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Урок семестрового контролю знань з письма. Writing skills

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Тест-контроль розроблений для перевірки знань учнів 6-7 класів наприкінці семестру,включає в себе перевірку знань з таких тем:much/many,Present continuous\Present Simple, Past Simple,should or shouldn't.
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Semester  II


     1.Insert   much  or  many.

  1. Do you drink ________coffee?
  2. I like reading. I read _________.
  3. We have _______ lessons  of  English  this year.
  4. I  like  this  new  teacher  very _______
  5. I can't remember _______ from  this  text.
  6. Do you learn _______ new  English  words every day?
  7. We haven't got ________ bread.
  8. There isn't________ salad  in  the fridge.
  9. She hasn't got ________ tickets.
  10. I can't spend ________ money on toys


  1. Complete the sentences. Use the  present  continuous  form of the verbs in brackets.

1 She ____________ (wear) a coat because it's not cold today.

2 It ____________ (rain), so she's at home at the moment.

3 It's nine o'clock, and you ____________ (listen) to the radio!

4 Pat's parents are on holiday, so she ____________ (stay) with her grandparents this week.

5 Look! The children ____________ (play) in the garden.

3. Read the sentences. Choose the correct verb forms.

1 I don't wear / I'm not wearing blue shoes to the party tomorrow!

2 Pam plays / is playing the guitar tonight.

3 The boys don't like / aren't liking housework.

4 We go / are going to the beach every summer.

5 Mr Smith! The children wait / are waiting outside!

4. Complete the sentences with should or shouldn't.

1 It's very cold outside! You _________ stay at home.

2 It's Pam's birthday tomorrow. We __________ buy her a present.

3 She's got an exam on Monday. She _________ go out this weekend.

4 Wilma's sick. She __________ go home now.

5 The water's very hot. They ___________ get into the bath.

5. Choose the  correct  answer.

1 My brother's ill. Can you cure / medicine / treatment him?

2 Our doctor helps about twenty medicines / headaches / patients every day.

3 My back is painful / relax / treatment when I touch it!

4 My sister has a very bad cure / headache / painful.

5 What kind of treatment / headache / patients should I have  for my problem?


6. Complete the dialogue. Use the correct past simple form of be.

A Where 1______ you yesterday?

B I 2________ at home, watching TV.

A Where 3________ Patsy and Fred?

B I don't know! They 4_________ with me!

A What about their dog?

B I don't know! It 6_________ with me either!


7. Complete the sentences. Use the correct past simple forms of be and can.

1 I _______ find my keys anywhere this morning because they _______ under my brother’s bed!

2 _______ you read when you _______ two years old?

3 We _______ go for a walk because of the rain. The weather _______ really terrible!

4 The  students _______ buy any  snacks  because  the  shops _________ open.

5 When he _______ young he _______ run very fast, but now he can’t!


8. Complete the sentences with the past simple form of the verbs below.

tidy       phone       close       plan       reply

1 He ________ his room after breakfast.

2 She __________ the kitchen door because she was cooking.

3 They __________ their wedding a year ago.

4 Vicky __________ to the invitation by email.

5 I __________ the train station for information.

9. Choose the correct words.

1 He was in bed because he was hungry / tired.

2 She couldn't sleep because she was nervous / happy.

3 I was worried / bored because  there  was a problem with my car.

4 We were happy / angry because  they  arrived  very  late.

5 Alison was bored / scared because the film wasn't interesting.

10. Complete the phrases with the words below.

times     would      much     can       information

1 How ______ I help you?

2 What _________ you like to know?

3 I'd like some __________ please.

4 What are your opening ___________?

5 How _______ does it cost to get in?


11.Complete the  sentences. Use the past simple form of  the  verbs  below.

come    go    say    speak    write    begin    leave    spend    take    think

1 She __________ the book in only three months.

2 The visitor __________ to the students in French.

3 Our aunt and uncle ________ to visit us last weekend.

4 Ana _________ that  the  book wasn't very interesting, so I didn’t buy it.

5 My sister  was  tired  and ________ to bed.

6 It _________ us two hours to clean the room.

7 The student _________ that  Shanghai was in Japan!

8 The concert _________ at 8.30 in the evening.

9 They _________ the weekend at the beach.

10 She _________ Hannover on the four o'clock train.


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