Урок "We are in this together"

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Урок узагальнення і систематизації знань учнів з теми "Захист довкілля" розроблено з метою систематизувати вивчений матеріал з теми та удосконалити навички письма.
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«We Are In This Together»

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Урок узагальнення і систематизації знань учнів з теми «Захист довкілля» у 10 класі



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Мета: узагальнити знання з теми; виявити проблеми довкілля, що загрожують як людям, так і тваринам; обговорити шляхи вирішення цих проблем; удосконалювати навички говоріння та письма.


                                                          Хід уроку

Teacher:  Hello everyone,

Today we are going to discuss one of the most urgent issues of today’s life – how to protect our environment. We have talked a lot about ecological problems in the world and in our country. But today’s lesson is a little different. First of all, I would like you to answer the question: Do both humans and domesticated animals, like pets, share the same basic needs?

Suggested answers:

1. Both people and animals need clean water, fresh air, food  and others.

2.The health and well-being of people, domesticated animals and wildlife depends on an environment that has enough available food, water, shelter and space.


 Another question is: Are there any environmental problems that affect both people and animals and how do they cope with them?

Suggested answers:

1. I suppose the problems are the same.

2. Both people and animals suffer from lack of fresh water, healthy food and clean air.

3. Yes, the environmental problems are the same but people are able to solve them in some way (special equipment to clean water, air conditioner). As for animals in the wild, they don’t have any choice. They have to survive in their habitat.

4. Domesticated animals need more care, they are luckier than those in the wild.


I quite agree with you. If we analyse the problems according to components of habitat ( food, water, shelter and space ), we will see that people and wildlife share the same needs and are subject to similar problems in environmental quality.

Will interview your partner in order to find out their point of view and make some notes. Now I ask you to write an essay to summarize what you learnt today, emphasizing that people and wildlife are « in this together».

In the end, the student read their essays or short stories ( depending on their level of knowledge and skills).

The essays can be posted in the classroom or in the corridor for other students to read or they can be published in a school newspaper.

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