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Урок "Ukraine is our Motherland"

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Конспект містить завдання з усіх видів мовної діяльності: говоріння, читання, аудіювання і письма. Освітня мета:поглибити знання учнів про основні факти України.Прищеплювати любов до Батьківщини,до традицій, виховувати патріотизм.
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                                                 Тема:“Ukraine is our Motherland”

Мета:Тренувати діалогічну мову, вчити вести діалог в парах в формі інтерв'ю; формувати навички  говоріння по темі, вчити розповідати про основні факти України. Формувати навички читання , вчити відповідати на питання,доповнювати пропозиції, розповідати про Україну, Київ. Тренувати в аудіюванні тексту"A legend of Kyiv", розвивати пам'ять, мислення, увагу; прищеплювати любов до Батьківщини, до традицій, виховувати патріотизм.

Обладнання:  завдання на карткахультимедійне обладнання, завдання на картках

                                                                      Хід уроку

І Організаційна частина уроку

1)Greeting and Aim

TV showWelcome to Ukraine

Topic Ukraine is our Motherland

(учні поділені на три групи)

1 група : політики

2 група: журналісти

3 група: учні

 Звучить  гімн України ( на екрані мелодія гімна України  та слайди ,фото України  )

 Good morning ladies and gentlemen . Welcome to our show "Welcome to Ukraine”.I would like to introduce u our guests. Meet them . Our show will be broadcasting in English because…Why? How do you think, why so many people throughout the world learn English?

( Учні відповідають чому потрібно вчити англійську мову)

Now let’s look at our topic and translate it.

ІІ Основна частина уроку

 Many people from different countries want to know more about Ukraine. We have received many emails from them. Let us see what they have written.

1st email

-         Hello , dear Ukrainian friends. My name is Mark. I’m from Cyprus. I want to know about the main facts of Ukraine.


Журналісти запитують у політиків

Their questions are to our politics. Foreigners want to know more about Ukraine

1)    Where is Ukraine situated?

2)    What is the population of Ukraine?

3)    What seas is Ukraine washed by?

4)     What are the mountains of Ukraine?

5)    What is Ukrainian flag?

6)    What is the national emblem of Ukraine?

7)    What is the national language of Ukraine?

8)   As you know there are many nationalities live in Ukraine


Політики відповідають на питання.

Politics tell us about Ukraine

  • The Ukraine is situated in the south-eastern part of Central Europe. It covers the area of 604,000 square kilometers.
  • The population of Ukraine is about 46 million people.
  • Ukraine is washed by the Black Sea and sea of Azov and has such important ports as Odessa, Mariupol, Mykolaiv, Kherson.
  • The territory of Ukraine is mostly flat and mountains make up only 6% of its territory (there are the Carpathian mountains in the west and the Crimean mountains is moderate.)
  • Ukraine has national emblem: state flag and anthem.
  • The national language of Ukraine is Ukrainian.
  • More than 110ethnic group


 Учні читають текст та заповнюють пропуски  пояснюючи

 значення слів,які виділені жирним шрифтом

Now look through the text.

Try to explain the words in bold

Read the text and fill in the gaps


Use the words: a) climate; b) eastern; c) washed; d) state; e) position; f) ships; g) industrial; h) Europe; i) people.

                                                                  Facts about Ukraine.

 Ukraine is a sovereign 1)               with its own territory and its bodies of state power and government. It

also has national emblem: state flag and anthem.  Ukraine proclaimed its independence on August 24,

1991, and confirmed this status on December 1st of the same year.

 The country is situated in the south-eastern part of Central  2)        . It covers the area of 604,000 square

kilometers. Ukraine is inhabited by 3)       belonging to more than 110 ethnic groups. The population of

 Ukraine is nearby 46 million people. It borders on Poland, Slovakia and Hungary in the west and on

 Romania and Moldova in the southwest. It’s northern neighbor is Belarus and the 4)       one is Russia.

The territory of Ukraine is mostly flat and mountains make up only 6% of its territory. The 5)       of

Ukraine is moderate.

 The main rivers of Ukraine are the Dnieper, the Dnister, the Buh, the Donets and others. Ukraine is 6)

        by seas and has such important ports as Odessa, Mariupol, Mykolaiv, Kherson

 The geographical 7)         of Ukraine is favourable, because the country lies on the crossroad of the

ways from Asia to Europe. Like any other country in the world Ukraine has big cities: among them are

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, Kharkiv, which used to be the capital of Ukraine and now it s an important

8)          and cultural centre, Odesa is a big sea-port, Lviv is a large scientific and cultural centre. Due to

favourable climatic conditions, Ukraine is traditionally an agricultural country. Wheat and corns, all kinds

of fruit are grown here. It produces planes and 9)        , lorries and buses, TV and radio-sets and other


The country is rich in national resources, such as iron ore, coal, gas. It produces planes and ships.

 2nd email

-Hello my Ukrainian friends . My name is Chita . I’m from Mexico. I want to know about the

capital of Ukraine.


Читають по черзі політики

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. It’s a very big city. Kyiv is one of the most ancient cities of Europe.

 Kyiv is situated on the banks of the  Dnieper, It’s a very long river. Kyiv has population

 of about three million people. The city is a very big and beautiful city. There are many parks and

squares in it.We can see many flowers and trees there.Kyiv is a very green city. It is a famous for

 chestnut trees. The streets are lined up with chestnut trees Kyiv is very beautiful, especially in

spring and summer. In the street of Kyiv you can see many high and beautiful buildings, large

shops, many cars, buses, trams, trolley-buses and taxis. It is the scientific, political and cultural

centеr of Ukraine.. There are many theatres and cinemas in Kyiv. There are manymonuments, too.

 There are many schools, institutes, universities, plants and factories in Kyiv. The main street of

Kyiv is Khreshchatyk. It is a beautiful street.

Retell the text (виконують політики)

 3rd email

-         Hello, Ukrainians. My name is Bill. I’m from the USA. I like History. I’m interested in history of your capital.


"A legend of Kyiv”

And there were three brothers: one named Kiy, the other - Shchek, and the third - Khoryv, and their sister

- Lybid. Kyi sat on the hill, where Borich's descent is now, and Shchek was sitting on a mountain, which

is now called Shchevakitsya, and Khoryv - on the third mountain, which is why she is nicknamed

Khoryvtsiyu. And they built a town in honor of their elder brother and called it Kiev. And around the city

was a forest and a great forest, and they caught animals there. And those wise men were wise and

intelligent, and they were called glades, from them in Kiev there are glades to this day. Some, without

 knowing, say that Kyi was a carrier, because it was alleged that then near Kiev was carried from the side

of the Dnieper, therefore They said: "OnCarriage to Kiev ". However, when  Kyi was a carrier, then he

would not go to Constantinople. However, this Kyi reigned in his family and he went to the king - we do

not know exactly which one, but we know that the great honors, as the story tells, gave him the king at

which he came. When Kie returned, arrived on the Danube and liked the place, and built a small town and

 wanted to settle in it with his family, but did not give him the surrounding inhabitants. So to this day the

Danube people are called the Kyivites settlement. Kyi returned to his city, Kiev, and died here. And his

brothers Shchek and Khoryv, and their sister Lybid, died here.


III Підсумки

                   The main facts about Ukraine





















Founders of Kyiv


National resources





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