cardiff Barrage in South Cardiff, the capital of Wales. Cardiff Bay played a major part in Cardiff’s development by being the means of exporting coal from the South Wales Valleys to the rest of the world, helping to power the industrial age. The coal mining industry helped fund the building of Cardiff into the Capital city of Wales.

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Museum Avenue

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The National Museum of Wales was founded in 1905. The museum has collections of archaeology, botany, fine and applied art.

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The Coal Exchange

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Carmarthen is the county town of, Carmarthenshire, Wales. It is sited on the River Towy 8 miles (13 km) north of its mouth at Carmarthen Bay. Carmarthen lays claim to being the oldest town in Wales but the two settlements of Old and New Carmarthen were only united into a single borough in 1546. Currently, Carmarthen is the location of the headquarters of Dyfed-Powys Police, the Carmarthen campus of the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David and the West Wales General Hospital. Guildhall Square, Carmarthen Picton Monument in Carmarthen

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Aberaeron is located between Cardigan and Aberystwyth on the A487, at a junction with the A482 leading south-east to the university town of Lampeter. The shoreline consists of generally steep storm beaches of pebbles, although fine sand is visible at low tide levels. Aberaeron south beach was awarded the Blue Flag rural beach award in 2005. It contains the Harbourmaster Hotel. The town is notable for the sale of honey, honey ice-cream and, more recently, honey mustard. The River Aeron

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Footbridge over the Aeron Harbour at low tide Welsh cob statue Market Street

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The Old Court House built in 1401 Clock tower on St Peter's Square.

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Nantclwyd House is the oldest known house, with timbers dated to 1435. The town War Memorial

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Сenter Сardiff City

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