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Урок "Україна. Велика Британія"

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Розробка уроку для 8класу загальноосвітніх шкіл за підручником О.Карп'юк. Тема уроку: " Україна. Велика Британія"
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8-th Form

Ukraine and Great Britain.

Geographical  Outlook.


  • To revise the vocabulary on the topic of the lesson;
  • To improve pupils’ listening and communicative skills;
  • To teach students to express their opinions while interviewing a partner;
  • To bring up the culture of communication,
  • To educate friendly and tolerant attitude to each other,
  • To develop the ability to prove one`s point of view.


Pupil`s Book  “English-8” ,  symbols and maps of the United Kingdom and Ukraine, tapescript “Britain and the British”. 

I. Introduction:

Good morning, everybody.
Glad to see you in good health.

Teacher: Dear friends!
    Today we have an unusual lesson. Firstly, it is unusual because we  have a lot of guests and we welcome them. Secondly, we have to learn new things about our country and about England. Ukraine and England are two European countries. 

As for me, I`m a citizen of Ukraine, I love my country, our traditions, our culture, our language, the language of Taras Shevchenko and Lesia Ukrainka.

But my priorities haven`t been changed. I`m a person who likes English, enjoys every minute of speaking it. I enjoy teaching my students rich vocabulary, reading, writing, good grammar that is perfect English.

And now let`s have a short warming up. I want you to answer some questions.


II. Warming up:

  • What country do you live in?
  • Do you love your country?
  • How do you understand the words of the great English poet George Gordon Byron: “He who loves not his country, can love nothing”.


Pupil 1:  I am a citizen of Ukraine. What does it mean? The history of every big city, small town or village is unique in it`s beauty. To speak about one`s native place is to open one`s soul and heart. To be a citizen of Ukraine means to love Ukraine, work for it, know its history, see and admire its beauty.


Pupil 2:  I have read some articles in the newspaper “English” about the beautiful places of Ukraine. “Imagine, please, a wide clean river with beautiful banks. On both sides of the river you could see wonderful meadows and hills, forests and fields, and beautiful flowers”. This story could be written by a citizen who loves his native land.     


Pupil 3: As for me, I live in Bukovina. It is a nice and picturesque place. It`s my native land. I love Bukovina with its capital Chernivtsi. It is a part of Ukraine that sometimes is cold “Small Switzerland”, because of its natural beauty. I can`t but admire my native place.

Teacher: As you see, the topic of our lesson is “Ukraine and Great Britain”.

  • What do you expect to do at the lesson?
  • What activities are you going to do at the lesson?



(The students in turn write on the blackboard kinds of activities they have chosen).

  1.                    The main part of the lesson:


  1. Homework checking.  Mini-dialogues.
  2. Vocabulary Revision.





















  1. Listening and reading
  • Pre-listening
  1. vocabulary practice:       Manchester  





  • While-listening
  1.     Listen to the text “Britain and the British” and try to remember the nationalities that live in different parts of the country. (Tapescript 9 p. 123)
  • Post-listening
  1.     Copy and fill the table with the names of people who inhabit the United Kingdom.











Scottish, Scots

English, Gaelic




English, Welsh

Northern Ireland




English, Irish

Great Britain


The British



  1. Asking questions using the table. (Pairwork).


  1. Complete the sentences choosing the right answers (Exercise 3 p.124).


  1. More than… million people live in Britain.
  1. 65      b) 46        c) 56


  1. …are the biggest industrial cities in the center of England.
              a) Manchester and Leeds
              b) Liverpool and Manchester
              c)Leeds and Birmingham
  2. Many sailors and fishermen live in Liverpool…
             a)Plymouth and Portsmouth
             b)Sheffield and Portsmouth
             c) Portsmouth and London
  3. …is the birthplace of famous Shakespeare.
             a) Bristol
             c) Stratford-upon-Avon
  4. In some parts of … and  Wales people speak other languages besides English.
              a) England   b)Scotland      c)Britain


  1.  Group Work.

At  the map. (One of the students presents the country and the other student interviews the students of the other group).


  1. Where is Ukraine situated?
  2. Which countries does it border on?
  3. What seas is Ukraine washed by?
  4. Where are the mountains in Ukraine?
  5. What is the highest pick of Carpathian Mountains?
  6. What is the highest pick of Crimean Mountains?
  7. What is the official language of Ukraine?
  8. What are the symbols of Ukraine? 



       Great Britain:

  1. How many countries are there in the United Kingdom?
  2. How many parts does Great Britain consist of?
  3. What are their names?
  4. Where are they situated?
  5. What is Great Britain washed by?
  6. What can you say about the rivers of Great Britain?
  7. What is the capital of Great Britain?
  8. What can you say about climate of Great Britain?



  1.                  Summing up.


What have we managed to do at the lesson?


VIII.  Self-evaluation



IX.  Homework:

Exercise 6, p.125, Pupil`s Book



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Англійська мова (8-й рік навчання) 8 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
9 листопада 2020
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