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Завдання "Використання прийменників, фразових дієслів"

Про матеріал
Граматичне завдання "Fill in the gaps"на тему "Використання прийменників, фразових дієслів" cтане в нагоді вчителю при вивченні різних тем, допоможе учням правильно вживати прийменники та сполучники.
Перегляд файлу

Fill in the gaps! Use in \on\at\to\for etc, if necessary. 

  1. The play consists …2 parts.
  2. I don’t really insist …this.
  3. Girls are often afraid …..the dark. Are you afraid… spiders, by the way?
  4. He really has a good head … Maths. He is excellent …..it, I must admit.
  5. According … psychologists, we become emotionally mature when we outgrow our childish anger and fear.
  6. Are you good … foreign languages?
  7. I have never been …Spain. I am looking forward…. visiting this wonderful country.
  8. Well. Indeed, his life is full …. adventures. He is really crazy….them.
  9. He was late…..the bus, so he had to take a taxi.
  10. They live ….the ground floor, if I am not mistaken.
  11.  As far as I know, his decision depended ….her advice.
  12.  Get rid….these scruffy clothes!
  13. It’s time …do your homework.
  14.  Girls like to dress….
  15. Wow, that dress looks great … you!
  16.  You may take any you like – it’s up….you to decide.
  17. He often takes part….numerous contests.
  18. I am not going to participate …this tournament. I am not good… basketball.
  19. What are you looking …? – I can’t find my glasses.
  20.  Is he fond…. travelling?
  21. I can’t say she cares …it.
  22. Indeed, she is indifferent …this.
  23. As far …I know, he works ….abroad.
  24. She arrived… the airport late…night.
  25. He stayed …his aunt’s when he was in Kyiv.
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