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Урок систематизації й узагальнення знань. 1 класс. Підручник: Smart Junior.

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Урок систематизації й узагальнення знань. 1 класс. Підручник: Smart Junior.

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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Sivokhina Oksana Viktorivna

Class: 1 st

Textbook: Smart junior

Lesson: Revision

Functions: Pupils will consolidate their previous knowledge about the numbers (1-10), some words from such topics as feelings, family members, colours, school.

Pupils will exercise their skills in listening and speaking (they will answer some questions). They will listen to songs and sing. They will play games.

Aim: to revise and consolidate vocabulary and structures learnt in previous lessons.

Classroom interactions: pair work, individual work, whole class.


If you are happy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4WNrvVjiTw

Hello–Hello https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqx2phxn_cM

Goodbye song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xcws7UWWDEs

Different things for games:

  1. Flashcards:

    2) school objects (taken from realia)

3) toys for games: , Картинки по запросу мухобойки, Картинки по запросу yellow ball


The procedure of the lesson:

  1. The teacher greets each student in the class: Hello, dear children! I am glad to see you.

The children respond.

They great the teacher  by the song “Hello- hello! How are you?”

  1. Warm up.

Teachers asks questions : 1) What’s your name? (The children present themselves, passing a ball to each other).

  1. The main part:

a)1st activity: game “Copy me”. Rules: Repeat after the teacher : I am happy (teacher do it loudly), slowly and sleepy– I am sleepy, sadly-I am sad, angrily – I am angry, quickly-I am scared, I am thirsty- whispering, I am hungry – very politely. Then without the teacher’s help.

b) Game “Monster, how are you?”

Rules: The kids all line up at one end side of the class. In some steps there is a sweet shop, where they want to go. But, in between the kids and the sweet shop is a monster!

Tell them that they can only cross to the sweet shop if the monster is in a good mood and isn't hungry. They can check on the mood of the monster asking him/her "How are you?"" If the monster says an answer, e.g. "I'm OK". The kids repeat the answer=   important practice! and move forward one step ( no jumping allowed!). But if the answer is "I'm hungry!!", the kids have to run back to their safe wall! Any kid who is tagged on the way back becomes a monster for the next round!

c)Song “If you are happy…”

  • The children sing and show (TPR activity).

d)Magic flower with different activities, games.

The teacher takes petals and the children can play different games, revising all topic.


1)Game: “Touch the card”. Rules: 2 pupils come to the line, then the teacher says the word- they run and touch the card (with special flyswatters). Who is the first and right - the winner.

2) Workbook (the pupils work in their WBs)

3) School (game – “WHAt’s this? “ Rules: with the shut eyes the students (one by one) guess the object in their hands.

Possible extra game – What is in the bag?

Rules: Put a few things in the bag from around the class. Make a  circle. Then take one thing and say, for example, “It is not my pen.” Then give to children- to find whose pen is it. They have to say “It is not my pen.” If it is true. The owner  of the pen says: “It is my pen.”, takes it and goes to the seat. So you can continue several times.

4) Family (game- “Back to back”. Rules: 2 pupils stand back to back, the teacher says the family member- who is the first to mime is the winner.)

5) Feelings (game- “Commands”. Rules: if the teacher name the card right- the children can clap hands, sit down, or shake the body, etc…(decide before the start). If it is wrong- children stand still.)

6) Colours ( game -  “Birds”. Rules: there are 2 trees and 12 birds of different colours, 2 pupils come to the table and listen, which bird to take- who can set it in the tree the first- the winner).

4. Summarizing- game “Saymon says”-  If the command or the word  starts with “Simon says…” the players have to do or show it . If the command doesn’t start with “Simon says…” and  players do it, they’re “out.” The 3 last pupils standing win!

For example: “ Simon says: I am happy! (Children show)/ This is my mother. (Children don’t show) Simon says: This is a book(Children touch the book or take it from the table)/ Sit down! (Children don’t show).

 5.” Goodbye song. “ - The children sing and show (TPR activity).



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