Урок-вікторина "The USA"

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Мета цього позакласного заходу: - надати нові факти про США та повтрити загальну інформацію про країну; - зацікати учнів у пізнанні чогось нового - розвинути повагу до культури, традицій та історій іншої країни
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Урок – вікторина

The quiz time “The USA”

The aims:

-         To revise the information about the USA

-         To foster the interest for learning and discovering new things 

-         - to develop students’  skills in listening, reading and speaking

-         To enhance students’ cognitive logical thinking

-         To cultivate students’ awareness and  respect to the culture , history and traditions of the other country

Audio-visual aids: cards with tasks, medals, a laptop, mini-cards

Teacher: Good morning dear children . I hope you feel good. Today we will have the competition between two teams. The theme of our lesson is the USA( the United States of America). It is the wonderful country. Do you agree?


Firstly, let me divide you into teams. I have  mini cards with drawings in the envelopes. If you choose the Statue of Liberty, you are in the first team. If you choose the flag of the USA , you are in the second team.


-         Now choose the name of your teams.

The first team is…

The second team is….

Round 1 “The Question Period”

-         The first task is the Question period.

I am going to read the small  text about the USA, please try to remember it, then you will answer the questions based on this text. The text

The capital of the USA is Washington D.C. The population is 300 million inhabitants. There are 50 states . 

Independence day is the Fourth of July. The USA gained independence  from Great Britain in 1776. The current president is Donald Trump.

The biggest state among 50 states is Alaska and the smallest is Rhode Island.The biggest cities by population are Los Angeles and Chicago.

 Teacher- I will say the question and you should raise the hand, what team will be the first that one will answer. Is it clear? Questions

1.What is the capital of the USA?

2.How many states are there in the USA?

3.   What is the population?

4.   When is the Independence day celebrated?

5.   The current president of the USA is….

6.What is the largest state ?

7.   What is the smallest state in the USA?

8.   Name two biggest cities by population.

 Round 2 “The Map”

-Teacher: The task is to read the directions and find the place on the map



Teacher: How many correct variants you have as many points you get.

Round 3 “Symbols”

Teacher: I will read you some information about the main things which represent the USA.

You will do your project on  the sheet of paper with all symbols of this country. One pupil will come to the blackboard and present the team’s project. 

American Symbols

The American flag is often called “The Stars and Stripes” It has 50 stars for 50states and 13 stripes for 13 original colonies.The colours are  red, blue and white.


The eagle is the national emblem of the country. It has an olive branch ( a symbol of peace). 


The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of American democracy. It stands on Liberty Island in New York.




Round 4 “Tourist attractions”

Teacher: We are going to watch  a video about the most wonderful attractions in the USA.

- Watching the video

Now, I will give you the list of the attractions and you should match them with photos.

Grand Canyon, Disney World, The Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Rushmore, Niagara Falls, The White House



Teacher: Thank you for this wonderful competition. Now, let’s count the points.

The winners get the chocolate medals.




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